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Avatar n tn Have you discussed the discontinuing of the Restasis with your doctor? Stinging can be a normal side-effect with that medicine. Are you taking any decongestants? I had to lay off the decongestants because it aggravated my dry-eye. Take care!!
Avatar m tn Im proper fit of contacts especially hard plastic contacts has been implicated as a cause of k-conus. While rigid contacts will not permanently flatten the cone shaped cornea it can vault the cone apex and correct the irregular astimatism that glasses cannot correct.
Avatar f tn I am on my 3rd dr and just got diagnosed with Thygesons.. I am on my 3rd flare up and basically was told I cannot wear contacts. I have glasses, but I've been wearing them for 6 months every single day and I would like to resume my normal life without them. It does not seem I will ever be able to wear them because after I treat my eye issue with steroids, it gets better after weeks and weeks, but then comes back once I resume contacts.
Avatar f tn Sorry to write so much, but in summary, I want to know if the astigmatism contacts could have caused this damage with my cornea. Why after 24 years of wearing contacts all of a sudden turn into this problem right after trying the astigmatism contacts? I've been wearing my glasses now for almost 3 months, and I have massive headaches because I cannot see clearly through them. The dr said I can't see clearly because the corneas are scratched. HELP!!!!
Avatar m tn Initially ophthamologist told me my symptoms are from dry eyes, I have used, systane, refresh, restasis, steroids, dry eye multivitamins, fish oil, and now I have punctal plugs. I have tried antiglare coating for glasses, nothing takes the glare, starburst and halos away. Symtpoms are worse at night. I never had any kind of eye surgery done, used to wear contacts, but discontinued contacts 6-7 years ago. I do not know if any one has any clue, regarding what could be the potential diagnosis.
Avatar m tn Most people with dry eyes bad enough to have plus and restasis should not wear contacts. 2. It takes 3-6 months for restasis to work fully.
Avatar n tn I noticed my left eyelid had become droopy, once I went back I stopped wearing contacts and its been about 3 years now. Its gotten a little better but my left eyelid still does not feel ok, it still feels a little swollen/droopy, it kinda feels itchy too, its hard to describe what it feels like... I'm more aware of my left eye. On days which gets hot, the problem gets worst. when I sleep it makes my left eye feel more comfortable.
Avatar n tn My ophthalmologist tested me and said I had plenty of tear production but clogged oil glands, a condition called BLEPHARITIS. I tried restasis for 3 months without any noticeable improvement. I've tried many types of tear drops with only temporary (5 minute) relief. I take 2 salmon pills a day. Plugging my lower ducts temporarily did not help at all. Wearing close-fitting sunglasses outside helps minimally. I do not wear contacts. The only relief I get is when it's extremely humid.
Avatar n tn I have a very strange problem with my Restor IOL and am not sure that it is because of the Restor lense. I had the surgery a little over 3 weeks ago. The following day my eyesight was 20/25 and for a few days my eyesight was great in that eye. Then the eye became quite blurry. The strange thing is that when I wake up in the morning, my eyesight in that eye is good and I can read all the small print on the TV shows.
Avatar n tn Then we tried the eye plugs, it helped a tiny bit, but it still did not help me to wear contacts. My eyes are still dry so now we are trying Restasis, but I read in the instructions that it does not work for people with eye plugs. The doctor told me that basically if this doesn't work he cant help me. Anybody know what my problem could be and how I could fix it? I have to wear contacts, Im a very active person and its annoying to always have to wear my glasses.
Avatar m tn Hang in there with Restasis. Improvement often occurs up to 6 months. The lower opening carries 75% of the tears so usually only the lower is plugged. Doing the top without the bottom doesn't make sense. That Schirmer score would be moderate dry eyes.
Avatar f tn If you are wearing contacts now then 99%+ of the time the problem is the contacts. If you are wearing them stop them. Stay on the Restasis. Improvement has been documented up to 6 months after starting them.
Avatar f tn said they're not too bad, but I know that this is not they way they were before. Can I use something with for my eyes that would not interfere with the Restasis. I've tried the artificial drops but I don't see any change. Any thing to clear my eyes a little........... And what are the restrictions for Restasis users, if any?????????????? By the way I am a contact lens wearer, but even with that I took a whole week off my lenses and the redness still didn't clear. Any advice would be great.
Avatar f tn Dry eyes is an off label use. Most dry eye patients will do MUCH better with long term use of Restasis, and 2 or 3 enteric coated fish oil (Omega 3 s) than with ketorolac. Restasis is probably less expensive.
Avatar n tn My eyes also begin burning in the evenings I took the eye drops for pink eye and made sure to change out all makeup and through away the contaminated contacts. I don't know if the pink eye has anything to do with my current problems or if it is just a coincidence. Can pink eye result in these problems? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
184420 tn?1326743408 have had the contacts out for a week and using the glasses but my eyes are still burning, itching, and watering when im outside during the day, working inside with lights off, blinds closed, etc... i just ordered a new pair of glasses with the transition lenses but they told me those are not really sunglasses but hoping it might help a little... does anyone have any ideas how to relieve this, preferably a natural way i dont want to take anymore prescription meds haha .....
Avatar f tn Wearing contacts with eyes that dry is an invetation to a potentially serious problem. See an Eye MD ophthalmologist that specilizes in cornea disease (find one at Also use the search feature on this page and search "dry eyes". It will discuss all the things to help you. You are likely going to need Restasis. In the meantime get Refresh-PM (ointment) or Genteal Gel (gel) and use at bedtime.
Avatar m tn Though I may experiment with multifocal contacts in that eye after I get the PRK, and am also pondering waiting for the Symfony lens to be approved in the US, on the theory that the extended depth of field couldn't hurt and I'm not in any rush to do it.
Avatar n tn The lense felt like it was a thicker material and immediately sucked all the oxygen out of my eyes. During this period I also started on Restasis and even that doesn't seem to be working. I have Raynaud's disease and think this may have something to do with my dry eyes. What brand of contact lenses do you think would be best? Thank you!
Avatar n tn Nothing new. Restasis sometimes helps. Contacts sometimes makes worse. Surgery not helpful.
Avatar m tn You need to discuss this with your ophthalmologist. Call tomorrow. Do not wear your contacts and take the lotemax (a steroid) as it is a set up for a corneal ucler. Use the search feature and read the many posts on dry eyes. Consider seeing a ENT to evaluate your sinus problem. If you have severe dry eyes you may not be able to wear contacts you should also ask your Eye MD about Restasis.
415867 tn?1323369103 I was taking restasis b/c i have optic nerve drusens with dry eye. so you like your results? I'm blind with out my contacts so i can't wait. i get it done on june 18th.. they gave you sleeping meds??? did u have much pain?
Avatar n tn This time I was having trouble with my contacts. I went to see my opthamologist and he said that I had an inflamation of the inside of the lids caused by the contacts and that I should not be wearing contacts. He put me on Fluorometholone 0.1%. Since then, I haven't been able to wear my glasses. He then suggested that I talk to someone in his office regarding PRK. He said that w/the PRK the dry eye syndrome would not be a problem b/c of the way it's done.
Avatar f tn My eye has been sensitive since the surgery, but no new growth has occurred. It was better when I was wearing contacts, but I had lazer surgery the end of December 2007 and have not been wearing contacts since. I assume the contact added a protection of some kind. I don't know what to do with the daily discomfort in my eye. Seems that it is worse under flourescent lighting and forced air heating.
Avatar f tn Go back and try contacts again. I'm a -17 in both eyes and had a terrible time with contacts until I went to several ophthalmologists and optometrists and found a workable solution which includes: 1) Using only daily disposables (Acuvue 1-day was best for me). They are dramatically thinner for high prescription and eliminate need for irritating contact lens solutions. 2) Aggressive tx for dry eye including punctal plugs, Restasis, and 1000 mg fish and flaxseed oil 2/daily.
Avatar f tn It is likely you would benefit from going to Restasis eye drops chronically and oral omega-3 (fish oil or calamari oil or kreel oil 2-3/day starting with one with evening meal for a week then adding one more with breakfast for a week than two with dinner. You can be helped. Restasis is the most widely prescribed eyedrop in the USA and elsewhere. 90% of the patients are post menopausal females and the rest mostly pre-menopausal females. Perhaps 2% are males of any age.
Avatar n tn Also consider going on enteric coated fish-oil (omega 3s) three/day. Start out with one/day with dinner and add a second one for breakfast after 2 weeks and a two for dinner 2 weeks after thatn (3/day) It wil take about 4 months for the omega 3 to be helpful Yes dry eyes in a young person can sometimes be the first sign of a systemic problem such as thyroid disease or rheumatoid arthritis or autoimmune disease.
Avatar n tn The only times I have ever had them clear is if I accidently fall asleep with my contacts in for about 2-3 hours, then they are bright white for an hour, but that is it. Help?