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Avatar f tn I'm not sure, but I think that the one line is the poeme! I've seen that before!
1092854 tn?1292620351 Hello and welcome. Would love to hear your poems. I'm not a writer myself but I do enjoy reading poetry. :) Keep it up, its a great outlet to express ones feelings...
Avatar m tn Now if anybody tell me to wrtie poems also i cant write. Before i love i used to hate the poems. I am made so much crazy. first my brother tried to stop me, my friend tried to stop me. so many people tried to stop me . I had no pic of lady. I fell in love without picture that is also from internet chat.
620923 tn?1452915648 I asked permission from another chiari/syringomyelia person who wrote a lovely poem if I could share it with u all here. I believe u all will like it as much as I did. If ne one would like to contact the author Dana B .....PM me and I will give u a contact link. What I have learned. I have learned that I have a high tolerance for pain And a low tolerance for shallow people. I have learned that I have a greater capacity to understand other's disabilities due to my own.
Avatar f tn ( :( I wanna cry badly
773214 tn?1295135069 aw, thanks for sharing the poems! Brought tears to my eyes!
Avatar f tn Well today was interesting. First my bd said that we would never be in a relationship again and that he didn't want another child. After about 2 hrs of intense conversation(not arguing, but we were both pissed but remained calm) we came to the conclusion that we are going to rebuild our relationship from the ground up starting as friends, and he's going to be here for my little one.
1187071 tn?1279369698 My Dear Jamie, As you know I recently lost my dad to a terminal illness. The pain of a loved one's death can be overwhelming regardless of how or why they died. My heartaches for you and your father. I agree with Sara, "Breath Jamie Breath." Remember all the wonderful memories you are left with, the lessons he taught you through the love of his big heart. We all have our own demons, they just come in different forms.
756140 tn?1294767094 wow thanks for that, i love poems as they really help and encourage, we dont always have the right words to use,so poems like that are great.
355049 tn?1272256388 I found these poems back in November when my best friends baby died at 6 months old........ What Makes a Mother I thought of you all, I closed my eyes and prayed to God today. I asked what makes a Mother and I know I heard Him say, A Mother has a baby. This we know is true. But God can you be a Mother when your baby's not with you?"Yes you can!", He replied with confidence in His voice, "I give many women babies, when they leave is not their choice.
Avatar f tn And if u get sum extra chunk or stretch marks those are just battle scars ! U all are doing something amazing w ur bodies. Creating a human. Love urself as much as u love that baby. U will lose it after trust me. Enjoy pregnancy how often do u get to eat without worrying about it, honestly. Ur baby loves u for it.
Avatar f tn Ya plz don't give away Ur own flesh & blood just Bcoz U won't be able to give her luxurious life. Ur baby will be the happiest baby on earth if she will have U. Babies don't need luxury that just need Ur love & simple milk & bread. Don't let anyone force U or U will regret all Ur life. I'll pray that U & Ur daughter will always stay together with love & lots of blessings. Honey U won't be able to sleep peacefully if U will give her up.
Avatar f tn Hi thankyou so much for your response..i will look it have so much difficult times too...i know u say your the strong one..or everyone expects you to be..but thats just like me....i hope your ok.... and mentioning poems...if you read my profile..or one of my profile posts... it mentions a poem about DO NOT QUIT i totally love it and it inspires me..
338939 tn?1291343160 One of your poems deals with abandonment and a lost love while another speaks of a chance to come. We all have ways of dealing with rejection and lost hope. Some swing at the walls, some hide from the world, some write poems, some cry, some swear, some do unlikely acts and some actually thank God. All in all we all react in different ways depending on the circumstance and how strong or weak we are when it happens.
Avatar n tn Omg I wanna cry. I'm so sorry honey. I can only imagine how u feel. My baby boy will b here on the 2nd and just imagining me loosing him god forbid messes me up emotionally. Its so sad because the love we get for our children before they're here is unexplainable. May god watch over u and your little angel honey. Its easier said then done for someone to say hang in there until its their situation. Just pray.
3062924 tn?1350414109 So I found out Friday that I am having a girl. My mom is coming around to the thought of me being pregnant. Especially because its a girl. I just found out that my bf is not excited about the pregnancy anymore because its not gonna be the little boy we thought we were having. I also know my side of the family won't b happy once I tell them its a girl because we have too many girls in the family. I feel like this little girl won't get as much love from everyone ad I orginally thought.
Avatar f tn Dont be sad hunny!! They shouldnt let u ruin ur moment!
1252074 tn?1271541709 That is really beautiful, Thank you for sharing your deep feelings and talent.
525627 tn?1234098075 I love writing and someday if I had the confidence I would like somebody, preferably a stranger who has experience, to read some of my work and let me know with honesty what they think, do you think I may be suffering with low self esteem Ha! you're correct I do.
1252074 tn?1271541709 I just put this together today feeling kind of melancholy I used to write poems alot don't much anymore Love is just a fleeting thing, Some see it as a passing fling, While others grasp and hold on tight, With a grip so hard it makes men fight, Once the love I had for you, Made me glad, but now I'm blue For your love no longer shines, Like sun and stars til end of time, To heaven's gate you've gone today, And here on earth I must stay, Alone and lost I shall be, Til Gabriel
Avatar f tn Is it because your bf doesn't want the baby that your not excited?
Avatar m tn it sounds like depression. You should always think of happy thoughts because being depressed/ stredssing can lead to other health problems. In life we have to live kearn and accept things for what they are because we can't change back time. Always love yourself 1st unconditionally and do not allow any1 or anything to bring you down. You are a very special person and you need to accept how great you are.
7001988 tn?1392134797 It makes me very sad to hear people want to delete this app or they are feeling judged. Me personally I come to be around people going through pregnancy dealing with issues. To be around positive. Being able to support one another. We all have opinions and that should be fine. We don't have to agree with every opinion nor defend every opinion. That's the beautiful thing about an opinion it's not about being right or wrong it's how u view things.
Avatar f tn but someone knows if there is a chance or not....just ask.him. u need to know so u can stop wondering.