Rash on hands and wrists

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Avatar n tn My daughter-in-law gets those symptoms when she eats onion or garlic! Rash on wrists and one thumb! I don't know if it's just the allicin in the food, but shrimp also bothered her a bit like that.
Avatar f tn A better question may be, what does rebi-rash look like? It's showing up on my wrists now. Benedryl does not seem to help. Any ideas? Anyone? I'm at work now, so there's not a lot I can do about this, but it is kind of bothersome. Carol I posted the rash handsHand or foot spasms Hand tremor question. I think I should have mentioned that I started treatment on 5/28 for type 2b, liver biopsy shows grade 2, whatever the other word is 2. I am using pegasysPegasys and ribaviron (800 mg).
Avatar m tn I'm not sure if this is connected but last year my brother had a similar rash on fingers and hands after being sunburnt as well. Any idea if these are connected and what can be done. I'm going to see a doctor today.
955491 tn?1253939299 i just started having a small tiny blister like itchy rash, on the top of my hands- it is having a postitive effect on the ca 125 numbers,and yes i now understand what tight clothing can do-i got a rash on my back from the tight wasit on my clothing-- been using the baking soda and warm water to use for the blisters in my mouth -one would think i'd loose some weight,
Avatar n tn Two days ago I woke up with a bright red rash bilaterally on the tops of my toes and on my thumbs and across the knuckles of my hands. There are tiny, fluid filled blisters and it is very itchy. The rash has spread to my palms and tops of my fingers, and on the inner sides of my feet. There are some tiny bumps at my facial hairline also, but those are not itchy.
Avatar m tn i have had dry skin on top of fingers for years last 5 years or so its gotten really bad whole top of hands bottom of wrists inside elbow now getting a red spot type rash in armpits hands also have little water blisters on edgrs need advice on home fixes is it allergies or internal nerveos system or immune system cant afford dermatoligist visit
Avatar m tn I have a non itchy skin rash that is below the skin on my wrists back of hands and just above my knee. This is the second time in 3 months. The last time it went away in a week or so. The skin on the back of my hands becomes tight, the rash are like small spots or pimples one or two are raised the others are flat and appear to be below the skin. I do not have any rashes / spots on the palms of my hands or the bottom of my feet.
Avatar n tn A large knot has appeared on the side of my wrist and the doctor THINKS it may be a cyst, but claims that it is strange because it is on the bone, so I am waiting (two weeks now) for a referral to a bone specialist so that I can have that checked out/removed. Also, now my hands, wrists, and knuckles hurt and burn, along with my knees, and ankles. This, along with my already existing pain in my lower back, hips, upper back, right shoulder, and neck, is driving me crazy.
Avatar f tn I come back to college after spending 3 days at his place and the fever blisters have spread and the rash on my faces got bigger and itchier. My lips are now getting better but my hands and faces are not. They itch so bad. I changed my detergent just to make sure but it still persists. What could this be? My boyfriend does have a dog...but I don't see why it would affect ONLY my face and TOPS of hands.
Avatar n tn Laura -- What you describe sounds a lot like what I was going through several years ago. My skin was very fragile, especially on my hands and wrists and would seem to chunk off very easily leaving a raw spot that wouldn't scab over for a few days and then would take forever to heal. I also had the liquid-filled bumps. My dermatologist also suspected Porphyria but the test for it was negative. The culprit in my case was Anaprox (I had been taking it long term for arthritis).
Avatar n tn Two days rash started on hands, then legs and feet. Now I have swollen hands and pain in wrists.
Avatar n tn after a few days its spread to my wrists, elbows, knees and a little on my legs and arms, it itches sometimes..worse at night.. What could this be? The doctors given me hydrocotizone & its not really helping..it seems the rash is still spreading...what could this be??? I'm worried that it may be scabes but no one whose been around me has seen anything on them.. If anyone can help me out please let me know!!
Avatar f tn Anyone out there dealing with rash issues? I developed a rash on the top of my hands and the top of my feet. They are lots of scattered little bumps all over, flesh colored (until I scratch the crap out of them) and itch like crazy. The itching feet keep me up at night where the only relief is an ice pack. Cortisone cream was useless. I tried benadryl, but I'm not sure if it did anything. One GP doc said scabies. A second GP doc said it may be scabies, but couldn't be sure.
Avatar n tn I have reddish papules on both of my hands(right slightly worse than left)- on the dorsal aspect and palmar aspect as well as between the fingers and on wrists. The ones on the palm and between fingers mostly appear at night and are slightly itchy and uncomfortable but they fade within an hour or so of getting up. What could this be from?
Avatar n tn I had rashes on my wrists and back of hands and some spots on my legs, but they would come and go early, early in tx. The rash finally settled on my upper back, chest, shoulders and almost to my tummy. The rash came and went--like everything else you could never pinpoint what would happen. The dermatologist gave me an rx (desoximetasone cr/eucerin) which the pharmacy mixed up and helped the itching greatly. The itching was awful at night.
Avatar n tn Can someone explain to me what the tiny circular bumps on my hands are, and explain to me what the slightly larger circular bumps on my wrists are.  SOMEONE HELP ME!!  Thanks God bless.
Avatar n tn hi im only16 years old and i have them mainly on the back of my hands, on my fingers, and on my feet they itch like crazy and when they pop it really hurts and clear liquid comes out it so gross. Do you have any idea what it is or what cases it?
Avatar f tn I had a similar rash on the palms of my hands and up my wrists. I took benadryl. It was gone in a couple of days.
Avatar n tn I can't help but itch, and I get to the point when I keep itching, that I start forming little white bloches, and bumps all in between and around my fingetrs, palms, wrists, and anywhere else on my hands~!! I've tried to convince my mom to take me to the clinic, but she thinks it's a bad case of dry skin. She has no idea how much it hurts to be in this condition, and it's only itchy and hurtful, but it's gross and I need a docter, but my mom says I don't need it.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have a nail issue also? After I got this itch problem my fingernails got infected and 4 doctors I have been to don't know what it is or how to treat it.
Avatar n tn after a few days its spread to my wrists, elbows, knees and a little on my legs and arms, it itches sometimes..worse at night.. What could this be? The doctors given me hydrocotizone & its not really helping..it seems the rash is still spreading...what could this be??? I'm worried that it may be scabes but no one whose been around me has seen anything on them.. If anyone can help me out please let me know!!
Avatar n tn I would wake up sometimes on my back with this burning heat up my spine back and stomach. Now have this rash on my chest that looks like and feels like a sunburn. Sometimes I feel it on my knees and at times my body itches in different places, head, neck, arms, legs, wrists, feet, hands, and ankles. However, the only areas that show the red sunburn appearance are the chest and knees at times. All other areas become red only when scratched. It often bothers me at night and I sweat.
Avatar n tn I started getting little red bumps on my face on tuesday morming and it itched really bed. by tuesday evening it appeared on the back of my hands and around my wrists. On wednesday the rash had spread down my neck and on to my ears, still itching like crazy. Now its thursday and the rash is down the back of my nesk onto the center of my back and down the front of my neck on my chest. My face is better but really red and dry. the rsh has moved up my arms past my elbows.
Avatar f tn For about the last month I have had small white bumps on my hands and wrists. Also am getting a body rash which is likes hives, red raised rash and both the white bumps and hives are very itchy. I have taken allergy medication and it doesn't seem to help. Any idea what this could be?
Avatar m tn Hello and hope you are doing well. It appears to be a severe allergic reaction. I would suggest you obtain a referral to an allergist or an ENT who does allergy testing. That is the only way to reliably know what is causing your allergic reaction. Some allergies can be life-threatening as they can precipitate anaphylactic shock in which the swelling can be so severe that it impairs the ability to breathe. Therefore, I would suggest you see someone as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn female, 40yrs, I have Von Willebrands, Reynauds, high blood pressure, insomnia, loss of appetite and weight, blood clots, joint and muscle pain. My hands and feet swell causing much pain, adding to my already increasing anxity. doctors say, not to worry, they want me to have an angiogram but won't say why. I have had a choly, hyst, small bowell resection, several abdominal laps for lysis of adhesions, my bone density is almost nil.
Avatar f tn I had a few small mosquito bite like red bumps on my inner forearms, wrists and back of my hands worse on my right arm. They are terribly itchy, and are beginning to spread to my arm pits, stomach, breasts(cleavage), and my kneck and jaw. I thought at first maybe it was just dry itchy skin. I tried regular unscented dry skin remedy lotions like eucerine and aveeno. It is not getting any better, and continues to spread.