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Avatar m tn Hi, Ed. If your wife is working, and needs hearing aids for keeping her job, or securing a promotion, or, if her hearing loss is a really big factor in her not being able to find a job, your local (part of your state) Vocational Rehabilitation office may be able to help with securing hearing aids. Different states have different eligibility criteria.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm a 40 year old female with severe mixed hearing loss in my right ear since birth--cause unknown, 7 weeks premature. I found out a year ago that I'm now losing hearing in my left ear as well. I went in for testing again last week and found out I'd lost another 5 db on the left since my test last year. I am also in treatment for TMJ which I discovered because of ear pain and pressure from my lower jaw pushing back towards my ears.
Avatar n tn Hearing Solutions provides the best hearing aids at very low prices. We offer the best Digital hearing aids and technology.
Avatar f tn I need new aids, I have ruined colhears in my left ear with good hearing, my right ear is severe loss. I had hearing aid coverage with my ins that I previously had but no longer have. I am a senior citizen so have to look for .a good aid at a lower price. I went to Miracle ear because my last aid I purchased from the same audiologists works or owns center. She gave me a price of $4,9000 for 2 aids. quality would be good.
Avatar f tn Hearing Aids can be very expensive and it's always worth shopping around to get the best prices. Hearing Aids will definitely help with your hearing loss although they may be a little uncomfortable to start with.
138239 tn?1239924924 One wonders if this could be the result of wearing aids in conjunction with age... but know the hearing aids are worth wearing regardless! I continue to wear hearing aids today - and now in my 40's, am finding that word recognition is beginning to go (so no change in decibels - just greatly reduced word recognition). So they are considering cochlear implants.
373367 tn?1246402035 I know most of you have more problems with your eyes than ears, but does anybody know much about low frequency hearing loss. My neurologist has told me from day 1 not to tell him that my ears ring, because "everybody's ears ring." I have been having painful ringing and just pain in my ears in the last month. I went to a hearing aid place and got my ears tested and they found moderate low frequency hearing loss.
Avatar f tn How cheap are you looking to go? There are hearing assist devices which are not really hearing aids, but you can get those cheap. Real hearing aids are going to start at a few hundred dollars each. There are a few good sites like ****.com that sell them online.
Avatar m tn He will be fitted with hearing aids soon. Between, do you use any hearing aids? They really improve your hearing ability. And I think doing yoga is really good. The different postures in yoga help provide the neck with a good workout. Try it out for some months and please let me know if there is improvement. Take care.
220090 tn?1379167187 I purchased a pair of Widex Passion hearing aids about a year ago. I have gone back over and over again to have them adjusted and I still hear better without the aids than I do with them. I have an 85 db loss above 2500 cycles. Is this a common occurrence? Are Widex Passions considered one of the best hearing aids or is something else substantially better?
Avatar f tn ve had that are connected to moderate migraines. I get another hearing test on 1/9/09, and will get hearing aids. I wore them maybe 6 yrears ago, but decided I didn't need them. lol. I sing, and found lots of feedback with the hearing aids I had. I'm convinced I need to follow thro with this, and that these devices have sooooo improved since then. This audiologist said she has many musicians she's seen that carry on quite well with them.
640719 tn?1277140030 Do you know what kind of hearing loss he has? Hearing aids depend on the type of hearing loss. A great hearing aid for one person might be totally wrong for another person. If he has been to an audiologist, there are some details the audiologist may have mentioned. If you know any of the following, it would be helpful: -Central, neural, sensorineural, mixed, conductive? (perhaps presbycusis, which is age-related hearing loss?) -How many dB at 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 4000 Hz? -One ear or both?
Avatar f tn ) I have an angel sounds doppler and I was lucky to be given mine of a friend but I have looked at prices online and a lot are reasonable prices. It is lovely hearing it. In the UK you wait until your 16 weeks for your mw appointment I was just to impatient to wait.
Avatar f tn Batteries play a very important role in the hearing aids. All activity of hearing aids totally depends on the batteries. If it works properly then you ear machine also functioning well. You should always purchase batteries for your device by getting information from a good Hearing Consultant. We ensure that our hearing aid batteries are not merely up-to-date but are also backed up with maximum battery life.
Avatar f tn My mother (93yo) has hearing aids. However the hearing capability often goes much worse. Also, it occasionally goes much better (then she hears quite well without hearing aids. She is in relatively good health for her age. Visited many hearing specialists, always determined quite clean ear pathways. Sinuses are not diagnosed as problem. Ear specialists do not see any problem. Never feeling dizziness, but sometimes feel full ear. Sometimes wax obstruct aid tube.
Avatar f tn t it true that if a person who wears digital hearing aids and the digital hearing aids are not programmed to the persons hearing loss that could make the person wearing digital hearing aids off balance (dizzy)? TO PEOPLE WHO WEAR DIGITAL: Have you ever felt dizzy when your hearing aids were not adjusted to your hearing loss?
Avatar n tn He said I had 40% hearing loss and that it was probably genetic and I should check into hearing aids. I told him I can hear perfect after yawning but it only lasts for a few minutes. He said a lot of people say that. I feel like my hearing has gotten even worse since then. I bet I have 50% hearing loss now. Also I have noticed that after physical exertion I can barely hear at all. Sometimes to the point of total deafness. It only lasts for a few minutes then goes away.
220090 tn?1379167187 You may try various high end hearing aids such as the Oticon Agil, Widex Clear or the Unitron Yuu. These hearing aids have advanced technology such as sound compressibility, enhanced sound intelligibility, directional microphones, special algorithms, fuzzy logic and so on.However, no single hearing aid will provide clarity which is inherent in high frequency hearing loss. 4. You may require the use of assistive devices such as hearing loops or telecoils to overcome this difficulty. 5.
1253197 tn?1331209110 Tick--perhaps you are thinking of a Baha (bone-anchored hearing aid). This is only for people with severe or total hearing loss on one side but good hearing on the other (also for people with ear malformations, etc.). Sarah: I second what Pastor Dan said--talk with an audiologist to see if a hearing aid might help you. For intermittent hearing problems, I would think not, but I'm no expert.
231441 tn?1333892766 Ok, finally I've decided to get my hearing checked (with view that I really probably do need hearing aids). And it wouldn't hurt to see if my balance issues are just in my head or real, as well. Anyway, I just called the ent / hearing section of the hospital I usually go to and they said I should have a referral, unless I can tell them exactly what sort of test I want, and even then I need a Dr. to interpret.
Avatar n tn Hearing Solutions One of the best hearing aid center in India in terms of good services and quality hearing aids brands. They provide special effort for individual patients having their hearing aid fitting proper and according to International guidelines.
Avatar f tn I'm sure the cost on those meds would vary pharmacy to pharmacy and state to state. I've always found pharmacies very cooperative in giving you prices over the phone. You could also check online pharmacies. If the pills can be split in half (some tell you not to), you can ask your doctor to prescribe double the strength with instructions to take half a pill. Double strength is usually little to no more expensive per tablet.
Avatar m tn I am now 43 years old and I have about 40% hearing loss. I have two hearing aids. I was told to test my children, which I did yesterday. I actually only tested my youngest child (the others were not available) and I was SHOCKED to hear that she has a hearing loss. Actually, "dismayed" would be a better word. I did not suspect that she was having any trouble whatsoever. She is excelling in school, and she doesn't seem to have any trouble hearing.
429700 tn?1308007823 Well, the audiologist confirmed that I have a sensori-neural hearing loss in both ears--the right one worse than the left. He says he doesn't know if the MS caused this or not, but he doesn't think it's a central processing problem (like I thought may be). He says that some people with less hearing problems than myself want hearing aids and other people with greater problems don't want them.
Avatar m tn I am getting really used to my hearing aids, they have made a tremendous difference to my hearing and my confidence.