Rare seizure disorders in children

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3163121 tn?1343777749 I am wondering if there are any other families out there with children with this rare genetic disorder
Avatar n tn Yes, it is frightening to see your son have a seizure. We treat alot of children with epilepsy here at the Clinic. Depending on the EEG we select treatment. Since the seizures show a focal pattern the best choice would be tegratol (less side effects). Dilantin works well for focal seizures but there are more side effects, but nothing compared to having seizures. Tegratol side effects are usually drowisness, blurred vision, and dizziness. These usually show up if the level is too high.
Avatar n tn Hypersensitivity to sudden stimuli does occur among children who have rare degenerative disorders of the nervous system. Arching of the back and other bizarre movements occur in response. However, such children lose gains they have made in development. Your nephew is still making developmental progress. Seizures are not usually provoked by sudden sounds or movements although there is a form of startle epilepsy.
Avatar n tn Start with your pediatrician, get labs, history, exam done, step out and let your ped do further talking with him, there are increasing cases of restrictive eating disorders in boys, this may be needed in our differential diagnosis, yes, thyroid too needs to be addressed, if overactive we will lose weight but also have many other symptoms.
1713197 tn?1308519712 My 5yr old daughter is DX'ed with a rare eye disorder (actually a couple disorders wrapped into one) called ''ocular melanosis with episcleral pigment & diffuse iris nevus''. Her right eye is about 80% affected & her left eye is developing 2 spots as well. She is also DX'ed with ADHD-combined, ODD, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, mild verbal apraxia, & ''disorder of infancy, childhood, or adolescence NOS''.
Avatar n tn Also, several disorders are at this time unrecognised, or not described. Thus, it is quite common for children with an apparently metabolic disorder to goes undiagnosed. Diagnosis is critically important because specific efficacious therapeutic measures exist. As a rough estimate, from your description, the major groups of disorders I would be most concerned about are disorders of pyruvate metabolism, mitochondrial encephalomyopathies, and organic acidurias.
Avatar f tn Seizures are common in pediatric age group and occur in approximately 10% of children. Most seizures are provoked by body disorders originating outside the brain, such as high fever, infection, syncope, head trauma; shortness of breath for want of oxygen can also cause seizure, or cardiac abnormalities. What is the type of seizures, focal or generalized? How long was the seizure and was there loss of consciousness during seizure? How was his behavior during and after seizure?
1713197 tn?1308519712 My 5yr old daughter is DX'ed with a rare eye disorder called ''ocular melanosis with episcleral pigment & diffuse iris nevus''. She also has DX'es of ADHD-combined, ODD, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, mild verbal apraxia, & ''disorder of infancy, childhood, or adolescene NOS''. There is little info on Ocular Melanosis (OM) but after research, I have found a few others who have children with OM.
Avatar n tn My 9 yr old grandson has a seizure disorder that may be linked to autism. He is on Depakot & Risperdal. The main problem is his inability to realize when he needs to use the toilet, resulting in having bowel movements. He can sit forever until someone notices the odor. It doesn't bother him & his doctors don't seem too concerned. Could the medication w or w/o the disorders have anything to do w/this problem. Or, is it some other reason?
1349814 tn?1276731345 My son turned 3 on Valentines Day and was diagnosed with Autism the next month. When he was born he weighed 12.1 pounds and was almost 23 inches long. Yes, I had a c section. He doesn't talk very much and had some of the odd behaviors like lining things up and having to have the SAMENESS of everything, spinning in circles and watching ceiling fans, etc. The place that diagnosed him said, "we think that your son is very unique" and might have fragile x or mosaic down syndrom.
Avatar n tn is it uncommon for a child of her age to develop a seizure disorder and are there specific types of seizure disorders that pop up at her age? I am very worried and a bit short on answers right now. Thanks for any general info you can provide.
Avatar n tn I teach middle school students with emotional/behavioral disorders in a public school. Recently, a mother of one of my students reported that a neurologist stated that he has behavioral seizures which account for his consistent oppositional-defiant and dangerous behaviors. Do you have any information regarding this? It seems apparent to me that the function of his behavior is control, escape/avoidance, and revenge at times.
Avatar n tn My 6-year old was diagnosed with seizure disorders when he was two. Now he is in first grade and he is not listening in class, standing on top of desks, hitting other children and on Friday he hit his teacher and now has three days suspension from school. I have had several talks with his teacher and she doesn't know what to do so he pretty much does wait he wants in her class. He only does that in her class.
Avatar n tn Please let me know which are the useful EEG characteristics to distinguish between the different origins of partial seizures in infants and children =========================================================================== I am not completely sure what you mean by the origons of partial seizures, specifically I am not sure whether you mean the part of the brain they arise from or the underlying cause, I will try to answer both parts.
Avatar m tn Cyclic smell distortions do not happen in your nose. You actually have a sensory seizure disorder, which is caused by a slight chemical imbalance in your brain. Unlike motor seizures, sensory seizures are partial seizures and they don’t manifest in a loss of motor control. Instead they affect how people perceive sounds or images, or in my case, smells. These seizures are activated when you stimulate the nerves in your nose by laughing or talking.