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Avatar m tn m not sure if this is connected but last year my brother had a similar rash on fingers and hands after being sunburnt as well. Any idea if these are connected and what can be done. I'm going to see a doctor today.
Avatar m tn I still continue to wash my hands a lot during the day. I noticed a quarter sized rash on the top portion of my hands. The rash is red and sometimes itchy but is in the exact same spot on both hands. It's been there for a little more than a week. Two days ago I started putting a cream on them to help go away. I noticed another area near my pinky where it's beginning to turn red. Should I be concerned or do you think it may be from washing my hands too much?
Avatar m tn Please, does anyone know if little red spots on your hands which come and then disappear after 20 minutes-one hour are a symptom?? It's freaking me out. My hands have been dried out and occasionally had little red spots on the back of them. This happened once at 4 weeks, 5 weeks and once at 6 weeks. The one around 6 weeks was there a little longer, I'd guess around 2 hours.
1926469 tn?1322953650 I usually get that when my hands are hot and sweat. Don't know why. Maybe blood pulling to the surface to cool?
Avatar m tn I am 25 year old female, I have a very painful/itchy condition on my hands.
Avatar f tn Good morning. I woke up today with a rash across the palms of both hands. The left is rashier (?) than the right. They have a mild burn itch feeling. Is this something you have heard of? I'm wondering if this is how I will get to enjoy the riba-rash. Right now I'm calling it palm measles. I have ordered rash creams over the internet because I live in a very rural area and choices are limited. Is there something else I could be doing? I'd appreciate any ideas.
Avatar m tn I have been getting this rash primarily on the back of my hands as well as my elbows for the last 10 years or so. The rash is not itchy and consists of small red bumps which are swelled and after a week or so start drying out starting from the middle and working its way out. While this is going on small rings develop since the edges are swelled slightly while the middle is drying and swelling going down. I have been to several dermatologists and none of them have offered any explanations.
Avatar n tn Hello, Ive been getting a weird rash lately on my knuckles and top part of my hands. Ive been noticing it at night at home when I get back from work. I would be sitting at my desk on the computer and then all of a sudden the top part of my hands as well as my knuckles become very dry and a stingy red rash develops. It doesnt occur after I eat because it has happened while Im hungry. I do use "Dial Antibacterial hand foaming soap with Moisturizer".
1245842 tn?1287830051 ve started suffering with very itching skin on the palms of my hands, its started with a rash, similar to a nettle rash, kind of little tiny lumps all over the palms of my hands, in-between my fingers and just over the tops of my fingers on the outer side, it itches like mad and if i scratch it, it goes red, sore and dry like eczema.
955491 tn?1253935699 i just started having a small tiny blister like itchy rash, on the top of my hands- it is having a postitive effect on the ca 125 numbers,and yes i now understand what tight clothing can do-i got a rash on my back from the tight wasit on my clothing-- been using the baking soda and warm water to use for the blisters in my mouth -one would think i'd loose some weight,
Avatar n tn Thank you for posting this. I have the same rash, reminds me of a heat rash, on the back of my hands and top of my feet. they don't itch, just hoping they go away once i'm done the treatments. Did the lotions work for you?
Avatar f tn Before surgery they had him try amtriptyline after being on it for about a month he started getting a weird rash on tops of both hands we stopped meds and rash stopped. So on to now he was doing really great until few weeks ago when he started getting headaches again.
Avatar f tn About 2 weeks ago I woke up with a red itchy rash on top of my hands. Not sure what it is. But times they’ll disappear and then reappear. I’ve been to urgent care they say it’s a heat rash. But I have a fan in my room hitting me. So not sure what it is.
Avatar m tn These are my hands as of today.. this has been going on for months now, and it usually rolls around during the winter time. It may be dry skin, but I use lotion and whatnot. Please help. This is really really embarrassing for me, and would appreciate any feeds backs as far as what lotions or treatments are good. [IMG]http://i803.photobucket.com/albums/yy313/Dieamx/hands-1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i803.photobucket.com/albums/yy313/Dieamx/hands-2.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i803.photobucket.
8130141 tn?1396651309 Started developing a rash on my forearms and hands three months ago. I starts out as small red bumps then forms ovel/round spots then spreads and the spots start coming together and cover more and more area. Itches really bad,burns and sometimes weeps a clear material. Is very dry..flakes a liitle bit and is painful and uncomfortable to have clothing touch it. It burns when water gets on it. The skin feels leathery when its touched. I have seen three different dr.s.
Avatar n tn and no one has a clue on this situation. Hands get so sore that it is very hard to take a shower, wash my hands as well as to do my daily routine. It will clear up for about 2 to 3 days and then there I go again with the outbreak. It usually take about 2 to 3 weeks for it to run its course. This condition comes about usually while I sleep and when I wake up is when they are swollen and full of blisters. It is driving me crazy.
Avatar m tn Hello im a 16 year old boy and lately i have been noticing a red rash type of thing that will show up on my hand at random times and if i rub my hands it makes it go away but only for about 30 seconds and they will turn red again this seems to happen mostly when im at school but when im at home it will never happen and it is very uncomfortable when it happens because my hands do not look normal if u have any treatment for this or know what it is please tell me
Avatar n tn amoxicillin with clavulanic acid (Curam) is a common cause of allergic drug rash, which probably explains the rash on your hands and feet. No STD is a possible cause. Syphilis cannot cause rash this soon; skin rash occurs with the secondary stage of syphilis, which doesn't begin until at least 3 months after catching it -- and in any case, Curam would have prevented or cured syphilis. In our previous discuss 3 days ago, I advised STD testing, including gonorrhea and chlamydia testing.
899169 tn?1242617019 I have had these small bumps on the back sides of my hands for about 5 years now. They itch, not constantly, mostly when it is hot. they are not red they are the same color as my skin and some kinda white looking. my skin is pinkish around the area, but not bad, I believe it is from the itching. There are about 100 of these small irritating bumps. when I first noticed it about 5 years ago, I thought something had jus bit me a bunch of times, but I had it the whole summer.
Avatar f tn I have a rash on my palms of my hands and the soles of my feet... They are small fluid filled blisters that joined together and made them larger... It spred to my husband and now it is getting worse it has been about 2 weeks i dont know if this is something to be worried about.
Avatar f tn I have a rash on both hands, palms, fingers and moving to top of hands between fingers, had it for 2 1/2 months now. I've been to an infectious disease Dr. 2x's, said it was Raynaud's. I then went to a Dermatologist, said it was chronic eczema, she gave me Pramosone2.5%, I get temporary relief. I have HSV 1 & 2, had it for 10 years, I take 500mg Valtrex daily and I have zovirax.
Avatar f tn Would anyone know why my daughter would have a rash too ? Cause I have a rash on my hands !! And now my daughter does. .
Avatar m tn I just came back from Urologist and got tested for Herpes. I will have the result in two days. I'm currently in Brazil and it is hot and sweaty. I used my same underwear for about 2.5 days because of laundry service. I danced with a girl and my hands did come in contact with skin of her butt. I went to the restroom and took out my penis to pee, I did not wash my hands. 3 days later I have this rash. Urologist said he thinks its 50% chance of herpes.