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Avatar f tn He later slept for about 4 hrs… I believe he was also hooked up to an IV, but not positive… -woke him up for ANOTHER urine sample and CAT scan -while awake, he was anxious and delusional… most likely hallucinating because he was saying that he was doing things that he really wasn’t… -once again calmed down once his family talked to him then he was given the same meds to calm him down from before -he attempted to sleep but he would often wake up every few minutes while they were waiting for t
Avatar n tn She is very stressed being in the middle of a divorce and has generally been stressed for the past two years. Test have shown that she had Shingles 2 yrs ago. I now find her constantly depressed and, in general, not coping with her children or any of the curves life throws. She is moody, tearful, vulnerable to the point of incapacity and has no self-belief. Her initial doctor (a friend of her ex's new partner) has repeatedly told her that it's all in her head.
653142 tn?1224804820 I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. My test results showed normal thyroid hormone levels (I'm not sure if they did an antibody test as well). I've been experiencing overwhelming fatigue, trouble concentrating, forgetfulness, muscle weakness, joint and muscle pain (sometimes severe), sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, sleepiness (I never wake up feeling rested), and sensitivity to medications.
Avatar n tn Its better to address what's wrong than to match yourself up with criteria. I wouldn't take an online test. If you have specific concerns I would speak to your psychiatrist. I have made a full recovery from schizoaffective disorder (read through my posts) and that is a combination of schizophrenia with a mood disorder. If you have concerns that are issues that go beyond bipolar such as psychotic thoughts or delusions or anything like that it is of concern and do speak to your psychiatrist.
Avatar n tn I also constantly ruminate on how long this is going to go on, if I am psychotic and my life will be ruined, what I need to do to prevent this, etc. I also have been doing tons of research online in reading psychiatry journals and the like which I think has made me worse because when I read a symptom of schizophrenia, I start thinking I have it (I used to think I couldn't track slow moving objects well with my eyes).
Avatar n tn I saw my physician who initially diagnosed GC/Chlamydia. I took a test and took the antibitics propholactically. The test was never ran for the GC/Chlamydia due to a supposed screw up between the lab and doctor's office, and my doctor had me take another test three days after taking the antibiotics, one dose each. An RPR and Herpes Select was also run. I was given eye antibiotics and my eyes quit matting immediately after.
Avatar m tn I would strongly suggest though that you not go through some form of test online. Just the same way we can't provide a diagnosis its not helpful to self diagnose. It is helpful if you can to write down a list of all the symptoms you have and when they occur. You can bring that to a psychiatrist and then it will be easier for them to diagnose you.
Avatar n tn When you start going in and out of psych wards and getting pumped up with anti-psychotic might as well say good bye to normality. Because the older guys on the ward had been in and out since they were teenagers. At this stage if you stop taking the weed and get on with your life i am sure things will improve. it does affect the brains much easier.
585414 tn?1288944902 What is appropriate? A person in a psychotic state who needs an antipsychotic immediately is not in the position to discuss this with. But what about afterwards? And when? And what about the other classes of medication, some of which people need? In the meantime you can google "Baylor College of Medicine, Department of Neurology, Tardive Dyskinesia" for factual information. But some of these medications are medically neccessary. How do professionals test for this?
Avatar n tn I'll ask my rheumatologist for a second opinion about it. In the meantime, I'm TRYING to to obsess about my upcoming EMG test - the test itself, and finding out the results are very worrisome.
Avatar f tn At that time I had experienced 2 psychotic episodes associated with my mood changes, but it was just tagged as just being associated with the illness. My semi-new pdoc has switched me to the new Latuda, and has talked with me about Schizoaffective (Bipolar type) Disorder. He is not making an official diagnosis because (he says) more time is needed, although he's thought my previous diagnosis was not "on point" exactly before.
Avatar m tn He said he ignored her for 2 weeks so it is possible.
Avatar f tn Hi grace, this is kind of long and maybe a little psychotic Last year I had to get a physical for grad school complete with all recent shots and blood work. I had them run a hep, syphilis, HIV, and herpes Igg. Everything came back negative except the herpes type 1 which came back inconclusive.
Avatar m tn Or do they do bio-available? It should be the latter as that is a more complete test. They should also test the complete *loop* from the pituitary on down - so LH, FSH, estrodial, dhea sulfate, sex binding hormone (which can be included with bio-available testosterone) etc. to get all the sources of adrogens so the doc has a more complete picture to know more. Just knowing free testosterone does not say much.
338416 tn?1420049302 I've had two IQ tests, one official one when I was twelve, and one online (Tickle) test when I was 34 or so, so she has a number to look at. (It's somewhere between 128 and 134...) Then we had a cognitive test where i was asked to look at pictures, and tell her what was missing. Surprisingly difficult. Much of the testing was tailored for Alzheimer's patients, who have severe cognitive problems.
971877 tn?1247810667 I have been reading lately online about different mental diseases and I'm not for sure but I think I have depression, bipolar disease, and insomnia. Now I'm only 16 but I have felt this way forever. I just didn't to tell none because I was to afraid. It started when I was 7 or 8. I would just feel all down and I hated myself. I would cry all the time, and feel real bad.
Avatar n tn is he an addict that is trying to stay clean and you are helping him? i have absolutely no faith in urine drug screens...i have stopped ALL drug abuse, i am on suboxone for addiction and klonipin for anxiety and panic...well in order for me to continue with my suboxone treatment i have to have random drug screens at the hospital, which i have to pass, or i will lose my suboxone and doctors help, i would NEVER jeopordize this...i have failed the last 2 drug screens....
Avatar f tn Giardia lambia (Eva Stormorken, RN, University of Oslo, Norway) Coxiella burnetii (Andrew Lloyd, MD, University of New South Wales, Australia) Parvovirus B19 (Jonathan Kerr, MD, PhD, St.
Avatar f tn Leaky Gut Syndrome or intestinal permeability is a diagnosis NOT taught in medical schools-or at least it was not in my days and I doubt it is now - and it takes a very simply urine test to verify! No blood test will verify Leaky Gut Syndrome, which can on its own destroy your health. So please research these aforementioned conditions including the overarching GAPS (the Gut And Psychology Syndrome) and see how it may apply in your current health situation.
1349329 tn?1276988802 Missed Dose If you miss a dose of Seroquel , take it as soon as right. If it is all over time for your next test, front onto the missed dose and go put an end to to your regular dosing encyclopedia. Do not type 2 doses at following. Me: None of these directions makes any sense at all. I do not understand how a powerful Antipsychotic Drug could be sold this way from some Overseas Company, with directions like this.
Avatar f tn Also, while those with bipolar I disorder may experience additional psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations, bipolar II by definition cannot have psychotic features.
Avatar m tn I know my symptoms overlap with many different diagnosis, so I know it is impossible to find out online what is wrong with me. I just wanted to know if anyone can relate to this, and if it sounds like it could be bipolar. I am waiting for a referral to a specialist. Recent history, i started having panic attacks and having problems with cognition and memory, and my mood swings were causing alot of problems in my marriage. I went to the dr, he gave me an ADHD test, tested my thyroid.
Avatar f tn I saw the MS specialist today. Let's say that at the start, I was highly impressed. I was there for around an hour and a half!! There were three people in the room with me and my husband (specialist later). The PA took my info and told me to tell her everything, no matter how insignificant it seemed to me. Wow. Meanwhile, the medical student was glancing over my records. I did mention how the prior neuro had misleading info in his report.
Avatar m tn I changed my life around to lower stress, went online if I felt any stress, I meditated at the slightest feeling of any stress. It has been intense. I got down to where I had no motivation and didn't see the connection until now. With no problem to solve nor task to achieve, why do anything? I had become unmotivated. I'm taking on tasks now that I have some fear I can't do, or will be a challenge for me. I'm setting deadlines for things, just to push me forward.
29837 tn?1414538248 Hi magnum, Was online and caught your question on gamma interferon. I have been on this since November 2003. Here is my schedule: Interferon Gamma 1-b (Actimmune),3 times/week, MWF, 100 mics. Interferon Alfacon 1 (Infergen),7 times/week, MTWTHF, 15 mics. Ribavirin, weight based, 7 days a week, started at 600mg. morning and 600mg evening. Am on reduced dose due to anemia. Neupogen, 150 mics, 3 times/week, MWF. Procrit, 80,000 units, 1 time/week.
Avatar n tn Its important that you ask your psychiatrist what were the reasons he put you on Abilify. If you have bipolar with psychotic features then you absolutely need an antipsychotic but if you have straight bipolar then there are a wider option of mood stabilizers.
Avatar f tn i was in a psych facility a few years ago for depression and they had me take a test and depression was all they diagnosed me with ...what do i do making my husband crazy at time i just over react ..please help.
Avatar n tn Because of the manipulative behavior. Or other psychotic disorders? Even bipolar with psychotic features? Also I know as women with bipolar approach menopause post menopausal psychosis is common so it appears they are worsening but it passes afterwards. Also substance abuse will always worsen things. She needs to be in a recovery group. But let's start with what I know.
Avatar f tn But why pay for a specialist *visit* before having the ANA test done? (It's around $50 online.) The first thing the specialist would likely want anyway is the ANA test. It seems very possible that STRESS is causing the recent flareup of your symptoms, which may be mostly all due to lupus... and that includes the hair loss and probably the insomnia and joint pains, and even the gall bladder problem and the slow healing from the surgery. But you don't have sensitivity to sunlight?