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Avatar m tn I have a friend who had a random seizure one morning after she had been vomiting and had diarrhea all night before. She also had not been sleeping well or at all some nights the whole month before. I took her to the emergency room and she had blood work done and a CT scan done both came back just fine. The doctor told her it was probably that she was dehydrated, and had lack of sleep that put too much stress on her brain. He also told her to consult a family doctor.
Avatar f tn Nothing happened, however my physician believed all of this fainting was because of two medications (Actos and Bumetinide) I was taking causing me to dehydrate causing my heart to pump harder but lacking to supply my brain with enough oxygen. I am a little skeptible of this diagnosis and until reading some of the questions here was at a lost for what it might be. This much I know....just before fainting I experienced the worse feeling I have ever felt in my life!
Avatar f tn It is very important also that your daughter take her medications regularly to prevent seizure from happening Avoid seizure triggers like lack of sleep, alcohol or infections. You can learn more about this through this link: The side effects of topamax include : ataxia, impaired concentration, dizziness, mood problems, diplopia, increased salivary flow.
Avatar f tn Most often, behavioral changes in children with epilepsy are the result of their seizure medications. Some seizure medications, such as leveteracetam (keppra) but also others can lead to a variety of behavioral problems such as irritability, aggression, and impulsivity. Discussion of your concerns with your child's neurologist is recommended.
Avatar n tn blood and brain barriers -the drug's interaction with other medications -the person's age, weight and degree of compliance -length of time the drug was taken The effect of medications on children may be affected on whether certain drugs have been taken by their mothers prior to birth. Some medications may lead to birth defects or what we call congenital anomalies when taken at a specific time of pregnancy( usually in the first 3 months). Medications requiring chronic use ( ie.
Avatar n tn my 17 yr old daughter has in the past 2 months "passed out" during routing medical procedures. The first time the eye doctor put drops in her eyes to dialte them. The second time she received a vaccine injection. Both times her eyes were open and she lost sense of sight and hearing. She dreamed of fairys and ponys she said. She got really hot and sweatty both times and turned a sickley greenish white after her blackouts.
Avatar f tn In some cases, your child’s doctor may have prescribed medications to be used at the time of the seizure; use it as directed. Check if she is alert by asking simple questions until your child has returned to her usual state.
Avatar f tn Migraine can mimic stroke, seizure, and can have strange visual symptoms. This diagnosis really made the most sense and my son is in fact doing very well now. He is on an antidepressant, and that may even be keeping the migraines away. We have made some changes in his life - school, etc, to try to reduce stress. So far, so good. Good luck to you and your son. I truly hope he can get back on his meds and do better.
165078 tn?1255610007 My guess is tomorrow they will lower her dose even more. My question is does anyone have children who have been taken off flovent or another ashtma drug? She is also on 15mg of Prevacid a day - for asthma related reflux - and I am hoping they stop this as well - I am just looking to see how she may react when these medications are stopped. I really want her off them - she goes through enough and I would rather just have a rescue inhaler for flareups not an everyday use....
Avatar n tn //'>Brain Surgery Questions</a>.
Avatar n tn Convulsions in your son do not look like as febrile seizures, but EEG is reported normal which goes with diagnosis of febrile seizure. Febrile seizure is uncommon after 6 years of age, but not absolute. Video EEG precise characterization of seizure types, which allows for specific medical or surgical management. In addition, the physician is more accurately able to differentiate epileptic seizures from paroxysmal events that mimic seizures, including pseudo seizures.
Avatar m tn I had a Seizure occur almost 3 months ago while on the Antibiotic Tetracycline. The Dr. said that was the most likely cause. All tests on my brain came back normal, but during the Seizure i bounced my face off what at the time seemed to be an extremely hard bathroom floor. I had fractured my nose, severely lacerated my upper lip and chipped 3 teeth. I do not drink alcohol or submit myself to illegal drugs.
Avatar m tn My son is 3yrs he will be 4 in June, perfectly normal little boy with normal development, no seizure history in both sides of the family. His 1st seizure was feb 17, 2011 lasted about a minute, the night before he had a high fever and later that same day also. Both fevers were treated. On the first episode he spent the night at the hospital for observation because when they took his temperature in the emergency room it was actually low 96F.
Avatar n tn // I'm not a medical professional, just the parent of a kid with diabetes, and I don't know all the specific of your son's case, so I'm resisting saying exactly what happened to him. But that site does describe the condition pretty well. Again, I'm very sorry for your loss.
Avatar f tn Hi, my 17 yro son was found last week, on the ground, across the street from his HS. Apparently he was having a severe Grand Mal Seizure. EMS reported he had been seizing for at least 15 minutes. Verset was administered to stop his seizing. However, he has a history of neg reaction to Versed as well as many other medications. This is due to a medobolic disorder, which causes various reactions and poor metabolizing of all drug's.
Avatar n tn While I have never heard of headaches being related to any kind of reaction to insulin, I know from personal experience that horrible headaches sometimes accompany low blood sugar levels. While they sometimes go away when the glucose levels return to normal after drinking some juice, I have found that sometimes they stay with me for hours after a low blood sugar spell. So my first question would be: has your son experienced any low blood sugar episodes at all on days when he has headaches?
887324 tn?1241733637 Besides ensuring proper sleep and nutrition, it is important to understand that when a child has epilepsy, treating him/her with seizure medications is essential, despite the side effects that some seizure medications have. Over half of all patients with epilepsy can be controlled with one seizure medication; others require more than one medication.
Avatar n tn Physical stress and sleep deprivation may lower a persons seizure threshold, and make it more likely they will have a seizure. There are some benign sharp waves which can be seen in children. Otherwise sharp waves are described as being focal (coming from one area of the brain) or generalized (coming from all over the brain) and can indicate an underlying tendency for recurrent seizures. Without looking at the EEG I can not differentiate this.
Avatar f tn The pediatrician could not explain why he had the seizure again but noted that children that have had febrile seizures are more prone to them having reoccurring episodes until they are around six. 2/11/08: Our son had another tonic-clonic seizure in the morning. This time it was around 1030. He was playing then all of a sudden he collapsed, made the loud noise like a scream and went into the seizure.
215234 tn?1305146561 Hi, I would be very grateful for someones oppinion on the following.....
Avatar n tn So, after that day, also being 8 months pregnant and with 4 other children of ours, he died 17 days later, from being 95% of his body being burnt inside and out, and from seviere shock and infection. Now, for about 1 year later I was diagnosed with having Panic attacts, anxiety, bipolar, and 2 years later I started panic attacks then going into seizures, then the pain, then I started waking up in Hospitals once a week or more, that I was prescribed Xanax 2mg.
Avatar m tn I am a happy father of 2 boys. My older son (now 8.5 yrs) had his first seizure 18 month ago and a second one 1 month ago. Despite the low frequency, due to long duration (~1hr! in both cases) the doctor suggested to start medication and suggested depakine (valproid acid) mentioning it could potentially help with the attention deficit problem (ADD / ADHD).
Avatar n tn Yes, it is frightening to see your son have a seizure. We treat alot of children with epilepsy here at the Clinic. Depending on the EEG we select treatment. Since the seizures show a focal pattern the best choice would be tegratol (less side effects). Dilantin works well for focal seizures but there are more side effects, but nothing compared to having seizures. Tegratol side effects are usually drowisness, blurred vision, and dizziness. These usually show up if the level is too high.
Avatar m tn There are no safe medications for anxiety - they all cause neuroadaptation and can have horrible years long withdrawal - I went through it - 100 times worse than my worst anxiety
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Avatar f tn My son had an abnormal EEG in September after the teacher felt he was "spacing out". The EEG overall was abnormal but not classic for absence seizure (something about a 3/second spike?). I don't have a copy of the report but the abnormal activity occurred in the left parietal area from what I was told. After meeting with a pediatric neurologist to discuss the results, they said they could not rule out seizures but it was unlikely (not classic signs).
1699730 tn?1306959987 A child who had a single episode of tonic clonic seizure will have any more seizures depends on several factors. Most children will outgrow their epilepsy.Usuallyanticonvulsants are stopped after taking treatment for 2-3 years if there is no recurrence of seizure. A normal neurological examination goes in favor of not experiencing a recurrence. An EEG may be done to confirm the diagnosis. Best luck!
Avatar n tn The drug companies are forcing the FDA to approve medications faster (together with groups who want medications such as AIDs) that many side effects only occur when the medication is released from market. In addition, the animal rights folks are forcing the testing to be done on you and your children and not animals. So, things like this happen. I am sorry that this has happened to you. I hope that this is a one time deal and it was the meridia that was the responsible agent.
Avatar f tn Most often, behavioral changes in children with epilepsy are the result of their seizure medications. Some seizure medications, such as leveteracetam (keppra) but also others can lead to a variety of behavioral problems such as irritability, aggression, and impulsivity. Sometimes, an alternative seizure medication is necessary when the behavioral changes start to interfere with function. Discussion of your concerns with your child's neurologist is recommended.
Avatar n tn Now, having said that, anti-seizure medications (e.g.