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Avatar n tn If not, please have her follow up with her doctor. Any type of seizure-like behavior should not be overlooked, even if she's feeling fine now. It's possible she experienced a febrile seizure, which are not unheard of in someone her age, even though we often associate them with younger children. Whatever the case, please follow up with the doctor.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if seizure disorder and epilepsy are the same these days? I'm a 43 year old female, no history of seizures, 2 year survivor of breast cancer, which made the discovery of benign cysts in my left temporal lobe. 6 months ago I started having severe headaches with almost stroke like symptoms with neurological deficits associated with them as well as an elevation in my stress levels. All my doctors tell me I have more stress in my life than they've seen in a while.
Avatar f tn For about the last 4 years I have been taking 15-20 50mg pills a day. August 2017 I had my first seizure. I was taken in by ambulance and had a million tests done and nothing came up as to why I had a seizure. Obviously I know it is from the Tramadol but no one else knows I am addicted. After having every test possible, the doctors wanted me to go on 1000mg Keppra. I chose not to because I knew it was from the Tramadol and am terrified of the Keppra side effects.
Avatar m tn I have a friend who had a random seizure one morning after she had been vomiting and had diarrhea all night before. She also had not been sleeping well or at all some nights the whole month before. I took her to the emergency room and she had blood work done and a CT scan done both came back just fine. The doctor told her it was probably that she was dehydrated, and had lack of sleep that put too much stress on her brain. He also told her to consult a family doctor.
Avatar n tn I am a 43 healthy female. I had a gran mal seizure in 2004 where I fell backwards stiff as a board and cracked my head open on concrete. I lost all consciousness and could not tell where I was when I came to. I do not remember falling. God blessed me that day as I was about to drive my husband and 2 children home from vacation from San Antonio to Houston. I could have killed them and another driver.
Avatar f tn I am the mother of five children and I would rather go through all five childbirths at one time than to have that feeling again. It's that bad for me. My question is, are these diabetic seizures or is the doctor's diagnosis correct? I am desperate to know before another episode may happen.
207091 tn?1337713093 Just got back from the vet. She thinks Mama is passing out, not a seizure or stroke. She heard a heart murmur (which is new), and thinks she has high blood pressure, maybe kidney and thyroid issues. She's slightly dehydrated, which could mean something with her kidneys, as she gets lots of water and canned food. She also noticed that her retinas are degenerating, and that her pupils aren't dilating nearly as much as they should (also new).
Avatar f tn It is very important also that your daughter take her medications regularly to prevent seizure from happening Avoid seizure triggers like lack of sleep, alcohol or infections. You can learn more about this through this link: The side effects of topamax include : ataxia, impaired concentration, dizziness, mood problems, diplopia, increased salivary flow.
Avatar n tn Hello. Children usually have focal / partial seizures to start with. These seizures, iif not treated adequately, progress to become generalized. The terms partial and generalized refer to the body parts involved in the seizure. In the brain, the seizure activity can spread to other parts of brain. What is your observation over the past one year?
Avatar f tn Postictal (following seizure) changes can just be part of the effects of the seizure, but these typically last a few hours or at most days. Children with epilepsy can have behavioral changes as a result of their reaction to the diagnosis if they understand it. In addition, patients with epilepsy are at higher risk of developing depression, and in children, this depression may be expressed as behavioral changes and agitation rather than the more typical symptoms of depression.
Avatar n tn He is always doing something with his hands, like wringing his shirt or licking his lips. My son does learn at school but takes longer than other children to grasp a new concept. I currently have him on Lamictin dispersible tablets which seem to help but some days his concentration levels are very poor. I also give him Salmon Oil (Omega 3 & 6) and a Aloe Extract named Manapol He has also been diagnosed with Hypo-activity as he is not very fidgety but rather more lathargic at school.
Avatar n tn Our child was diagnosed with ADHD, TS, and Seizure Disorder. Our child does have facial twitching, shoulder shrugs, and various other things, as well as ADD symptoms like daydreaming in class, not completing assignments, being forgetful, etc. I could list them all but I'm sure that's really necessary. They did an EEG and blood work and urine tests to rule out other things such as lead and copper and such.
Avatar n tn The look of terror in her face was horrible and she kept screaming as I got the glucagon ready and started into a seizure after her face morphed all strangely. She seized and foamed at the mouth and bit her tongue so she was choking and I told her Dad to put her on her side. I finally got the glucagon into her when she stopped seizing and just fell on her back with her eyes open and stopped breathing. We thought she was dead.....
Avatar f tn At that point, you can ask how to monitor your children for signs of the condition should they follow in your footsteps.
Avatar n tn Occasionally, he will start to fall over, but can sometimes catch himself. Sometimes he will stand quietly and looks from side to side before the seizure starts. At other times he will seem to freeze for 30-60 seconds -- as if he wants to finish laying down, getting comfortable, etc., but he just can't move. I think he's sore (maybe arthritis too?) - doesn't like to be picked up or handled.
Avatar n tn Hi My niece has developed a sleeping disorder of laughing seizure like she laughs while i sleep for 3-4 seconds and then stare and then sleep and this pattern at times is also during day time when she is awake. We did EEG and MRI and nothing came out from them.Follwoing is the report of both. EEG It is a wake reord.patient was fairly cooperative. Artifacts are minimal. Photic stimulation from 3 hz to 21 hrtz was given for 45 seconds.At an interval of 5 secs inclose eye state.
Avatar m tn Like the name says, it is benign so it's not harmful or anything like that but it's still a form of epilepsy. This seizure that you had could have been a simple partial seizure. The fact that you had seizures as a child may actually mean that you have epilepsy because to get a diagnosis of epilepsy you need to have more than one seizure. It could also be though that the seizure was an isolated event and that it will never happen again. About 4% of people have a seizure sometime in there life.
Avatar n tn You likely had a break through seizure. Whether this is a new seizure type or worsening of your seizure activity can't be known (or at least I can't tell). One needs to wait on proper dosing of the medication. The fact that you had your usual aura let me know that the general progression of seizure activity was likely the same orginally and the low medication level probably allowed the motor expression of your seizure to break through.
Avatar n tn my 17 yr old daughter has in the past 2 months "passed out" during routing medical procedures. The first time the eye doctor put drops in her eyes to dialte them. The second time she received a vaccine injection. Both times her eyes were open and she lost sense of sight and hearing. She dreamed of fairys and ponys she said. She got really hot and sweatty both times and turned a sickley greenish white after her blackouts.
Avatar n tn I am a 35 yr old female that 2 yrs ago starting having seizure like activity I have had several EEG's and did a 5 day EEG video monitoring. Apparently I was physically having seizures but EEG did not show one. I still physically have seizures or something that looks like a seizure. Mostly I do not loose contiousness however I am not always able to communicate depending on what part of my body is seizing.
Avatar f tn I didn't watch the video, but by reading your description, what I can say is that often seizures or other conditions can be shown differently in children so young, and 6 months would be around the age you might start to notice something abnormal. Types of epilepsy can be described as the description you gave, but keep in mind, no one here can diagnose as we cannot do a physical exam on your son or order necessary tests.
Avatar f tn Be aware of the length of the seizure If possible, note the time that the seizure began, and how long it lasts. If it is the child’s first convulsive seizure, or if it lasts more than five minutes, call 911 or emergency services. Pay attention to the nature and the length of the seizure so you can give an accurate report. Step 4: Make your child as comfortable as possible Remove glasses so they do not break.
Avatar f tn To make a long story short the vet called me Saturday morning and told me that Chewy had a seizure 15 minutes after I left him at the vet. He also told me that he started him on Phenobarbital 3 ml morning and evening. He said that if he was better Sunday morning I could pick him up, which I did. Today Monday, I brought him back to the vet for blood work. The vet said his kidney function was a little elevated so he could not rule out poisoning.
Avatar n tn Chest xray,2 spinal taps, multiple bld, urine and central line cultures all negative.EEG once the 14 hour seizure stopped showed something abnormal but the neurologist said it wasn't seizure activity but unsure what it was.GYN exam unremarkable.She did develop a UTI few days after admission.She also had a fever fluctuating from 99 to 103 degrees on and off the antibiotics. Liver function tests were normal.
393986 tn?1303829575 Hello. A seizure is defined as an episode of central nervous system dysfunction. A seizure may or may not be accompanied by convulsions. Your seizures are unusual. Do you lose consciousness when you have the episode? usually convulsions are tonic (only spasms) or tonic - clonic (spasms followed by repeated contractions). An EEG confirms a seizure. Has it been done?
Avatar n tn Recently ive had what seems like a seizure upon wakening. At the moment of wakening it seems that im still at a very low level conciousness and as i try to move any of my muscles it triggers a huge sensation of vibration at the centre back of my brain which renders me from moving.It seems the more i try to fight it the stronger the vibrations.Im still very aware of and can hear my surroundings.I relax myself as much as possible and after several minutes in this state i try to pop my eyes open.
Avatar n tn When I smell something , usually a smoke smell, then I know a seizure is around the corner. I am on Keppra and now Topamax as well. They don't seem to be controlling my seizures very well, It is really frustrating for me. I feel sure that when I die that during an autopsy the final diagnosis will smack the drs in the face! Of course right now there are days when I am so fatigued that I have to take a nap after a couple of hours of housework.
Avatar f tn the last time this happened the paramedics took her out of our apt and her heart just stopped as he took her down to the ambulance.. Tests that were done were seizure tests, echo-cardiogram, asthma, allergies were ruled out; few ple i have spoken with say it sounds like a heart attack like symptoms.. She wouldn't be able to walk a short distance and she would gasp for air..
165078 tn?1255610007 My guess is tomorrow they will lower her dose even more. My question is does anyone have children who have been taken off flovent or another ashtma drug? She is also on 15mg of Prevacid a day - for asthma related reflux - and I am hoping they stop this as well - I am just looking to see how she may react when these medications are stopped. I really want her off them - she goes through enough and I would rather just have a rescue inhaler for flareups not an everyday use....