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Avatar f tn I have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and get PVCs, PACs, and had limited PSVT (all independent of the seizures) I would discuss these symptoms with your doctor, specifically, the occurrence of the seizure and emergence of the rhythm issue. It appears that the seizure, apparently even after the seizure, (postictal) or between seizures (interictal) can effect the autonomic system which in turn effects the heart rhythm.
Avatar n tn Seizures have never been really controlled with nocturnal seizure a given. He is in a group home and recently he started to have severe behavorial problems such as grabbing and tearing a caregivers shirt and punching. His meds are lamictal,400 mg. phenytek 200 mg. tegretol xr 800 mg, clonazepam 7 mg. Also just started citalopram from his GP for mood swings. Need input so when I talk to the neurologist today with some questions!