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1615999 tn?1307465542 My father's sleep was much like you describe, but it was back before sleep apnea was even on the radar. Sometimes longstanding sleep apnea can cause changes to the heart that might be evident on autopsy, but is not always the case. Sleep apnea does increase risk of a cardiac event or a stroke when the oxygen levels drop in the blood due to lack of air intake for which the heart tries to compensate. Big stress on the body.
Avatar m tn This has happened a few times during the day too. Is this sleep apnea or an anxiety attack, and how do you rule out one over another? Prelim. results of a 30 day event monitor show no arrythmias beyond normal PVCs.
Avatar f tn Please help I believe I am going to go to sleep and not wake up from a stroke, heart attack, or my central sleep apnea!
670556 tn?1242052860 I have just diagnosed as having very severe Chronic Obstructive Sleep Apnea. While doing my study they had to turn the machine up to 14,before I could fall into a deep restful sleep. Does this mean that I am going to die in my sleep sometime,anytime soon? I am frightened by this very disturbing thought.
213398 tn?1202674074 i read a few articles about sleep apnea affecting the heart and heart rhythms. Does anyone know about this ? and if there is fact a connection here?
Avatar f tn I have Lyme Disease, and one of my symptoms are panic attacks, so I don't know whether this would be considered a panic attack or sleep apnea. I don't smoke, I drink socially, am not overweight, and don't snore. I've heard of people doing a sleep study, but because this happens so infrequently, that wouldn't do much. I would really appreciate your opinions.
Avatar f tn Physician ordered a 15/11 bipap level as the lowest possible for help. Breakthrough apnea still occurs though not as great as before. Is this still dangerous (stroke/heart attack at night)? I also find myself waking up several times at night. I am currently on a high dose of Mirapex to keep unwanted movement at night. Problems are stilll occuring. Does anyone have any experience with something similar to this and if so have you been able to get help with this.
216281 tn?1189759426 I marked I snore and sometimes wake myself up. Has only happened a couple times. But she wanted me to have a sleep apnea test done to see if I stop breathing, when I sleep. I just e-mailed my dr to have the test. Am gonna get a refferal. I read if left untreated it could lead to stroke or heart attack. I think MS is enough!! Does anyone in your family have it?? I have a g'pa and an aunt that has it. My g'pa uses a machine. My aunt is suppose to but doesn't. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I was surprised to find out I have about 8 of the 10 symptoms of sleep apnea. Racing heart, vivid dreams, feel terrible when about to dose off. It's even worse when I have a bad day and I'm mentally tired. My heart doctor said I'm fine and asked if I snored, and woke up with a racing heart. I took a sleep test and i'm not (for insurance purposes) in a full blown apnea. I bought the cpap myself and I sleep better and have almost no dreams and no more racing heart when I wake.
Avatar n tn 59 year old adult male. Diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea and given a bi-level machine for use. Should he be using this every night/all night? So far the use is sporadic so I am wondering if there is any benefit being gained. I might also add that he has type 2 diabetes (not under control even with insulin), COPD,has had 1 heart attack (stent put in), smokes 2 packs a day and is extremely overweight.
700443 tn?1228272255 You may want to consider a sleep-evaluation for obstructive sleep apnea. Poor sleep can heighten your senses and make you over-react and make you "edgey" all the time. I've seen these conditions improve after treatment for a sleep-breathing disorder.
Avatar n tn Sudden death would be unlikely. If he had obstructive sleep apnea, it's more likely that he had a heart attack due to the low oxygen levels that can severely stress the heart. It can also cause severe bradycardia, which slows down the heart to dangerously low levels.
Avatar m tn hi drs/ experienced people i was just wondering if there is connection between sleep apnea and nocturnal panic attacks, i have been having these episodes that 30 mins to 1 hr after i sleep i wake up in panic with my heart racing, i have the cpap and have been trying really hard to use it. i just figured out how to use the EPR feat on mine hoping it would be a good help. i am very scared that these atacks will make my heart worse.
Avatar f tn It sound like his brother had a major complication of sleep apnea. Untreated sleep apnea can cause heart disease, including heart attack and stroke. In most states, documenting that you are being properly treated for obstructive sleep apnea should be enough to prevent you from losing your license. Check with your sleep doctor regarding the specific details, since laws vary by state.
Avatar m tn I've been doing some research and it sounds like sleep apnea to me but I won't be sure until I go get this sleep test done I'm wondering, can sleep apnea cause anxiety? If I get 8 hours of sleep, the attacks are worse and I'm miserable. If I get 12 hours of sleep I feel fine, but not rested at all.
Avatar m tn I also wonder if the sleep apnea and thyroid are related. I am not the typical sleep apnea patient. I am slightly overweight, but definitely not obese. I exercise 5 days a week heavily for over an hour and not lost weight. I think it is all related and hope that I am diagnosed with hypothyroidism so I can be treated and lose some weight and ultimately get off that stupid mask at night. The fatigue is terrible.
702513 tn?1228516297 My husband was diagnosed with Central Sleep Apnea. He has been to 5 Repiratory Specialists, 7 neurologists, tried CPAP, now on BiPap. Long story short -- the Bi-Pap isn't working. He is falling asleep behind the wheel and at work, incoherent, etc. Oh...he is also an insomniac, has chronic migraines, chronic pain, and is on 10 medications. Needless to say, we have no life anymore.
Avatar dr m tn There are a number of medical conditions associated with sleep apnea, as well. It’s found that people with sleep apnea have up to a 50% incidence of high blood pressure and people with high blood pressure have about a 50% incidence of sleep apnea. Now the studies show that if you have had a heart attack, you are 23 times more likely to have sleep apnea and the reverse showed that if you have sleep apnea, you are about 1 ½ times as likely to have heart disease.
Avatar n tn Should I get another sleep study done? 2) Could it have been sleep apnea causing the chest pain? The specialist sleep doctor said Sleep Apnea does not cause chest pain. 3) Could I have had blockage due to my high cholesterol? 4) Is it possible for heart rate to jump from 130 to 208 instantly, then back down to 130? Or was my heart rate monitor showing inaccurate readings that day? It never has done that in the past.
Avatar f tn The doctor said it was very serrious and he is at a huge risk for heart attack. He has had Sleep Apnea for a long time since over 12 years. His heart problem he has had a long time. He is of African and Aboriginal First Nations nationality. His liver enzymes are really high and they are going to test him for Hepititas C because I have that. He is getting leg cramps at night and blurred vision, extreem thirst and urinating a lot, loosing weight quickly.
Avatar f tn The sleep study is a good idea. The study needs to determine if there might be "obstructive sleep apena" (the most common) or "central sleep apnea". In central sleep apnea, the brain stops sending the signals to the diaphragm needed to breath. Central sleep apnea has been associated with MS and other CNS diseases.
Avatar m tn He sugested that it might be acid reflux gave me some meds and had me do a sleep study and found ou that i had sleep apnea he gave me a cpac machine and told me i would have to wear it for life. Has there been anyone who had sleep apnea and been able to get rid of it ?
447939 tn?1235065543 A heart attack happens when your hearts oxygen saturation drops to a certain low level. This can happen from many possible causes. Most of the time it is heart disease, clogged arteries, or possibly erratic beating of the heart which causes it. Sleep apnea also is a new major factor of heart problems, so watch out for that.
Avatar n tn Have you had a sleep study done. If not i would ask your doctor about as soon as possible. I would also see a cardiologist.
Avatar m tn i am helping a friend who is 61 male, semi-literate, indigent who had a silent heart attack. he had not seen a doctor for decades. he lived alone very remotely with no water, electric, phone, etc. but happily and independently. with the multiple diagnosis plus EF25%. He is staying with me for now but this is not a long term solution as i live in a one-room cabin with a storage room i made into a room for him. what sort of prognosis is possible with lifestyle and medical management?