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Avatar m tn I had severe rash and needed treatment from a dermatologist. I did get the peeling skin between my fingers later on when the rash was under control. I think some of it is from the dehydtating effect of the meds. I used Amlactin on my hands a few times a day and it cleared up. Good luck.
777206 tn?1235689514 I would have asked the doctor but I have no money. On the middle and ring fingers on BOTH hands i have bumps near the bottom palm side. Now I wouldn't worry normally for something like this but it's peeling a little and the bumps are in the same exact spots on the different hands. They are tiny and clear, like poison ivy though there is no real itching and I've had poison ivy so often that I would recognize that easily.
4801019 tn?1359345412 I have a question about these bumps on my wrist, thete also on some of my fingers as well, they itch every now & then. I need help. This discussion is related to Itchy rash, genitals, behind ear, web fingers, around eyes.... This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Dermatology/Itchy-rash--genitals--behind-ear--web-fingers--around-eyes/show/674719">Itchy rash, genitals, behind ear, web fingers, around eyes...</a>.
Avatar m tn I have a few of these pimply looking bumbs on my wrists and arms but the majority of the rash is on my fingers and thumbs. I have rule out almost all simple causes such as poisonous plants and reaction to soaps/detergents/creams etc. Days before the rash appeared I got fairly seriously sun burnt on my entire back. I'm not sure if this is connected but last year my brother had a similar rash on fingers and hands after being sunburnt as well.
Avatar f tn The skin on the ends of my thumbs, index fingers and middle fingers die. I can peel off the dead skin layer after layer. Sometimes, it bleeds. It is periodical and I don't know what brings on this condition. It usually lasts about two weeks and I can go for several months without a reoccurence.
1060719 tn?1254505235 i have these bumps on my two fingers they are itchy and have a clear liquid discarge i use a steriod cream they still come back,a doc said it was ecsema i tried everything i was hopeing someone can help me out with a solution??
Avatar f tn I am 14, and skin is peeling on my fingers. It has only happened about 4 days, but it is happening on all fingers and I am getting worried. It isn't red and it doesn't hurt. It isn't peeling on my palms just fingers and on a few toes. Could it just be dry skin? Should I go see my doctor? I am currently applying lotion to see the result. I would appreciate some advice.
Avatar n tn the pads of all my fingers keep cracking and bleeding i keep bandaids on them and or cover them with guaze after appplying neosporin etc i keep trying all first aid creams they start to heal then peel and crack and bleed any ideas would be appreciated
Avatar n tn There are bumps on the bottom of both of my pointer fingers. They are clear to white. They don't itch or hurt but you can feel them to touch.
Avatar n tn Hello, ive suddenly developed blisters on my hands and fingers which are red in colour. No itching but sore to bend my fingers or clench my fists. Ive not changed my routine with products or diet. Also my toes and around the outside of my foot has the same symtoms. It looks like measles although its not. It tends to flare up when im in the sun. Any ideas or comments would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have a rash predominately on my upper lip along the corners/edge. It burns and hurts worse then it looks. It usually gets so bad that I can barely open my mouth due to pain and I get angular chilitus. Any ideas what it is or treatment?
1295160 tn?1283136220 My fingers swelled about a month into tx, but I had a rash on my hands that didn't itch. I took benedryl and it went away in a few days. It's hard to tell if you are having the same type of problem. Sorry I can't help. Maybe someone else can.
Avatar n tn i do not have a question but a slight helpfull solution to the tiny blisters on the fingers. ever since i was small i have had tiny blisters on my fingers that come and go.the following is what usually happens 1 hands are a bit hotter a day or two before you get these blisters 2 they are under the skin 3 tiny & and clear, like water 4 your hands feel hot and kind of itchy i have had cortizone cream and steroid cream but nothing works. many years with this has lead me to come up with things.
Avatar m tn I got 10 days of penicillin and the pain went away after 5 days. However, on the fourth day of penicillin I started to notice that my ring fingers and middle fingers were starting to feel dry and scaly. Eventually, small white bubbles formed on my fingers skin and eventually erupted (no pain, no itch) and my fingers started peeling. This eventually spread to all my fingers and it seems to be starting to affect my thumbs as I'm starting to notice white bubbles on my right thumb.
551454 tn?1276782284 I have a rash on my right breast just about 3 fingers under the nipple and it is about 4 fingers long with 2 clogged pores in it. It is sore but not warm to the touch. has any one else had this problem.
Avatar n tn I had the same problem. My doctor told me this is how eczema presents on fingertips. I tried to put steroid cream on my fingers but it rubbed right off since you use your fingers for everything all the time. The problem resolved spontaneously after a few months.
Avatar f tn I just came back from a bachelor party where I indulged in alcohol, unprotected oral sex, and a bit of drugs over a few of sleepless nights in freezing cold Germany. A few days later, I felt a slight itch between my fingers. There was a few very small round blisters there. At the same time a itchy rash developed on the shaft of my penis an balls. Now, I have warm slightly itchy earlobes with a similar rash of tiny blisters on the back of my earlobes.
1070553 tn?1255325240 Hello all! My 2 1/2 year old son broke out with this wierd rash on his hands. He has small raised bumps just around his pointer and thumb fingers. His palms are very blotchy, and the blotchyness comes and goes. His palms will be blotchy, then pale and vice versa. Also he has purplish streaks between a few of his fingers on both hands. (the same color as if you squashed your finger and you get those purple splotches) His are more like scratchy looking streaks.
Avatar n tn Since the rash does not extend to the two adjacent fingers, it makes me think it would be on the inside of the ring. Anyway, give thought to what touches that area of your hand. You might be able to diagnose by process of elimination. If you are allergic to nickel (like me) you'll need to avoid having it come in contact with your skin for the rest of your life. There are nickel testing kits available for purchase so you can test any metal you're thinking about putting on your skin.
Avatar f tn A few weeks ago, he started getting the SAME rash on his hands (water blisters on sides of fingers and in webbing of fingers). We both started working new jobs so at first I thought perhaps my boyfriend was experiencing contact dermatitis. He has been experiencing intense itching (I have also) it seems to be worse at night. I itch on my arms and hands, he itches in his genital region and stomach as well as hands.
514069 tn?1211375218 I get the same kind of spots on the bottom palm side of my fingers, one or two fingers. i got this similar kind of spot last year.now again from last 5-4 months,they appear, they r itchy,hurting when i press them. also they r not visible.but i can feel them when i press my finger. and after a day or two disappear. and left with a dead skin.it is circulating on my all finger like 2 in day next two in another fingers like that. they reappear.