Sad poems that make you want to cry

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Avatar f tn ) keep you head up sweety.
11125296 tn?1421386502 I never sit home its to sad. I try to think of things he would want to do and I go do them. Like one year I went to a go-cart track road a couple times played a few games it was nice. I go shopping or spend the day out w friends. It's nice to change up that day every year. I know it's been hard on me being pregnant because I wonder if he would of rubbed my belly or picked on me for gaining the weight you know normal brother stuff!
648910 tn?1290663083 I have four birds that came to me that way (birds are also another sad case like cats and dogs, because people get them and don't realize they are SO much more than just cage ornaments). A couple of years ago I adopted a giveaway border collie puppy. He was being given up because the previous owners thought he was blind. I took him in knowing full well he'd be a dog with special needs.
Avatar f tn HI your ding great I know it dont seam that way but having your emotions come back on line so soon is a great sign just go with the flow a sad song will make you cry nothe other hand your baby doing something funny will make you laff your emotions arwe no longer dead you have to take the good the bad and the ugly but once you learn how to process them life will smooth out a bit just be glad you can feel again this is a big step to getting well I will keep you in my prayers keep pushing firward y
7989976 tn?1403493624 Google poems from unborn child to daddy I found cute ones actually made me tear up
Avatar f tn s not...
3060903 tn?1398565123 Great suggestions.If u wanna cry any movie thats a little sad will make u cry lol.
Avatar n tn I feel exactly the same way you do. I'm so tired of being a cancer patient, a thyroid patient, and now an emotional mess. (and I've only been going through this since December of 2010!!) I have no clue how the long-timers do it. All I can tell you is that somehow, when you think you've reached your end, something else kicks in and keeps you going. It's ok to cry, it's ok to feel blah, it's ok to be fed up. Allow yourself all of that.
Avatar f tn At 34 weeks I had an ultra sound, I measured 3 weeks ahead making me 37 weeks & baby weighed 7 lbs. Also my fluid was measured to be dangerously low. Despite u/s putting me ahead dr. put me on bed rest said if I could wait 2 more weeks he would induce due to low fluid. Waited the 2 weeks & went in expecting induction, but dr. again said try to make it 2 weeks & we will induce. Well here I am, now 38 weeks. I have appt. In a few hours.
Avatar f tn Maybe consider letting him do it up until your eight month of pregnancy or sown thing so that yall can save all the money from here to then?
Avatar m tn Some of them humorous and others tragic. I would very much like to reach out to to other step parents. I am hoping to create a book of inspirational, uplifting and humorous stories, poems quotes and tips written by myself and other step parents. If you are interested in submitting a piece of writing to be considered then please contact me via email or private message and I would be more than happy to send you an information pack.
7909558 tn?1398394709 Same thing happens to me today girl. We're over it now but I get so snappy for no reason. It's been happening a lot here lately and my husband actually takes it very well because he doesn't want me to be stressed. But I freaked out for no reason then started crying and my husband started laughing, which made it worse, then we spend an hour or so apart because I took a nap then went and apologized and it's all better now.
Avatar n tn Hopegully it will go away, try not to worry about that yet! I hate that first 3 months, I love the blessing of being pregnant, but I always feel like a lazy misserable mess. Good luck back in school, that would be so hard!
10456991 tn?1427890197 Ask your doctor about unisom for sleeping & nausea. It's an OTC, non habit forming medication. I was told it was originally made for nausea. If you're nauseous, my doc prescribed zofran & phenergan, which helped me (I prefer phenergan). I also agree with the comment about trying to do things that relax you. Even if it helps just a little, it'll be worth it!
Avatar f tn How far along are you? And how long have you worked there? Could you maybe take your maternity leave?
1846629 tn?1319011642 ve lost a friend and companion, whether that friend is human or dog. You will feel very very sad. And go over all the things you think you did wrong, or think you should have done, etc. But let yourself grieve. It's natural. You're right, to take a few days to let out the pain and grief, and be on your own, or do whatever you need to do. Maybe you could make his grave beautiful with crystals or flowers, or carve a headstone for him...
Avatar f tn It does get easier. I'm coming up on the due date of one of my miscarriages (oct 6th) and the loss of another (sept 24th) both within weeks of each other. It kills me to think that I'm suppose to be happy for multiple reasons during these times and I can't help but to be sad. My last baby was due the day before dh birthday...that's gonna kill me and we lost our 3rd one on DH's Dad's birthday. It is tough.
Avatar f tn I'm 16&5 days pregancy all suddeen i cry & cry amd cry or if i dont cry im & sad or mad , more lately because i been having problems .
8638859 tn?1399677252 Today was my 28wk&2day ultrasound. My fiancé works two hrs away and he usually makes it to my appointments. Well today he have a meeting and couldn't get out in time to make it. Idk why but I felt alone and sad going there and looking at our son without him.. I know I'm being dramatic but I felt sad, and still do. I didn't tell him I feel sad. I don't want him to think I'm being dramatic. It's probably just my pregnancy emotions...
9309926 tn?1405447056 So I'm folding clothes listening to music an i just want to cry. For no reason really I just got the feeling to cry....