Rash on hands and fingers

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Avatar m tn The first stage is acute and presents as itchy blisters on the hands, fingers and toes. Then the chronic stage shows more peeling, cracking, or crusting. Then the skin heals up, or the blistering may start again. The exact cause is not known and excessive sweating can be one of the reasons. If still the symptoms do not improve then please get a clinical examination done by a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn the pads of all my fingers keep cracking and bleeding i keep bandaids on them and or cover them with guaze after appplying neosporin etc i keep trying all first aid creams they start to heal then peel and crack and bleed any ideas would be appreciated
Avatar m tn since i can remember i have had this rash on my hands for over 6 months. its on the back of my fingers. it only started on my right pointer finger. then it spread to all my other fingers on both hands. at first it started as white little tiny circle blisters that would crack open and then just turn into a flat bump. their is a cluster of them and in the middle of my fingers where they bend the skin is starting to turn pinkish.
Avatar m tn Hello, Over the last two years, I have developed some form of rash on my hands. These rash start as painful redness on my hands. Typically within a few days, they have tiny red dots in them, which are painful to the touch. Eventually, they turn a brown or rusty-red color, and the skin above them dies and flakes away. When this happens, you can actually separate the coagulated blood off the dead skin flakes.
Avatar n tn I am experiencing a strange rash on my hands and fingers that has be stumped. It would resemble poison ivy, with small blisters that itch and swell, but goes away in a day or so. Each blister has a noticeable black dot in the middle, and after a few days the blister goes away and the skin dies where it was. This flairs up about every 3-5 months. When I went to my general doctor he thought it might be mild Eczema and prescribed Triamcinolone Acetonide. What does this sound like to you?
Avatar m tn I had severe rash and needed treatment from a dermatologist. I did get the peeling skin between my fingers later on when the rash was under control. I think some of it is from the dehydtating effect of the meds. I used Amlactin on my hands a few times a day and it cleared up. Good luck.
1694031 tn?1306345873 It would almost heal and then the itchy bumps would come back, but this time it was on more fingers, and even the palm. It would go though the cycle and then come back. I thought maybe I was allergy to something, but I tried to figure it out and it would always come back. I know when I wear gloves at work like latex gloves it does irritated more and so does when I take a hot shower. I've tried Anti-itch creams and baths and it only help for a short period of time.
Avatar n tn But you can feel them and they dry up and feel rough. Also, in the palms of both hands and on the thick part between my thumbs and index fingers the skin is real dry and flaky. This does not go away. What could this be and is it contagious?
3129933 tn?1408612933 Have a rash on tops of hands and in between fingers. had it for several years. been taking diphenhydramine hcl for several years as well. escalating up to 200 mg a night. internet said possible side effect is skin irritation. only other things I take are vitamins. diet is mostly junkfood and I drink a LOT of milk. I spend most of my time on the computer and doing household chores. that's all I can think of to say. sorry if I missed obvious pertinent information.
Avatar f tn I also wondered if maybe some of the hairs were lodged in my skin and causing irritation, but the pustules never seem to be in the exact same spots. I get them on both hands but nowhere else on my body. I do not think this condition is contagious as my boyfriend has never experienced the same symptoms. It's starting to occur at least once weekly and it's driving me crazy!
Avatar m tn I'm not sure if this is connected but last year my brother had a similar rash on fingers and hands after being sunburnt as well. Any idea if these are connected and what can be done. I'm going to see a doctor today.
Avatar n tn I have developed a rash on my hands, particularly my palms, between my fingers, and around my thumb and wrist. It's small raised red bumps. I started taking amoxicillin on Wednesday evening for a sinus infection. I've taken amoxicillin many times before, with no adverse reactions. My hands have been itching since yesterday morning, but the rash didn't appear until this morning. Do you think it could be connected to the amoxicillin? Should I be concerned/call a doctor?
Avatar n tn Lesions are clustered and tend to become confluent located along margins of hands primarily at thumbs and 5th fingers at junction of palmar and dorsal surfaces. Some on palms at base of thumb. minimal medial and lateral wrist areas Colorless. Not painful. No itch. Slight hypersensitivity to touch. Lesions have slowly progressed over 5 days. No breakdown. No allergic history. Did have Photofrin injection April 3, 2000 prior to Laser Tx of Barrett's esophagus.
Avatar f tn it is slightly red and now is flaky and has almost like little papercuts...my hands feel very dry, and i have moisterized but it doesnt seem to help and now it has spread towards my thumbs staying close to the base of my fingers. Is this just dry skin or is it fungal or something?
Avatar n tn There are tiny, fluid filled blisters and it is very itchy. The rash has spread to my palms and tops of my fingers, and on the inner sides of my feet. There are some tiny bumps at my facial hairline also, but those are not itchy. I called the doctor at reproductive medicine and they told me they'd "never heard" of such a reaction to the drugs I was given and said it must not be related to that. (note: I have no vaginal/genital itching or redness, so it seems unlikely the prog.
Avatar n tn I am a 51 year old male and have been to two dermatologists within the last year for a rash that appears on my hands only. The rash started on the middle finger tips of both hands and then eventually spread to the palms of my hands, as well as the other fingers. My fingertips eventually become so raw that tiny cracks and abrasions appeared.
Avatar m tn Hoping you can give me a little insight as I am scared and confused what this could be. I have had a rash on my penis for about 2-3 months now and have tried various creams and none seem to be working. It spread for awhile but has remained around the left side of the tip spots in a row on the head patch around the rim and a half line around the shaft. They are red circular spots and some are a little bigger, longer, and best described to be lesions of some sort.
Avatar n tn I have changed my bed sheets, undergarmets, soaps and nothing helped. Ive taken benadryl and it dont help. The bumps on my hands are not very large, near the size of the tip on a ball point pen.
Avatar m tn My mysery was a pin head skin rash on my hands (watery little pimples and very red skin which was very sensitive to warm water) and a little on my ankles. It started slowly on my left hand in the wrist area and then spread onto the right hand and it continued to spread until it covered the whole back of both hands and 2 fingers on each hand, the right hand looked like a carbon copy of the left hand.
Avatar n tn At this time of year I develop red itchy circles on my hands and fingers, fingers are also prone to swelling. They feel slightly tender like a mild nettle rash and tend to itch as the day goes on. I have spoken to various pharmacists but they have not come up with any cause. I would appreciate any assistance someone may be able to offer.
1245842 tn?1287833651 It started on the nape of my neck - which I thought was caused by hair dye, then after the glue got on my fingers, a rash went all over the palms of my hands and then I discovered the itch at the top crease of my bottom. The palms of my hands are really red - itchy and cracked and will even bleed. I have used cortisone crms - had a blood test and RAST allergy test - and yet no signs of anything as yet. I have done a skin scraping and I am going to the Dr AGAIN today to see what that result is!
Avatar n tn then noticed i was getting small blisters on my hands, fingers and belly. they itch ALOT and sometimes hurt. i've tried to look it up to see what it could be and wasn't really sure. i figured it would be an allergic reaction to my laundry soap. but then wasn't to sure. there scattered in different pleaces on my hands and fingers. on a couple fingers they got under my rings so i had to take them off. if you could please help me to figure this out. thanks.
1926469 tn?1322957250 It will possibly turn out to be a viral rash and settle.
Avatar m tn i have had dry skin on top of fingers for years last 5 years or so its gotten really bad whole top of hands bottom of wrists inside elbow now getting a red spot type rash in armpits hands also have little water blisters on edgrs need advice on home fixes is it allergies or internal nerveos system or immune system cant afford dermatoligist visit
Avatar n tn I have sores on my hands that start out like calises then they break open now I am getting them on my fingers they do not have drainage or anything they are just very painful. I have seen the doctor and he has given me cream of two different kinds but it is not getting any better.
Avatar n tn Usually the peeling palms last a week to 10 days. This time my hands and fingers and now my feet are peeling. This would suggest it is internal. It has lasted this time for about 20 days. I live in a smaller place now and to see a qualified dermatologist could take months. Also I have been hydrating my hand with what the pharmicist reccomended, it didn't contain a steroid. I could use any help. Thany so much.
Avatar f tn I have a rash on both hands, palms, fingers and moving to top of hands between fingers, had it for 2 1/2 months now. I've been to an infectious disease Dr. 2x's, said it was Raynaud's. I then went to a Dermatologist, said it was chronic eczema, she gave me Pramosone2.5%, I get temporary relief. I have HSV 1 & 2, had it for 10 years, I take 500mg Valtrex daily and I have zovirax.