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Avatar f tn DR Oyakawa, I went to four different retina specialists in last 2 months. I live in jacksonville FL. Everyone say OCT and FA scan looks normal. Current DR I am seeing said it is the scar tissue that causing waviness. This scar tissue was not there when I first started seeing him. He said shots are not going to help me. I am assuming its excessive stretching of the eye causing this tear. I am considering to contact Dr Brian Ward in california as he is specialized in myopia?
Avatar m tn The nearest large city is Jacksonville, FL. We have an appointment August 3rd with the Mayo Clinic- but that is so far away! Are there any other neurosurgeons that you recommend in the Jacksonville area? Thanks!
146692 tn?1314331773 She is survived by her husband of 44 years, Conrad Silcox of Daphne, two sons, Thomas (Kim) Silcox of Jacksonville, FL and Jeffrey (Gianna) Silcox of Fairhope, AL. One dughter, Crystal (Shane) Jeter of Daphne, six grandchildren, Katie Silcox of Jacksonville, FL, Hampton and Haley Addiss of Daphne, Scott and Joshua Jeter of Daphne and Gabriel Silcox of Fairhope. One sister, Peggy (Ken) Kastorff of Wilmer, AL.
363281 tn?1643235611 I go to the Jacksonville, FL campus....its okay its 8 months long. I have been here for 3 months so far.
Avatar f tn Thx so much I was on norco for on and off 6 yrs and everyday for 2yrs. Had 2 major spin surgerys in the last 7 mons. I started methadone 2 weeks ago today to come off the norco. Just starting to taper.
1730949 tn?1310104140 I am looking for other local families battling chiari. We are in the Jacksonville Florida Area. I have 3 sons who suffer from chiari!! We see Dr. Heger out of Wolfsons and we absolutely adore him and his staff.
Avatar f tn What part of Florida?
Avatar n tn Canton ms lol and im sue march 24. What part of ms are you from and when are you due?
Avatar m tn If so, we are here to help anytime, day or night Lisa Jacksonville,FL
486038 tn?1300063367 I just looked to see if anyone had things to say about Jacksonville, FL. There is one post there that mentions someone favorably. There is also a glowing post about someone in Alabama. Check all your surrounding states and see what you can find.
Avatar f tn We are having pretty strong winds and heavy rain in Jacksonville. They have closed several of the bridges which means sustained winds of 40mph. No flooding so far--I think because the rain comes and goes. I'll be in Orlando this weekend as well. :-) We can all beep and wave!! I hope everyone fares well thru this soaker!
Avatar f tn I have the same thing with my eyes due to graves you happen to know of any Oculoplastic surgeons in Jacksonville, FL? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Where is everyone from? I am from Jacksonville, Fl! It's amazing how we get to conversate with mommies all over the world.
1709304 tn?1327602688 I am reading that many people are on the new triple meds for HepC or are preparing to begin them. I cannot even find a FL doc who will prescribe Telapravir or Bocepravir, please respond. I am on Florida medicaid and willing to even relocate out of Fl to obtain excellent medical care/treatment to obtain the new FDA approved triple medication regimen for HepC genotype one patients. Thanks everyone, from a desperate mommy in Fl.