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Avatar n tn Fluconazole Diflucan® Anti-fungal / fungal infection Dobutamine Dobutrex® Catecholamine / heart failure and shock Methadone Dolophine® Opiate agonist / pain control, narcotic dependence Females>Males Isradipine Dynacirc® Anti-hypertensive / high blood pressure
723341 tn?1232341853 I tried a homeopathic med called Restful Legs by Hylands. It is non addictive and non narcotic over the counter homeopathic. When I start feeling the twitching starting, I take them as directed, and in a few minutes, poof, they are gone. I thank God I tried this. Good luck you all.
Avatar m tn My sleep problems began in October first week when my Psychiatrist start tapering me off Risperidone from September and it has gradually worsened as the dose was further reduced.Now I am off the Risperdal and mood wise I am OK.On my request my Psychiatrist has further slowed the tapering of Xanax.I am meeting him on 26th and will ask him for a sleeping aid like Ambien.
598237 tn?1225647072 I agree with many pple here we as mothers try and do whatever needs to be done to make our children feel comfortable every case is different my son takes ritilin-concerta-risperidone and seroquel he has adhd anxiety problems mood disorder which they are still evaluating and it might be bi-polar phobia and insomnia and also has vocal tics some days more than others as a mother do people actually think that i want to have my son taking all these medications of course not however am i going to hav