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756140 tn?1294767094 I love inspirational and motivational poems and quotes, they help so much! And thanks for the video as well!!!
447161 tn?1262923084 Very true, united we stand. Seeing this is the midnight to dawn shift I think we can get a bit off topic. I like these quotes by various authors: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” "We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” "Life lives, life dies, life laughs, life cries, life gives up, life tries and life looks different through everyone's eyes.
Avatar f tn Kinda reminds me of"its easier to ask forgiveness than permission" or something like that! Lol..
773214 tn?1295135069 aw, thanks for sharing the poems! Brought tears to my eyes!
1092854 tn?1292620351 Hello and welcome. Would love to hear your poems. I'm not a writer myself but I do enjoy reading poetry. :) Keep it up, its a great outlet to express ones feelings...
Avatar f tn ) I like writing poems but my poems usually end up short and to the point. The irony is this is the shortest poem I ever wrote.
Avatar m tn Do you think its ok to use music lyrics as your mood some ppl use quotes and quotes out the bible. I dont mind whatever helps the person in need. Id love to hear what you all think ?
1569133 tn?1310464416 awwwww a sad one feeling low Eric its very good though ..I must hunt some out I love quotes ..
Avatar f tn Ohk i'm 28 Weeks Prego,,, and I Juss been informed my great grandma had breast cancer and my grandpa is very I'll and he might not make it this time around i'm 16 and I have a history of cutting myself and I have mood disorder but since i'm Prego I feel really really sad alot :( :( I wanna cry badly
2048234 tn?1330814100 If u go on my pictures i have quotes up Hun x
Avatar f tn Maybe i need to start im a emotional wreak one second im happy next im sad then im mad and it gets bad when my hubby leaves and go somewhere with out me
1187071 tn?1279369698 My Dear Jamie, As you know I recently lost my dad to a terminal illness. The pain of a loved one's death can be overwhelming regardless of how or why they died. My heartaches for you and your father. I agree with Sara, "Breath Jamie Breath." Remember all the wonderful memories you are left with, the lessons he taught you through the love of his big heart. We all have our own demons, they just come in different forms.
404630 tn?1204287870 just wanted to say I'm in day 4 of withdrawl and I have been coming here daily to read those poems...they inspire me to stay strong..and I just wanted to say thank you!!!
10996785 tn?1432812977 I love the quotes! When I"m sad, I'll go to youtube sometimes and watch funny stand-up routines. Louie CK, George Carlin, etc. Just a thought..
424839 tn?1268186246 Life is an ongoing succession of births and deaths. From this perspective, we must seek our goal and mission in something that transcends birth and death, something that we can give our whole life to. Only then can we tap the inexhaustible potential of life. In other words, we must advance beyond the mere struggle to stay alive and be prepared to ask ourselves for what purpose we live our lives..
338939 tn?1291343160 One of your poems deals with abandonment and a lost love while another speaks of a chance to come. We all have ways of dealing with rejection and lost hope. Some swing at the walls, some hide from the world, some write poems, some cry, some swear, some do unlikely acts and some actually thank God. All in all we all react in different ways depending on the circumstance and how strong or weak we are when it happens.
Avatar m tn t know if this is of any interest but I have just created a poetry site for addicts. It is for people going down the path of addiction and for those who are recovered and going through recovery. Kind Regards. The link is www.tearsfromanaddict.
Avatar f tn These are not quotes from movies, but rather from TV shows that I loved and could never forget: "I could have ate a box of Alphabits and crapped a better interview than that" from Everybody Loves Raymond "What did you have for breakfast this morning, Carnation Instant ?itch?