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Sad love videos that make you cry

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7552771 tn?1469929649 t just laugh like usually I lose it. With my first I would only cry a lot during sad movies or sad commercials. But with this one. I cry over food, most any movie, and when I laugh I can't stop and I start crying. Which is awesome because I love to laugh I'll be sad when this ends. I just read 25 most hilarious autocorrect fails and I about died I was in severe tears. Anyone else laugh harder and more now?
Avatar f tn hormones. lol. expect to cry a lot more for much more little things lol! i cry just watching youtube videos that aren't even sad. or if don't get what I'm craving I'm a big baby and cry as well lol.
Avatar f tn OK. This is probably going to sound stupid. I am extremely insecure about my weight gain. I have been thin my entire life With the exception of this one time when I gained like 70 pounds which was the worst time of my life btw. Yes, I am aware of the various body changes that happen during pregnancy. But I had no idea I'd feel like this. I am so excited for my child and when I look at my belly I cry tears of joy.
3060903 tn?1398565123 Great suggestions.If u wanna cry any movie thats a little sad will make u cry lol.
Avatar f tn Most of them are really beautiful n make you cry but there's some that make u think omg no way hahaha
Avatar f tn Wow, I am honestly in love with you ladies, you have the greatest advice and you make things so much easier to deal with. Thank you so much. And to the porn gal, you should tell him how you feel about him lying to you. He is probably ashamed of watching it. And sex can be exhausting during the end of pregnancy. He's probably afraid of hurting you or the baby. And he probably lied so your feelings weren't hurt...
Avatar f tn HI your ding great I know it dont seam that way but having your emotions come back on line so soon is a great sign just go with the flow a sad song will make you cry nothe other hand your baby doing something funny will make you laff your emotions arwe no longer dead you have to take the good the bad and the ugly but once you learn how to process them life will smooth out a bit just be glad you can feel again this is a big step to getting well I will keep you in my prayers keep pushing firward y
5002615 tn?1366014009 I watched a video on them cleaning the baby after the mom delivers them and them doing the tests on them and it make me want to just cry (happy tears)
Avatar f tn LOL :) I actually laughed out loud there:) so funny I'm gonna have that song in my head all night lol. Something else that'll make yu laugh - "Spandy Andy dancing to LMFAO's Sexy and I know it on St Kilda's beach....
4415577 tn?1354230136 In the middle of the posts (Just above the one that says it happens to me ... ) There is a box that says "Featured videos", if you click on any one of those videos another box pops up with a scroll along one side, and near the bottom is one on memory.
Avatar n tn I know its hard, but you cant be stressing out. Do stuff that you can that makes you smile or happy. Look at funny baby videos on youtube? Just keep yourself busy until he figures out what he really wants. Your emotional so try to keep it civil when you talk, try not to cry. Be strong, you got this!
1028452 tn?1537448484 Awwww You always make me cry Rahim! So beautiful.
Avatar f tn and they have cribs and strollers and carseats that u buy with the mommy money. Have a baby shower. Do it at ur house and just make shredded chicken or something. Go to a church and tell them u need help.. there's a lot of help out there.
Avatar n tn As the previous post said, keep your friends around you and make lasting memories to remind you of your baby girl and not the heartache that you feel.
202380 tn?1267906966 sometimes,it only takes a silly reason to make me burst into tears and then I feel so sad that I just can't stop! The other day I was in my dr's waiting lounge reading an article-a sad one- and the next minute I was sobbing-people were looking at me -a gentleman offered me a tissue!! Is it like a pre-labour thing or it's just silly me? Please share yr own silly experience ,if any...
1540869 tn?1351214013 Thank you so much you guys this information really helped me a lot. I just get really upset easily, and sometimes when I'm upset i get a little overwhelmed with sadness. Thank you for your honesty, and glad to hear that you have overcome bullying that happened to you. It's a sad thing in this world.
458072 tn?1291415186 But I did see their videos of when they first started dating and it was really sad. I think the love diminished long before because Kate was always so nasty to Jon on the show. But maybe she had a reason to be....who knows. You never really know why resentment grew on both sides. I just feel sad for those children.
4251679 tn?1370305531 I have so many movies that make me cry . But the one that makes me cry from the opening credits is p.s. I love you . That damn Gerard butler. Oh lord lol.
Avatar f tn Trust me that except for 1 lady none of them were screaming and each time you hear the baby cry is such a wonderful moment that now I can't wait to have mine (week 39). I am however terrified of the fact that I don't if I'll be able to have a normal delivery or c-section (I am having some minor complications for which I had my c-section already scheduled but it was postponed yesterday because it looks that after all I might have a normal delivery).
Avatar n tn m so sorry for your loss, so sad for you. Hang in there. We are all sad for you. God bless you and your baby angel.
Avatar f tn Why do i feel sad ? I feel like my boyfriend doesnt love me . I cry when he gets mad at me -&& idk why but i feel like he's pushing me away !
Avatar f tn If you can wonderful, if you can't then don't let others make you feel bad for not being able to or not making the choice to do it. Look at how many working mothers didn't and how many of their offspring are "normal". Breastfeeding is healthy but if you can't do it, you can't do it.
1122748 tn?1306239764 Agreed. Denial is the cornerstone of addiction. Until you address that, you will never get clean. If you're still fighting back when trying to get help, you aren't ready. Like I said before, you have to shut up, listen, learn and stop acting like you know everything. If we knew everything, we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with.