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Avatar f tn Most often, behavioral changes in children with epilepsy are the result of their seizure medications. Some seizure medications, such as leveteracetam (keppra) but also others can lead to a variety of behavioral problems such as irritability, aggression, and impulsivity. Sometimes, an alternative seizure medication is necessary when the behavioral changes start to interfere with function. Discussion of your concerns with your child's neurologist is recommended.
Avatar n tn I had a seizure in my sleep Thursday night. I was perscribed 500mg Keppra twice daily. I took my first pill at 1:30 and felt high all night. I finally went to bed at 8pm without taking another and slept until 9:30am!!! I have a 2 year old. I have no idea how long she was awake and waiting for me. I am afraid to take another dose. I can't sleep like that. Is this a side effect of the medicine? Or still fatigue from actually having a seizure?
Avatar f tn we discontinued tegretol because of these unbearable side effects, we tried many more meds until we found keppra, which has been a blessing! Seizure control and no adverse side effects! My point is birdy, there are many other meds out there, if you aren't happy with the way you are feeling on your current meds talk to your dr about trying something different, and if your dr doesn't want to help you-find one that will.
Avatar f tn I wish your daughter well, I too am on Keppra 375mg twice daily and have started lamictal 50mg per day. I am also very irritable and tired. My doc wants to wean me off Keppra and slowly increase my lamictal. Luckily I have not had a reaction this far with it but its only been two weeks. He wants to switch due to the irritability from Keppra. I was taking Wellbutrin for depression but am not any longer, did feel I need it haha.
338416 tn?1420049302 Hi Jen, Sorry to hear about all that you have to deal with. Right now I take vimpat for my seizure disorder, but the doc. is switching me over to keppra because of the cost of vimpat. I do not have anything to offer here, but I am interested to hear about this med as well.
Avatar n tn Some medications if you stop them abruptly, they can throw a person into a seizure. I do not know about those other medications he was taking.
Avatar f tn It seems to be related to not eating as much though (for me). Keppra has fewer side effects than many other seizure medications, but irritability and depression are definitely listed side effects. For your Dr to completely dismiss it as a side effect is rather strange to me. I would probably want a 2nd opinion.
Avatar n tn Elizabeth, I do not personally prescribe this medication, but if your doctor gave it to you for seizures, it will have a mood stabilizing effect since most seizure medications do, and some have even been adopted for bipolar. But the fact that it works for you does not mean that you are bipolar. On the other hand, if your mother is bipolar, it may work for her just because it works as a mood stabilizer. I don't know anything about the frequency of psychosis and doubt that is common.
Avatar n tn Hi my 2 month old baby had a seizure in the right leg for about two minutes and the doctor started him in keppra and I am nervous about it. I been reading about it and I really don't know what to do. If someone have ore had any experience please let me know. GOD bless you all!!!!
Avatar f tn She has been on medications for the last three and a half years. She had her first episode of seizure at the age of 1 which was a full seizure. After a three month period of no seizures, she started getting them again as episodes of staring and slumping. Her neurologist put her on valparin and she was alright for a year with no episodes.
479255 tn?1208119748 My 12-year old son's first seizure occurred in August 2012. He went on Keppra after his second seizure in October 2012. He started at 1000mg/ day. After his third seizure in November 2012 he moved up to 1500mg/day. After his fourth seizure in January 2013 he moved up to 2250 mg/day. After his fifth seizure in March 2013, which happened a week ago, he moved up to 2750mg/day. Keppra causes him to experience mood swings. Sometimes he is giddy, sometimes almost inconsolably sad.
Avatar n tn Why is it necessary to prescribe Keppra prior to neurosurgery, if there is no history of seizure activity? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Brain Surgery Questions</a>.
Avatar n tn Dilantin,carbamezapine,valproate can be used in temporal lobe seizures.Topamax,keppra,lamotrigine can be used as add on drugs with medications mentioned above.Dilantin doesn’t cause depression but can cause decrease in renal function,headache,dizziness,confusion,double vision etc.It is best to discuss your concerns with your doctor before initiation of an alternative antiepileptic drug. Do keep us posted. Regards!
Avatar n tn ps,i was told by my nuro's that keppra has a lot less side affects than most seizure meds , i have taken it for mine even though no meds have worked to control my seizures { refractory i believe it is called ,when meds wont help seizures } i have found reppra had the least side affect than the other 7 meds i have tried , you may want to ask your neuro to try it if you havn't already.
Avatar n tn If the medication isn't working then the neurologist should be told and a medication adjustment can be made. Keppra is the one of the newest medications available and very highly thought of, despite the cost.
Avatar m tn I had an EEG, but it did not show any abnormalities. I have been take nortriptyline, neproxen, keppra, and darvocet. I have also been on topamax in the past. I seem to bee getting worse recently. Do you know of any other disease or disorder that could be the cause of my symptoms? I would just like to know if there is anything out there that can help me figure out what wrong. A name of a condition any condition would be great right now.
1653487 tn?1303527762 70% of people are able to obtain seizure control via medications alone, the medications are not exactly easy to deal with, i.e. unpleasant side effects. Known, in the epilepsy community, as "necessary poisons." :) But they help many. Some of the newer meds have fewer side effects, and they do have XR vsersions, which are easier to take (vs. 3-4 times a day!) Well, good luck to you--I'll keep my fingers crossed!
Avatar f tn Most often, behavioral changes in children with epilepsy are the result of their seizure medications. Some seizure medications, such as leveteracetam (keppra) but also others can lead to a variety of behavioral problems such as irritability, aggression, and impulsivity. Discussion of your concerns with your child's neurologist is recommended.
Avatar m tn Hi, My Wife had a tonic clonic / Grand mal seizure a month ago at age 34. We are just getting started in dealing with this disease and could use some help from the community. Here are the facts: * She had a stroke (or something similar) when she was six which may be related to the seizure. When she went to the ER she had a cat scan which showed some "calcifications" which may be left over from the stroke.
Avatar f tn My 7 year old son was resently diagnosed with Complex partial seizure disorder. This weekend, my husband was home with him and said my son called out to him. When my husband went to him, my son said daddy I feel funny. My husband seems to think it was nothing, I on the other hand have doubts. Since this episode, he has been very aggitated at school and at home, very short tempered, tired, just not acting like himself.
1810724 tn?1316936524 Already been through two different seizure medications and now taking the third. I have tried Depakote ER no help (7 months), Topamax (3 months) and now Gabapentin (1 Week) to control my episodes. Tightness in the chest area with warm sensation that would radiate through both sides left more than right with numbness and tingling feeling. I just plainly felt out of sorts followed by weakness that has lately been putting me down not being able to get up on my own.
2030686 tn?1351692148 I remember the gastro saying I needed to be seizure free for so long b4 I can tx. Does anybody know why this is? Will the medications lower my seizure threshold even more? My reg dr put in a call to the neuro after I had a few seizures this weekend and she put me on Keppra.
Avatar n tn For the seizures I take trileptal, and keppra. The seizure meds make me very tired, and makes the thinking, and memory problems I have worse. If I dont take them the aricept, and namenda seemed to work better. Is it nessasary to take all of these drugs, even though it seems the seizure meds void the memory meds? Are people w/ tbi, more sensitive to the effects of medicine? Is there anything I can do to make the side effects less severe? Thanks for ant infomation.
Avatar f tn We tried various medications, but Keppra seemed to work the best for him. Fast forward to today, he’s still having them but more frequently, every 2 months or so. He is always hospitalized for 48-72 hours as more times than not, has to be put on a ventilator. After each episode, his Dr. increases his dosage and he’s now up to 5,500 mg a day. (That amount seems almost scary!!) We’ve noticed that as his dosages increase, he’s forgetful and just doesn’t have the “umph” that he used to.
Avatar n tn Good Morning. My 14 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with seizure activity in the left side of her brain after having an EEG. She fainted twice in the spring and after several tests it was determined that she had hypoglycemia. We started feeding her more frequent smaller meals.
Avatar n tn the neuro then switched me to keppra i have been taking since January feb ish to which i started at 1000 mg of the regular capsule twice daily into the er 1000 mg daily as of 3 days ago i began vomiting which i taught was lyme dieze again i was diagnosed around 18 19 ish the test came back neg for lyme so im pretty sure keppra is the culprit here.
Avatar m tn Lamictal is a seizure medication normally used for bipolar disorder. So, yes, seizure meds are probably fairly common. If you're not sure how much to take of those two medications, you need to talk to your doctor. No one here can tell you what starting dose is for you as we have no knowledge of you, nor can we tell you what a safe range of dose is for you.
6810737 tn?1385008368 Unless this is a very young small breed puppy, the dog should not have low blood glucose without an underlying cause that should be investigated and treated. There are a number of anti-seizure medications that she can and SHOULD be on with seizures occurring 2 days apart!
Avatar f tn Last Sunday I was going about my day, then next thing I remember I woke up in an ambulance. I was informed by the paramedics that my roommate found me on the floor having a seizure and making weird noises. They said I was "in a daze" and barely speaking but could give them my name but did not know what day or month it was. I do not remember any of this. At the hospital I was in and out of consciousness/asleep but do not remember hours of time.