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Avatar m tn I am really happy today.Yesterday I took my last dose of Risperidone which I had been taking since the past four months and which had been tapered off by my Pdoc .I never liked this med which had numerous side effects of which I experienced some,thankfully not the worst ones.I will now only have to take my mood stabilizer which I have been taking for a number of years.
Avatar n tn my son, 9 , was taking risperidone 1mg BID. he has missed his doses for 2 days and now came home from summercamp with signs of tardive dyskinesia. Is this because of stopping the risperidone or has the risperidone been masking the tardive dyskinesia ?
Avatar n tn Now i only took risperidone(2mg) for about 25 days and recently stopped taking it one day ago now i was wondering how long does it stay in your system?
Avatar n tn I made a mistake and put myself on Risperidone. 0.5g for 3 weeks and I ended up having an allergic reaction that made me discontinue the drug. I have been off it for 3 days now, but I am experiencing severe insomnia and I cannot feel tiredness or happiness. I didn't taper myself off it, because my throat was swelling up to the point I couldn't eat at all. I would love for someone to offer me a little support, as I'm now scared of dying this way. I know it's possibly withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar m tn My question is on tapering risperidone how long does one need to taper risperidone from a dose of 1mg to 0.5mg in days or weeks?.
Avatar m tn How do you manage withstand side effects of both Risperidone and Seroquel.I found even 1mg of Risperidone made me edgy,nervous and anxious.My hypomanic episode resolved in July and my Pdoc was a month late in tapering Risperidone.He started tapering process in September.In future I shall keep far away from these antipsychotics as possible.A most distasteful experience.
Avatar f tn I have a 5 yr old son with Autism. He is on Risperidone because he has alot of outburts on a daily basis. I don't think the medicine is working for him. He is still having outburts. I was told he might need Retlin. I want to know if there is any medication out there that can help him. He has never spoken a word. I need help.
Avatar f tn I am also, taking cipralex, risperidone. I am confused my memory problems are causing anxciety..What can I do /? I don't feel as if I need any of the above drugs..What can I do ?
603015 tn?1329866573 as far as tegretol is by far the least harmful among mood stabilizers i wish i could sustain it, but i couldn't. yes dose is also important and not only the med. I remember to have tried 3mg and i got crazy. There is also something in medicine called idiosyncrasy meaning a certain hypersenstivity to a substance. So for instance i take 3 antipsychotics the least dose in each. About taking tegretol only, you will be very lucky not to need something else like an antidepressant from time to time.
Avatar n tn Please do not stop Risperidone cold turkey.Please remain at the dose he is taking for next 2 weeks and see his Psychiatrist and she will taper it down or replace it with a medication called Clozaril if it is Tardive.Most likely it could be a temporary movement disorder called Akithisia which will go away once Risdone is stopped.Stopping Risperidone cold turkey can provoke an awful withdrawal syndrome or return of original symptoms so wait till you see his new doc.
Avatar f tn you should taper Risperidone.I went through a withdrawal reaction to Risperidone myself before the Psychiatrist put me back on a low dose of 1 mg and is tapering it in 4 weeks.Two weeks at 1 mg and two weeks at 0.5 mg and stop.If you were at a higher dose than 1 mg you got to taper to 1 mg in a similar way otherwise you would go through a withdrawal reaction like me and believe me it's not nice.
Avatar f tn I was put on Risperdal 1/2 mg in sept 13 08,recently (last week stopped it ) had to me slighty taper,Im wondering if yoou really neeed to taper,Im not bipolar I have depression and anxiety and was put on Risperdal for racing thoughts,Does any one or has anyone ever just stopped Risperdal without tapering,,my pharmisist said its not nesa sarry byt i dont realy know for sure,i think sometimes he just tells me what he thinks i want to hear,,,,THanks
Avatar m tn Do you feel do I need to restart Risperidone at a lower dose and taper slowly from there.Waiting for a reply.
Avatar n tn I am having symptoms of Risperidone withdrawal.I had to discontinue risperidone suddenly at 1 mg due to abnormal involuntary syptoms.Now I am experiencing nausea and anxiety.My psychiatrist is out of town till 27th and there is no one to help.
561706 tn?1333950874 Hi adel do you know anyone who developed such a side effect to anti psychotics like mine?.
Avatar f tn Hi Adel I took 3 mg for a month and it tired me a lot.Right now I am on 0.5 mg and 6 days away from stopping Risperidone totally.After that comes the harder part of tapering Xanax from 0.75 mg to Zero over 6 weeks as suggested by my Pdoc(reducing it by 0.125 mg per week)(1/2 tablet of 0.25 mg).How did you taper Xanax?.Please let me know.Thanks.
15391201 tn?1440272951 OXCARBEZIPINE 450 MG *2 4. RISPERIDONE 0.5 MG *1 5.
574118 tn?1305138884 I am seeing my psychiatrist on tuesday 27th.Should I request him to start me on low dose Risperidone and start to taper it as I am having severe Insomnia dsince past 5 days.
574118 tn?1305138884 risperidone 1mg and stelazin 3mg. I don't want to stop them now until I get stabilized with tegretol. My pdoc is away as usual. Your help is appreciated. Shall I taper off from tegretol if this side effect is one of the serious side effects i.e. complications or shall I give it a chance.
675718 tn?1449992146 since i think '09 i have been taking risperidone to treat auditory hallucinations i gained 70 lbs.since then and still suffer from voices that i hear, i have decided to discontinue the pill for health reasons because i fear i may become diabetic like my mom&dad. i made a clear decisions and becuz i have tardive dyskinesia my doctor will not change my pills so i made a tough decision how many out there has gone through this?
Avatar n tn His psych said stay on these meds two more months then he will gradually taper off and stop the Risperdone. It seems to me that it's the only one he needs, since delusions were the only major symptom. Never had the ups and downs just the hyper and delusional symptoms. Is this not what the Risperdone addresses?
574118 tn?1305138884 You will tell me perhaps these symptoms will soon appear or in the future eventually even on low doses like the ones I use (25-50 seroquel, 1mg risperidone, 1mg stelazin), I agree and perhaps not and perhaps also i may switch to others one day. My daily concern was that if I don't intervene aggressively with my BP I can get worse. But i don't see myself getting worse with this stupid combo.
574118 tn?1305138884 it occurred to me that seroquel is frying my brain and changes it. I take risperidone 1mg and another AP (typical) 1mg. If i cut these two any time nothing will happen seriously except in the long run. In fact i did that many times in the course of my bloody illness. But as soon as i cut seroquel i feel it right away with my mixed states. I know each of these nasty drugs causes something or another but seroquel is by excellence the worst.
15391201 tn?1440272951 OXCARBEZIPINE 450 MG *2 4. RISPERIDONE 0.5 MG *1 5.
15391201 tn?1440272951 OXCARBEZIPINE 450 MG *2 4. RISPERIDONE 0.5 MG *1 5.
15391201 tn?1440272951 OXCARBEZIPINE 450 MG *2 4. RISPERIDONE 0.5 MG *1 5.
Avatar n tn I also have terrible hypothyroidism and I asked the dr if all of the anxiety and weight gain and all of the terrible side effects could be the hypo he said yes so he took me off prozac and tapered me off risperidone last week. i am a freaking mess. i am withdrawing or am i spirally out of control? I have been on these meds for so long I don't know what normal is? what is your suggestion?
Avatar f tn I have been taking 175mg for aprox 6 weeks. I did taper up slowly, 25mg a week. I am at the dosage I will stay at. Now this isn't very long but I can tell you I am feeling better. I also take Lithium with it. It is a weight neutral med and for me I haven't gained any weight.
Avatar n tn I think the problem is more the Risperdal then the Concerta. Side effects listed for Risperdal include - Aggressive behavior, agitation, anxiety, stiffness or weakness of the arms or legs, tic-like or twitching movements, trembling and shaking of the fingers and hands, trouble sleeping, and twisting body movements. The site said to, "Check with your doctor immediately if any of the following side effects occur while taking risperidone:" talking about those mentioned above.