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Avatar f tn If belittling you makes her feel better than that is a sad sad thing for her. Because soon you will be out on your own living your own life and she will have no one to put down. Don't take her comments to heart. Instead focus on the good relationships in your life. Focus on your singing and your friends. You have made it for sixteen years, you can hang in there for a few more. And in the meantime don't be afraid to stick up for yourself.
4268628 tn?1375041176 Violin here.. I go thru the same thing.. thank god I don't do concerts or have to perform. Just relax and listen to the music. It will come naturally. Don't think too hard on it or you will mess up. Happens to me a lot. It helps if I close my eyes. But then what I play the notes are already in my head. Good luck! Pick the horn up and play.
Avatar f tn Last week at his violin lesson, his violin tutor was going to be away for three weeks so she gave him homework in lieu of violin. On the way home from violin lessons, my son had the biggest tantrum about the fact that his violin teacher gave him homework over summer vacation when he wanted a home work free summer. He is still upset about it today that he expected a summer break that would go 100% right, and his summer plans didn't go exactly right. Do you think I should make it up to him?
Avatar f tn Baby loves john legend and a lot of upbeat but not crazy music... He chills right out if I play Dave Matthews or Incubus... So that's my falling asleep music at night now.
Avatar m tn There is still a small amount of pain, but I am very aware of how much strength I am losing in my finger. I am due to start a Masters in university playing violin in 5 weeks so need to start rehabilitation of the finger as soon as possible, but don't want to further injure the finger.
Avatar n tn Yeah You Definitely Should Relax Stress Isn't Good For Your Baby! Just Go Take A Bath And Listen To Music Just Relax.
Avatar m tn I think you are talking about those cords which can occur if one or more lymph nodes were removed. These are scar tissue, or more specifically, fibroid lymphatic vessels. i have been asking a lot of questions and this is the best answer I have received. curiously, it appears that this never used to be a problem in the past much but is a fairly new development. The worst case my PT has ever seen was in a woman who only had one lymph node removed. I have it as well and these come and go.
Avatar f tn My mother had this 2 times, she had to have a c-section both times, she didn't listen to the doc about bed rest with my sister, and had placenta abrupt, bleeding occurred. This happened with all 3 of my siblings but me, and they are all perfectly fine. You just might have to have a c section.
Avatar f tn Keep your head up. I don't know you but I wanna say I'm proud of you for keeping the baby. I know its hard now but things will get better. You made a good decision. When you child takes its first breath you will be so thankful you didn't listen to them. And think if you were to get rid of the baby it wouldn't be on there conscience it would be on yours that's why it's so easy for them just to say something's so horribly. Good luck!!
10206952 tn?1408930334 Honey... You need to get out there. Don't allow yourself to be verbally abused. Assert yourself and let him know you won't stick around to be spoken to like that... If you are afraid of being physically hurt. When he's not in the house pack a bag and go somewhere safe. If he is smart he will listen to your words do whatever he needs to keep you in his life and treat you the way you deserve.
564614 tn?1216782609 I had a m/c today it all just came out on it's own. it was really sad i actually picked up the yolk sac and i seen the baby it looked like a white gummy bear just a lil smaller = ( this is the third time i hope it doesn't happen again!
Avatar f tn I am with you my 5 yr old started last week & he was so excited to get on the bus & go to school. I got him on the bus got back in the car & started crying. All I did the 1st day was worry I hope all his classmates like him, I hope he listen & is good for the teacher, & then there was OMG I hope gets on the right bus. Of course he was fine & he loved it & was so excited to back the next day. I hate he is growing up so fast.
Avatar f tn I came out of town for one day only like 3hours away and I feel so sad because I miss my fiance.. I normally wouldn't feel this way But I want to go home. I am getting sad just thinking im sleeping alone..
Avatar f tn Hi there :) I have just joined Med Help and your question really touched me. You said your only 13 years old,you are so young to have such problems sweetheart. I hope you don't think I am being patronising I have just turned 18 myself. You seam a very active lively young girl with all your activities I think you shouldn't put yourself down as much.
Avatar f tn So i'm 17 & had an abortion at 16 (7 months ago) . I do regret it. & Today was suppose to be my due date & i'm just really sad. Not sad , but confused. I don't know to feel whether happy or sad. I talked about this with my 3 year boyfriend & he just doesn't see it as big as I see it. I understand cause he's a guy , but today was something big for me that i've been thinking about all day..
Avatar f tn m about to get upset, I will go for a drive and listen to music to calm myself. Sometimes you have to separate yourself from the situation to gain composure. Whatever it is that helps you relax, whether it is music, reading, driving, taking a bath, do that whenever you feel things are going to explode. Find some peace, let your heart stop racing, rub your stomach and let your baby know everything is okay, then once you two have calmed down then continue the conversation (if need be).
Avatar f tn I have hyper mobility in my fingers... so bad that I had to stop playing the violin in middle school, because it was causing issues. I would say I forgot my violin at home, because I didn't want to deal with my fingers acting up when playing... I am not sure if they are a specialist, they are in the same facility as my neurologist, I see him through Dr. Bath Green at the University of Miami. When I was referred, my referral letter says "EDS" on it.
Avatar f tn I'm the same way! My son is 4 and he just getting real reckless with everything. He throw things he whines, he don't listen when i tell him to do stuff. Idk but hopefully when the baby gets here they will be much better. Kids better understand when they see something. So it's the hormones why they irritate us.
Avatar f tn Just had an exam in the ER. I have lost my baby. I'm still in shock. But if you are having cramping and bleeding...go to the ER. Don't listen to anyone but your instinct.
Avatar n tn I went to the ER and was admitted for testing for heart irregularities, but everything on that score was absolutely normal -- the doctor discharged me with a diagnosis of playing too much violin (said the upper chest and jaw and head sensations were from practicing too much -- why this hadn't ever happened during the past ten years that I have played the violin never occurred to the doctor) and put me on naproxen!!!! I learned about brain zaps after googling lexapro withdrawal!!!
Avatar f tn Thanks for the boost! I found myself in the livingroom after my last post dancing with my daughter and singing. We are a musical family. My hubby plays guitar and sings at small venues, my 4 y.o. loves her guitar, my 15 y.o. plays drums, I play violin and sing, and my soon to be 19 y.o. plays guitar too. After typing that out, "By George", I'm gonna break out my violin! Havens touched it in nearly 2 yrs!!!
Avatar f tn Seems to me he may be under a lot of pressure. If you two are engaged then it seems you've been together for a hike and unless pregnancy has made you do a complete 180, I can't imagine that you are that much different now than you were before. Maybe he just needs a couple days and then he'll come around to talk and nd listen. Or maybe try talking to his mom if you guys talk or have a good relationship.
4774445 tn?1358996898 AnnieBrooke is completely right. My 3 year old isn't potty trained yet, and its nothing to be concerned about. They do it when they are ready and they want to.
Avatar f tn I also want to say to listen to your gut, does she need a follow up MRI toske sure e wry thing is ok? As far as feeling down you and her have been through something very traumatic, it's normal to feel down. Try to stay strong, I will say a prayer for you both.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry that you're going through this.. We never know what kind of pregnancy we are going to have. It would be nice if we could pick out everything we wanted.. But that just isn't the way it is..
Avatar f tn Try to get with fam or friends.I listen to music also.But this app helps me a lot for this reason you feel bad or sad even if you got questions its always someone on here to chat with, its so helpful just keep posting and being interactive.a lot of these moms are great!