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Avatar m tn s communication that the US enquirers dont need to worry about such mutations because they would only happen in Africa and not in the industrialised world.Please can you shed light on this-im devastated.
1448645 tn?1370067496 Hey anyone else waiting to adopt in South Africa. We are finslly approved and on the waiting list and expect to wait a long time due to wanting to adopt same race baby. (caucasian baby) I pray we get blessed soon.
5195302 tn?1365062330 I am also looking for videos that can be downloaded of exercises that I can do at home to strengthen the necessary muscles to keep the pelvis in alignment. I have to be able to ride my horses again!
Avatar m tn i am reading a few threads here that say in South Africa the standard window testing period is 6 months , i live in South Africa and have been in contact with the AIDS hotline , rest assured that in South Africa the window period is 3 months , i have also read that 6-8 weeks is a good indicator ...
Avatar n tn I feel bad that the main reason I do not believe him is because he is african and living in HIV paradise-south africa-but also because i lost a lot of trust in him for aiding me in getting pregnant. I wish I could believe him. deep down i think i do but something holds me back. I can't get tested yet as it has only bee 3 weeks but I will be test come the 3 week mark. I was tested in May and was negative so if he is truthful I know I am negative.
Avatar f tn The status of Lyme disease in southern Africa is presently unknown but preliminary evidence indicates that the disease may occur in humans in the Republic of South Africa. The abundance of hosts and tick vectors would favour the establishment of the infection in Africa.
Avatar n tn I know about the epidemic in South Africa but you would have known if the condom broke,it would have been obvious,also even if the condom was approaching it's used by date,as long as it didn't break you're fine.I think you got very lucky when she insisted you wear another condom after throwing the first one out the window.
Avatar f tn Have you tried ordering online or calling their 1-800 number?
Avatar m tn I dont want to wait out 9 months Swaziland is right in the middle of South Africa and that doesnt give me much comfort.
329165 tn?1515471990 we have moved from South Africa - 2 weeks ago! and now living in South Australia (Adelaide). When we went for our Doc visits for Visa purposes, I did not declare that I have Barrets or gastric issues - just said that I have GERD, which is common desease. I am now in the position that I use to take Nexium on a daily basis and now I don't have medication here. I also need to go for my annual check ups and have no clue where to go or how to do this. Please help.
Avatar f tn I'm from johannesburg South Africa . Just noticed how different our health systems are.
Avatar n tn I actually live in South Africa.
Avatar m tn As you have been told, 3 months (12 weeks) is conclusive in South Africa