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Avatar f tn In New York now with Laura. Susie and I having a ball.
1281571 tn?1271427857 I gained 4 pounds in there...
Avatar n tn Flew to New York today. Not a lot of sleep. Very hard traveling with Donovan. But it's been a good day. Can't wait to get out in the city and start doing stuff.
685715 tn?1257255215 I can smell those bagel bakeries (bagels don't exist here - where did bagels originate anyway?
377012 tn?1283965435 dylan has an appt. today with another doc. to check out his RSV! hopefully the new doc. can give some more answers as to why he keeps getting RSV every 20-30 days!! He may get referred to a pulminologists!!!!!!!
1596864 tn?1333485191 I'm sitting here in the local library, trying to work on a project for global 1, and i am doing it on my family's country of Germany, but i can't seem to focus on the work. it's like the words are stuck in my head and won't leave, i am in so much pain recently, and I've been crying all the time now my eyes are always sore, and my throat is always scratchy.
Avatar n tn Packing for journey to ny
Avatar f tn My son had rsv and the hospital kept him and thankfully we were released in a few hours because his breathing was better.its scary to do that at home, honestly they should of kept him he's only an infant ! Please contact a doctor I honestly don't think he should be home my son was two months old when he had it, and my husband ask if we can go home with him and they told us some pretty scary stuff .
Avatar m tn NYS Corporation was established with a dedicated vision to produce quality family entertainment solutions. It has been successful in creating a space for young performers and supporting them through their journey into the entertainment industry. Michael David Palance founded NYS in 2009 with the goal of providing a new vision for young performers looking to jump start their careers.
Avatar n tn In New York from the 18 through the 27
Avatar f tn m asking you where do I find the best Dr in New York to Treat me?? Hopefully they take my insurance and then finally I think I can be on the right path. Thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn ) shopping, and one piece swimsuit :)
Avatar m tn ENTA) announced that it has expanded its research and development programs within the company’s core focus areas of virology and liver disease to include new programs to treat hepatitis B virus (HBV) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections. Enanta also announced that the first subject was dosed in a phase 1 clinical study with EDP-494, its cyclophilin inhibitor for the treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV).
Avatar f tn Does anyone know where I can get the BioKit rapid test for HSV 2 in New York City?
Avatar n tn My nutritionist has recommended to my gastrointerologist that I have a hydrogen breath test for Fructose intolerance/malabsorbtion. My doctor does not know which hospitals in New York City offer this test. I would like to know this information. In addition, I would like to know about any support groups, or online resources with information regarding Dietary Fructose Intolerance. It is difficult to choose a menu/diet as there is not a large body of information on the topic. Thank you.
Avatar m tn New York Studio Inc. is a small, fairly new event planning & facilities company in Phoenix, Arizona. It opened in 2009 and now has an estimated $180,000 in yearly revenue and approximately 2 employees.
Avatar n tn Disappointed to be back in New York.
144586 tn?1284666164 On day four we have forty thousand people trapped in buildings without access to elevators, water with dead cell phones. Eighty-year old people are being thrown out of hotels to make way for street-trash who have shown up for the "Marathon". There is no heat because the oil burners rely on electricity. I know an eighty-two year woman and her mate who have been stuck on the 22nd floor without an elevator for the past four days.
Avatar n tn We had a lovely day walking around.