Sad poems make people cry

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Avatar f tn Its ok to cry,, my grandfather died a few months ago and i still get sad. The best thing to do is just pray. Think of your baby. I completely understand bring upset but don't cut or anything because it could hurt you and your baby. I'm here if you need someone to talk to:) keep you head up sweety.
Avatar f tn HI your ding great I know it dont seam that way but having your emotions come back on line so soon is a great sign just go with the flow a sad song will make you cry nothe other hand your baby doing something funny will make you laff your emotions arwe no longer dead you have to take the good the bad and the ugly but once you learn how to process them life will smooth out a bit just be glad you can feel again this is a big step to getting well I will keep you in my prayers keep pushing firward y
7989976 tn?1403493624 Google poems from unborn child to daddy I found cute ones actually made me tear up
1092854 tn?1292620351 Very emotional. Do you normally share your poems with others? I have a family friend who has her works published in book by just sending them in at various magazines. She writes sad poetry about different people, she's come in contact with. Some are homeless, some are about the elderly being abused, some are domestic abuse, some orphans, some low-income homes.. etc.. but they all make you wake up to what's happening.. But very nice. Keep it up.
Avatar f tn Im 36 weeks and feel the same way. Sad, depressed & exhausted :( starting to get annoyed when people say I don't have much longer & stay positive. Even when they ask how im doing. .I want to say im doing AWFUL and can't bear the pain, nausea, & lack of sleep anymore. Been super sick my entire pregnancy.
Avatar f tn t know a lot about the movie well it made me cry about 3 times it was so sad and i usually dont cry at movies til i got pregnant so just a heads up What other movies have yall watched recently that made you cry when you didn't think it would?
Avatar f tn When ever Jack dies I cry so hard & make a fool of myself! Funny thing is, because that movie touches me every time my little boy is going to be named Dawson after Jack Dawson! :') couldnt resist!
Avatar f tn i want to know how i can keep from crying, and how i can hold back tears. since the age of 9, i have had severe depression but i never cried like i do now. i have been severely depressed for weeks. it's becoming dangerous. it's very hard for me not to cry, and at work i don't let people know but i hide my face all day as much as i can.
Avatar m tn Sometimes, when we are depressed we cry a lot, and I think for others, they cannot cry at all, like you. Perhaps watching some really sad film, or thinking about sad things will make you cry. Perhaps it is a physical medical problem, and your doctor could help. Only a doctor could tello you if there is a medical reason. Perhaps to put your mind at rest you could talk to a doctor about your worries.
Avatar m tn Now if anybody tell me to wrtie poems also i cant write. Before i love i used to hate the poems. I am made so much crazy. first my brother tried to stop me, my friend tried to stop me. so many people tried to stop me . I had no pic of lady. I fell in love without picture that is also from internet chat.
Avatar f tn Omg, !! Im 18 weeks as well he broke up with me today.
Avatar f tn At the last minute he wanted me to stay but my brother was already there. He was making me cry so bad i was throwing up. He is a good man but when he gets mad he is so mean and cold. Now he says he will see me in the morning to take me to my appointment. I just dont know what to do .
Avatar f tn ) I like writing poems but my poems usually end up short and to the point. The irony is this is the shortest poem I ever wrote.
1187071 tn?1279369698 My Dear Jamie, As you know I recently lost my dad to a terminal illness. The pain of a loved one's death can be overwhelming regardless of how or why they died. My heartaches for you and your father. I agree with Sara, "Breath Jamie Breath." Remember all the wonderful memories you are left with, the lessons he taught you through the love of his big heart. We all have our own demons, they just come in different forms.
Avatar f tn HEY GIRL you will get threw this it goes in stages right now your in the emotional stage your feeling are all coming back at the same time even a sad song will make you cry I hope you sleep tonight but if not let this post encourage you to move forward if it 2am and your up so be it just roll with it and know it is temporary try not to get discouraged you can do this its just a few days and you will be feeling a world better stay focused on the day the hr even the min to get by but your making
1846629 tn?1319011642 Thank you for those great ideas :') I must admit every time I think about him I cry and cry, in fact earlier I thought I was going to black out but it feels like there's a huge hole in my heart and I keep thinking about our memories and how it's not fair that Sid ( a wonderful, loving dog) would be taken away from my family and I . Oh and bless your heart, I feel exactly the same maybe I should try some thing similar.
Avatar f tn Im sad and I have no idea why? I just cry for no reason. Im annoyed for no reason. Everyone irritates me. No body understands how I feel. And on top of that people keep thinking im over exxagerating because im only 9 weeks and theyre saying I shouldnt feel this way. Well im a ftm and pregnancy has just been such a bummer for me. I was so excited at first and now I feel like I just want to go back to how I was. I dont feel like myself at all. I cant drink, I cant eat what I want to.
1415482 tn?1459702714 Everyone is so busy dealing with their own problems that they don't even realize that I'm sinking. I feel like I'm shouting but noone is hearing me. It's funny cause whenever anyone needs support I turn into a cheerleader, I am shoulder to cry to everyone the "lfesaver" whose always there to help...Whose helping me?
Avatar f tn Im almost 10 weeks and get into moods and take it out on my husband and cry. Your hormones are changing.
362249 tn?1441315018 in my daughters eyes by martina mcbride always makes me tear up and now that i have a baby girl it really gets me.. also "independence day" by martina mcbride.
Avatar n tn c only week ago after they found my baby had stopped developing at 8wks, i was 12wks. i am really having a hard time dealing with this loss. everything seems to make me cry, or atleast wanna cry. i have a 4 yr old as well. seeing him makes me saddest, i just imagine what my baby would have been like. everyone says its ok, and we can try again and all that. but i dont feel any better. my baby is dead.
355049 tn?1272256388 I found these poems back in November when my best friends baby died at 6 months old........ What Makes a Mother I thought of you all, I closed my eyes and prayed to God today. I asked what makes a Mother and I know I heard Him say, A Mother has a baby. This we know is true. But God can you be a Mother when your baby's not with you?"Yes you can!", He replied with confidence in His voice, "I give many women babies, when they leave is not their choice.