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229760 tn?1291467870 Album... click on that. Then, you should see a drop down list and the word: New Album... click on that. Then, type in the name or title that you want for that album... then, click 'Save'. With the new album, you can add/ upload more pics without displacing the ones that you already have.
Avatar f tn I knew Farrah wasn't doing well, and that in itself was sooo sad. Darned cancer. But Michael's death was a complete surprise. How sad. His "Thriller" album was one of my absolute favorites in high school!!!
341551 tn?1266980730 My photographer got the pictures of the U/S we sent her and added it to our Wedding Album!! As part of our Wedding package we got 2 parent albums and our parents chose the pictures they wanted from our Wedding Day and we just added our U/S picture to it!! Because thats how we're telling them we're Pregnant!! Their going to receive their album on our 1 Year Anniversary (July 7th) flip through the album and than at the end see the U/S pictures!!
Avatar f tn Last week at his violin lesson, his violin tutor was going to be away for three weeks so she gave him homework in lieu of violin. On the way home from violin lessons, my son had the biggest tantrum about the fact that his violin teacher gave him homework over summer vacation when he wanted a home work free summer. He is still upset about it today that he expected a summer break that would go 100% right, and his summer plans didn't go exactly right. Do you think I should make it up to him?
645800 tn?1466860955 First off I just posted pictures of the moose in my pond. They are in an album named Moose under my profile. Last night I went out for Chinese and had something strange going on. Everything I ate seemed spicy, Pork Fried rice, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Fried Shrimp, Pork in a sauce I can't spell, egg roll, and the hot Chinese mustard. The only thing that should have been spicy was the egg roll since I dipped it in the mustard. Oh but I do love that mustard, the hotter the better!
Avatar m tn There is still a small amount of pain, but I am very aware of how much strength I am losing in my finger. I am due to start a Masters in university playing violin in 5 weeks so need to start rehabilitation of the finger as soon as possible, but don't want to further injure the finger.
Avatar f tn I am sorry to hear about your puppy, that is so sad:( I lost my dog gizzy of 16 years less than 2 months ago and I cried like a baby, i still miss him. I do understand your pain and many of us here have animals that we love and helped us through the worst just by being at our sides. Congrats on a week clean, this is another test for you.
506791 tn?1439842983 This is Chance (will load her picture to my album in case you have the "improved" forum and can not see it). She was in my custody from 1:05 PM this afternoon until 2:30 PM. I named her as we rode in the car. Chance was found in our outdoor garden center at Lowe's. The folks out there put her in a box with some straw. She did not try to escape, barely lifted her head, took a little water. I'm not sure how long they had her, might have been a couple hours.
Avatar m tn I think you are talking about those cords which can occur if one or more lymph nodes were removed. These are scar tissue, or more specifically, fibroid lymphatic vessels. i have been asking a lot of questions and this is the best answer I have received. curiously, it appears that this never used to be a problem in the past much but is a fairly new development. The worst case my PT has ever seen was in a woman who only had one lymph node removed. I have it as well and these come and go.
163322 tn?1458676408 Anyone know if it's possible to move photos around in an album so that they'll be in chronological order?
996946 tn?1503249112 I had an original album of 160 pics. Recently I tried to organize some of the pictures into albums. They were posted to my profile page. I was off for a few days and when I came back, the initial "big" album of all my pics were gone....Do you know what happened to them, Em? Or anyone?
Avatar f tn Hey everybody:-) I'm 16 weeks pregnant with my first child! The first trimester was challenging getting use to all the physical and emotional changes. As a recording artist/song writer I'm convinced that when I'm being creative I feel great and all of my symptoms seem to disappear. I'm excited about this project because although I've been songwriting professionally for major artist for years this is the first time I've ever decided to work on a music project for myself!!
8751518 tn?1407344164 when I threw my sister's shower last year, part of my gift to her was a baby's first album. I have a friend who is an avid scrapbooker and she donated stickers, paper, cutters, etc. then I made a list of all the pages for the album. I let my sister pick the album and a color scheme, and then everybody at the shower signed up to make the pages there. we all had a blast and the album turned out awesome. everyone signed the pages they made with a little note to my niece.
996946 tn?1503249112 Emily, I know there's a way to put different albums of 6 pics on the profile page but when I tried that it didn't work. I tried to drag the album after it replaced the former 6 pics but it kept slipping back up to the original picture location, so I still only have the one set of 6 pics. Does that make sense? Thanks for any help you can provide...
365714 tn?1292199108 Then click the plus sign to add a Photo Album. Close the menu drawer. Find your new photo album application and click Add a Photo Album. You can choose to add photos from your existing MedHelp photos or you can upload new ones.
Avatar f tn I have hyper mobility in my fingers... so bad that I had to stop playing the violin in middle school, because it was causing issues. I would say I forgot my violin at home, because I didn't want to deal with my fingers acting up when playing... I am not sure if they are a specialist, they are in the same facility as my neurologist, I see him through Dr. Bath Green at the University of Miami. When I was referred, my referral letter says "EDS" on it.
476246 tn?1418870914 Please note that only the World Hepatitis Alliance is permitted to sell digital downloads of the album. Any other group who uploads the album to websites for downloading will be asked to remove it. On Monday 19 April 2010 the album, all associated artwork and promotional materials will be made available for you to download from a file sharing site. You can then use this to make copies. A reminder email will be sent to you once the album is ready for you to download.
Avatar n tn I went to the ER and was admitted for testing for heart irregularities, but everything on that score was absolutely normal -- the doctor discharged me with a diagnosis of playing too much violin (said the upper chest and jaw and head sensations were from practicing too much -- why this hadn't ever happened during the past ten years that I have played the violin never occurred to the doctor) and put me on naproxen!!!! I learned about brain zaps after googling lexapro withdrawal!!!
Avatar f tn Thanks for the boost! I found myself in the livingroom after my last post dancing with my daughter and singing. We are a musical family. My hubby plays guitar and sings at small venues, my 4 y.o. loves her guitar, my 15 y.o. plays drums, I play violin and sing, and my soon to be 19 y.o. plays guitar too. After typing that out, "By George", I'm gonna break out my violin! Havens touched it in nearly 2 yrs!!!
506791 tn?1439842983 It WOULD work on people, if we just only had the patience to be patient! Pip, this is my absolute Favorite picture so far! I thought the last one in your album was great, but This One is too precious! I hope so much you'll add this to your album since this post will eventually be pushed out of sight. Happy Birthday to Teia!!!!!...
250155 tn?1485295939 When you go to the baby page for James and/or Samuel, do you see the Photo Album widget. If so, do you see a link that says, "Add a Photo Album"? If you click that, you'll be taken to a new page to create a photo album. If you were on James's page, you can name it Photos of James or something else. Then click Save. Then follow the links if you want to upload new photos into the album or add photos to James's photo album from photos you've already uploaded to MedHelp.
172023 tn?1334672284 You can create new albums from your existing MedHelp photos. Go to your page settings (the gears button) and add a Photo Album. Then you can name the photo album and add photos to it from the photos you've already uploaded. You can create one for your dogs, one for Mr. Peek, and one for other. Hope that helps.
Avatar f tn If belittling you makes her feel better than that is a sad sad thing for her. Because soon you will be out on your own living your own life and she will have no one to put down. Don't take her comments to heart. Instead focus on the good relationships in your life. Focus on your singing and your friends. You have made it for sixteen years, you can hang in there for a few more. And in the meantime don't be afraid to stick up for yourself.
4774445 tn?1358996898 AnnieBrooke is completely right. My 3 year old isn't potty trained yet, and its nothing to be concerned about. They do it when they are ready and they want to.