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Avatar n tn I couldn't tell they were until this lady literally exhaled the smoke almost in my face as she walked by and I definitely inhaled some second hand smoke -- it was that strong. I literally had to get off the phone and ask them were they serious. I just got a new job and will be expected to take a drug test next week. I normally wouldn't think much of that episode, but am somewhat concerned because I definitely inhaled some of the second hand smoke as they walked by.
Avatar f tn Just FYI, it takes up to 2 pounds of poppy seeds to cause a positive opiate result. Second hand smoke is not enough to cause a positive THC level. The only way to keep you PM is to be COMPLETELY HONEST. I am not trying to be mean at all, I just see so many people not being honest and expecting to get help. I know how bad pain can get I had birth defect and suffer also.
Avatar f tn However, second hand smoke might. Also, when the baby arrives, being high may not be the best thing. Babies require present and full minded parents to care for them. :>) Might be time for a life style change. good luck with the baby.
Avatar f tn And what you read is correct. THC will NOT be in your system at detectable levels from typical 2nd-hand smoke exposure. The THC in your system was as a result of your smoking mariuana for 2 weeks.
Avatar f tn Just about everytime i smoke pot i get really bad chest pain. This has been happening for about 6 months. I have been smoking pot for about 6-7 years. My boobs are freakin huge and they seem to make the chest pain so much worse. The only way to relieve my chest pain is by lifting my breasts up. I went to my doctor when my chest pain first started happening... she took X rays and told me i had asthma.... gave me some pills that didnt help...
Avatar f tn You've already gone through the hardest part of quitting. Do you want your child to grow up with second hand smoke in their lungs? If you don't care about this after birth, why did you stop smoking while you were pregnant?
Avatar n tn First off, tell your friend that the lungs only capture about 20-30% of the THC in the smoke, the rest is exhaled. Multiply that by ten... And smoke is smoke. Here are some myths and facts based on scientific research, not our Government's embelishments. Myth: Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Damages the Fetus. Prenatal marijuana exposure causes birth defects in babies, and, as they grow older, developmental problems.
Avatar n tn Its probably because of the fact that his mom is a drug addict. Not nesessarily because he inhales second hand smoke from the pot. Or maybe both. Sounds like a behavioral issue.
Avatar m tn If you didn't smoke it yourself I don't think you have anything to worry about.
Avatar m tn Her probation officer says that you can't get a positive from second hand smoke. My question is whether or not the smoke from the lit end of the cigar that has not been inhaled by another person would have enough thc in it to give her a positive result.
Avatar n tn no second hand smoke will not show high enough levels....
Avatar f tn I was on probation for a little while (young n dumb) n my probation officer informed me that THC showing up in a UA from second hand smoke is nearly impossible. He would have to smoke an ounce with u in an enclosed area like a vehicle.
Avatar f tn Just stop now I promise you they WILL drug test you and your baby...
Avatar f tn There is very lukewarm research currently available about the effects of Marijuana second-hand smoke (the ones that give clear-cut answers are usually opinionated and not scientifically credible); but just to be safe, stay clear when you can. Good luck mom!
Avatar f tn Oh and my older two have asthma and I didn't smoke ANYTHING with them and was NEVER around second hand smoke, my youngest does NOT have asthma and I smoked a bit with him (primarily oils though). My first two were also preemies yet my last was fullterm born 2 days before his EDD.
Avatar f tn Roller coasters are bad, dehydration is bad, second hand smoke is bad, stress is bad, fruits veggies are good, exercise is good, lots of water is great,
Avatar m tn Have never smoked it...even second hand weed smoke makes me very, very I can't help with firsthand weed experience. That said, anxiety is the most common reported side effect of marijuana. Tachycardia is not a diagnosis, it is a symptom. Tachycardia is when your pulse is over 100 beats per can be caused by many things, including anxiety. My advice: tell your doctor about the pot...and refrain from pot in the future.
1353720 tn?1414506724 There's Sativa, which has a higher concentration of THC, then there is Hybrid which is a mix of both THC and CBD, and then there is Indica which has a higher concentration of CBD. There a multiple studies out there that have proved such that Cannabis Indica may possibly be used as an alternative anti-psychotic. http://www.******************.org/new/detail.asp?
Avatar f tn And its harmful to them is like your putting your baby at risk. so be careful if second hand smoke of any kind is harmful to adults imagine how harmful is going to be for your baby drinking milk when you have weed in your system.
Avatar f tn He should definitely smoke outside only.
1275919 tn?1279839604 So I do feel better that I guess everyone that tests positive for that The first thing people say is that it was second hand even if they did in fact smoke/ingest it. That' s probably number 1 excuse so I am sooo glad that they ordered that test and now she knows for sure that everything I told her was the TRUTH. I have made it perfectly clear to my hubby that I will NOT be around him when he does it and I told him that he's not allowed to do anything like that in the house.
Avatar f tn Ok so a doctor is not aloud to tell you it's ok to do some illegal activity they can lose their license it's an unprofessional act so no offense I don't believe they said that plus smoke inhalation is not good for your child first or second hand weather it us cigarette or marijuana. But like said above if you want to do those activities you shouldn't breast feed since your baby gets everything from your milk.
401095 tn?1351395370 “I didn’t inhale . . .” is not a valid response. And sufficient second-hand smoke exposure can also cause failure of standard urine drug tests. You could fail both a primary and secondary test, with no recourse other than saying that it was someone else. It’s just not worth the risk. So if you have been exposed to illegal drugs, your best insurance for a clean drug test is to stop using them immediately. And not just temporarily—permanently.
Avatar f tn Inc Pregnancy How long does THC stay in an unborn babies system? I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and stopped smoking at 28 weeks to allow enough time for mine and my unborn daughters system to be clean however i am now worried that 12 weeks may not be enough time for my unborn daughter to be clean...I live in MO and they drug test ALL babies no matter what at birth...
Avatar f tn Hi, I've read numerous books noting that thc passes to sperm. But I really doubt that it will do any harm to your baby, since it's in tiny amounts AND you have a mucous plug in your cervix right now. The white discharge you normally have when you are not ovulating (when not prego) slows down the sperm, so imagine how strong a mucous plug is. Even if a few of them do get in there, there is an amniotic sac and fluid that they cannot pass through.
Avatar f tn But threw out the day when I would already have smoke my cigarette I would eat lollipops, it's a hand to mouth addiction. I was done smoking by the second week.
Avatar m tn On the other hand I have friends that smoke MJ all the time and they never get anxiety from it. That is because they don't have anxiety dissorder like I do. As for the Panic attacks your having......Don't worry they can't kill you, but thay will make you feel like your going to be killed by them. Get to a doctor.
Avatar n tn Can marijuana effect a fetus when smoked regularly by the father. (not second-hand) Will the future baby have health problems or other kinds of problems due to the father's addition to marijuana?
535089 tn?1400677119 If you attend a rock concert or ride in a car where marijuana is smoked nearby, even if you do not partake, the second hand marijuana that you might inhale may give your test a positive result for several days.