Seizure disorders and epilepsy

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Avatar n tn It was awful so I do understand how brain chemical disorders and electrical disorders can make you appear healthy but in reality you are as ill as anyone else with a problem. just believe in yourself and ignore the jerks and realize most people understand.
Avatar n tn Dilantin is a good seizure medications, and in some people highly effect with minimal side effects, but it can potentially have many side effects, and in more recent years, the epilepsy field have started using newer, safer drugs in the long term. Particularly concerning side effects include osteoporosis, and as a side, I recommend you have your bone density checked if you have been on dilantin for >20 years.
Avatar m tn Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Generally vets take a blood and urine panel and analyze it to rule out metabolic canine disorders that may be the cause of the seizures such as kidney problems or diabetes for example. When dogs seizure at intervals of less than 30 days, vets usually begin them on an anti-epileptic medication like phenobarbital. Review your dogs diet. Blue Buffalo dog food and many pet foods others have been recalled for various reasons.
Avatar n tn Although an increased risk of depression and suicidal tendencies is seen in seizure patients and there have been reports of mania following seizures, a number of research studies show that there is no increase in the incidence of bipolar disease among epileptic patients when compared to the general population. On the other hand, pseudoseizures are well known to be associated with bipolar patients.
Avatar f tn She's on Depakine caps(200mg) at the moment and although she hasn't had a seizure since she's on medication, she has minor episodes of excessive salivation, dizziness and oral disorders leaving her with a horrible headache. Please tell me what could cause these "minor" symptoms?
Avatar f tn Thyroid dysfunction can impact neurological problems and may aggravate seizure disorders. With the increasing TSH, most likely you have Hashimotos - the thyroid antibody blood tests and ultrasound will likely support htis. Would consider treatment to see if there is any benefit given your history and symptoms.
Avatar m tn Would like to use a TENS unit to manage pain in hip/leg until his surgery in May '11, but all indications caution it's use in persons with seizure disorders. What is your experience with this in your patients, especially since it will be used in the hip/leg area, not near the neck/head? Thanks in advance for your responses!
Avatar m tn I am not too knowledgable about epilepsy or Lennox Gaurt Syndrome but it sounds like you have done some research already to have those two disorders in mind and I highly recommend bringing this up to your sons medical team. I also recommend asking an expert some advice. I wish you luck and hope you find out some answers.
Avatar m tn I have epileptic seizures and what some doctors call psuedoseizures. I have had 2 strokes and have bad vertigo, and syncope. This can cause seizure like activity and is definitely not psychological. It would be nice if doctors who think they are no it alls would do more research into seizures due to autonomic dysfunction before they classify everyone not having epileptic seizures as having psychological problems.
Avatar f tn Also, from your knowledge of responses, where does keppra rank for creating positive effects for mood disorders? 2a. and/or cognition problems of learning? 3. Which medications are the least problematic for creating negative side effects. Unfortunately, we have only tried lamictal and my daughter got a horrible ringworm rash, which could have been actually triggered by lamictal so she's now on keppra. Thank you!
Avatar n tn I do know that good weed might even help certain seizure disorders, so unless you live in Texas or some other troglodite state, don't fight it, switch! I have 12 years now of stories, some would make you laugh and others scare the whatever out of ya. I'll try to remember some of the ones that might be pertinent to your situation.
Avatar n tn Just because you have had one EEG that was thought to be normal during what was an altered mental state doesn't mean that you did not have epilepsy. Since you are older and have a TGA you must have a baffle, and there are times where your heart will beat fast and you will have decreased oxygenation of your blood and therefore less oxygen to your brain. This might account for your altered feeling during the heart rhythm episode.
488498 tn?1215073859 I have photosensitive epilepsy (diagnosed at 14) and then at 15 I was diagnosed with clinical depression. And then at 17 I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Now they are saying I might have PTSD and behavioral spells. I am always anxious/nervous. I'm really thinking that there is a link between epilepsy and mental illness. For me it would make sense with what's going on with me currently. Hope we find some answers!
Avatar n tn A lot of AED’s like Lamictal, Neurontin and Klonopin are used for both epilepsy and sleep disorders through different mechanisms so your clinical response to these medications don’t really argue for either diagnosis. I really don’t have a definitive way to resolve the disparity. We see this dilemna occur often in our clinics and we usually continue to try different medications and monitor the patient with routine EEG’s and neuroimaging.
Avatar f tn His MRI came out clear but the doctor said that his EEG showed seizure activity in his left frontal lobe and gave him an rx for Keppra. They didn't give him an explanation as to what the cause was and so I called them. The first nurse told me that he is having complex partial seizures. After looking at the information it's possible that some of the things he's always done in his sleep are really seizures. They didn't explain why he was convulsing during the day with no warning.
Avatar f tn Later in the week the stutter worsen and he woke up on the floor, urinated on himself and lost track of time in the shower, believing he seized I took him in, they just perscribed medication, and the ct scan was clear. Since that visit he seized 3 more times, twice in one night, his stutter worsen, his memory is slowly going, his joints are stiffining, and he can barely do things on his own.
Avatar n tn My neurologist is in the process of raising the dose of Topamax to 200 mg, and gave me the precautions to take for seizure disorders, and said see ya in 3 months. And here's the Impression paragraph: This is an abnormal EEG monitoring. Mainly during wakefulness there are intermittent bilteral and shifting bursts and short trains of alpha and theta waves with sharp component and sharp waves, and intermittent delta waves seen, left more than the right, mainly in posterier regions.
Avatar n tn They have no idea why I have epilepsy. They did several tests and couldn't find anything. They are so scary and I don't remember anything afterwards. I'm just extremely tired. Has the doctor been able to figure out why you may have had another one? I hope it's something as simple as needing to up the dosage. I have never experienced anything ahead of time to warn me that one was coming on. Like you said God was watching over me both times.
Avatar f tn Any Ideas on how to deal with an 11 year old with ADHD and Obcessive Compulsive Disorders and also suffers depression? I have had her on several meds and so far only stratera helps and she is enrolled in special classes and programs to help her both in and out of school and she still can be a hand ful at times. She did have bad lead poisoning when she was a baby and had to have a special diet and medical care and almost had to be hospitalized.
Avatar n tn If your daughter only has seizure during a fever, it is more likely that it is associated with febrile seizures than other types of seizure disorders. The fact that she has had several episodes in the past are evidence enough of her proneness to this condition which is why she still presented with this recently. Knowing that your child is prone to febrile seizures, it would be best to try and treating fevers earlier than usual to prevent such seizures from occurring. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn If your daughter only has seizure during a fever, it is more likely that it is associated with febrile seizures than other types of seizure disorders. The fact that she has had several episodes in the past are evidence enough of her proneness to this condition which is why she still presented with this recently. Knowing that your child is prone to febrile seizures, it would be best to try and treating fevers earlier than usual to prevent such seizures from occurring. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn dx with parietal l. epilepsy. depression and amotivational behaviors. recommendations as to polypharmacy of seizure meds combined with antidepressant? meds of choice?
Avatar n tn I also have the same type of epilepsy). He has informed me that he might have had a seizure during sleep. I understand that this is quite rare, but he did wake up with a slightly bitten tongue. Is it possible for seizures to occur during sleep with this type of epilepsy.
3624179 tn?1347739267 Someone speaking to me sounds like they are distant and it's hard to comprehend whats going on. Is it a type of epilepsy or other neurological problem? Also, I am Manic Depressive, have Anxiety, Panic Disorder, ADHD, and Major Depression. Can my mental disorders have a link to a possible neurological problem? I also get really bad migraines followed by auras that come from the base of my skull and can last for 1-5 days. Can that be related to a possible neurological problem as well?
Avatar f tn Hi there, After removal of thyroid gland few people may have hypoparathyroidism as a common side effect which can lead to hypocalcemia. Carpopedal spasm and tetany can occur and cause movement disorders such as chorea, as well as symptoms of increased intracranial pressure or epileptic seizures. These symptoms can sometimes occur months and years after thyroidectomy.For more queries and assistance visit an endocrinologist and get blood calcium and other tests done.
Avatar n tn ) (2) the associated symptoms of nausea and vomiting and headache may suggest that her symptoms are migrainous as opposed to epileptic (though vomiting can occur with seizures as well) (3) abnormal eye movements can occur in patients with migraine, but if these have been documented by EEG to be seizures then seizures they are (4) migraine disorders and epilepsy sometimes co-exist Evaluation by a PEDIATRIC neurologist and/or a PEDIATRIC epilepsy specialist may be particularly helpful for your
Avatar n tn Hi! Epilepsy and pregnancy are a difficult combination! Your wife is lucky to have a supportive spouse to help her through. I'm glad to know that you notified her doctors right away--that is definitely the right thing to do! Sometimes the dosage requirements for seizure medications changes during pregnancy, and most doctors are usually walking the tight rope of trying to keep the dosage as low as possible while also keeping the seizure activity to a minimum.
Avatar m tn Central nervous system and/or respiratory-depressant effects can be additively or synergistically increased in patients taking multiple drugs especially in elderly patients and patients with medical disorders. A patient needs to be monitored for CNS and respiratory depression while on these two drugs. You need to perform carefully activities requiring mental alertness and motor coordination. If you are considering change in therapy do consult a neurologist. That might be helpful.