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Avatar n tn No OTC medicines will help.And it is NOT advisable to take any anti-psychotic drug without consulting a psychiatrist. Goodluck.
Avatar f tn (Even if this is not true, they take that more seriously than just a thyroid issue) One of the worst things about being hyperthyroid in extreme is the fact it can make you psychotic. Many hospitals now test thyroid when a patient is brought in for psychotic episodes. Left untreated she may well do something drastic. I urge you to call a hospital and ask her to organise getting her to psychiatric help as soon as possible. You will not regret doing this. I hope it all goes well.
12268405 tn?1427856961 On April 2nd I made the decision to admit myself to a psychiatric hospital due to a psychotic episode. The thing that I'm having the hardest time comprehending is if I induced the episode or not. I convinced myself that I was covered in fleas, I heard voices saying my name and calling me worthless in the past, & I experienced paranoia. I don't know what to think right now. I wish I could know if I made the symptoms worse or not... I'm not sure if I convinced myself to exacerbate them or not.
Avatar f tn I tend to get psychosis when i'm extremely depressed or manic. When I am depressed I know when i'm psychotic. Auditory, visual, paranoia and delusions. It is frightening for me to say the least. I once thought the wallpaper on my wall was my boyfriend and he kept telling me to bang my head against the wall and punch the wall till my bones crumbled. I was fully aware but could not control it. I ended up in the hospital really hurt. When I am manic I cannot tell when i'm psychotic.
Avatar m tn I lasted a little while, but again I went back to vicodin. This is where it gets weird. In September I had a psychotic episode. I ended up getting arrested and taken to the hospital which is the only reason I knew I was sick. I don't remember most things and what I do remember was a delusion. What I remember happening did, but my perspective of it was "crazy." The toxicology screen showed I had no drugs in my system, which I find really strange.
728480 tn?1312063530 But their fears are realistic. A person with paranoia is psychotic. Their fears are delusions. They realistically would not happen. They think someone will persecute them or "people are after them". For social phobias people are overly nervous about social performance or everyday events. Two totally different issues. A lot of people experience social anxiety. If its extreme it can be part of anxiety disorder. Paranoia is part of schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders.
Avatar n tn My wife has been identified with delusional paranoia. She is scared about the world and feels very insecure. She fights with me severely, mainly on issues related to girls. She fears that I may deceive her. Is this a serious problem that requires medication? We met a psychologist and he prescribed medication (oleanz 2.5 and Feliz S 5mg), but she is not willing to take them saying it will have some adverse side effects. Can this problem be solved by counseling or other methods?
Avatar f tn I feel the exact same way!! Once then paranoia sets in, I know I'm headed for a manic or psychotic episode. Luckily, my symptoms can be easily stopped with medication, but it sure is no fun while it is happening!
Avatar m tn i am willing to bet that it can be managed the paranoid part i always believe that it's only temporary my problem is that i sometimes feel like i believe in my delusions sometimes you know false-hoods are you taking meds?
Avatar f tn He has c/o forgetfulness, h/a, and had a severe manic episode with auditory hallucinations and paranoia. Could all this be related to his cyst? No family history of bipolar disorder. Also, what would treatment be? Surgery? Expected recovery time? What are chances mania will recurr?
1269044 tn?1393193503 -) Does anyone know of anyone experiencing paranoia after quitting opiates or maybe meth? Someone close to me sister is displaying paranoia and I know she has an opiate dependency background and maybe meth. Anyone have experience with this?
Avatar f tn In the diagnostic criteria for bpd it is stress-related transient psychosis. When a person is extremely stressed they may become psychotic or have psychotic-like symptoms. Transient means that it is relatively short-lived. Sorry I really have to go now. Will post again later.
Avatar n tn Dear Amanda, Paranoia means extreme suspiciousness, usually not based on a realistic assessment of the situation . Fear of being alone is normal to a certain extent, but if it is affecting your functional status, it is a problem. There are several medications (psychotropic medications such as Risperdal, Zyprexa etc ) that are proven to be effective in the treatment of paranoia. I would recommend that you consider evaluation by a Mental Health Professional for adequate diagnosis and treatment.
539694 tn?1434569547 i hallucinate and im often aware of it and i know ive been pretty paranoid and delusional for much of my life. Thing is at their extremes those are psychotic symptoms.. i dont feel psychotic im not a bad or nasty person :-( You say theres been times you felt like people could read your thoughts? I get that but i only noticed and really realised the last few years, its just so subconscious you know?
Avatar n tn In most individuals, it produces a calming effect, though I have seen others in which it has caused a temporary psychotic state characterized by an altered perception of reality and extreme paranoia. What specific actions are you labeling as psychotic, and what condition has he been cleared to use it for?
Avatar f tn gov/pmc/articles/PMC1790964/ --------------------------------- Early Warning Signs Early warning signs of a psychosis can be defined as subjective experiences, thoughts, and behaviours of the patient that occur in the phase preceding a psychotic relapse (Heinrichs & Carpenter 1985; Herz & Melville 1980). The question is now which experiences, thoughts, and behaviours are characteristic for this phase.
Avatar m tn If you are saying he is having psychotic behavior that does not sound (to me ) as something caused by withdrawl .Slight paranoia is one thing highly paranoid is another .There may be an underlying problem that he was using the drugs to mask ? Do you think that is possible.
Avatar n tn My 34 year old brother has had 3 episodes where he was drinking (one of these times it was not an abundance) and had episodes of paranoia where he did not know anyone and was extremely afraid that people would hurt him. The last episode he had the police lock him up because he thought that was the only place he was safe from everyone. In all three of these episodes we believe he was drinking some sort of alcoholic beverage with lemon juice.
Avatar n tn Are hallucinations, delusions, thought disorders, and paranoia all psychotic? If not, would you please explain when they are not? Especially, please tell me what a thought disorder is. I know my doctor has told me I have delusions along with saying I have psychotic features. But now he says I have a thought disorder and I would like to know if that is psychotic, too. Along with this, if it is psychotic, could you tell me when a thought becomes psychotic? Like...
Avatar n tn Yes this may very well be psychosis. And as for what medication they'll use what would be a standard starting antipsychotic would depend on the particular psychiatrist but Abililfy which is a standard antipsychotic for example, doesn't have that bad a side effect profile. Try taking the antipsychotic they give you and see. And then post more afterwards. But find out about it by looking it up online. And always remember they are developing newer and better treatments all the time.
Avatar n tn This is a open statement and question about paranoia and geodon. I notice that after taking it, totally bizarre paranoia-ish, people watching me or talking about me is noticed. When not taking it I laugh at the thoughts but it seems to work well for bi-polar and manic issues... Paranoia anyone? Oh my gosh it's me (kidding). Seriously though this is the first anti-psychotic so I'm a bit new to this realm of meds.
Avatar n tn Her husband and other relatives said Yates had suffered from severe depression for several months and had not responded to several brief hospitalizations, multiple combinations of anti-depressants and an anti-psychotic drug. “These drugs make you psychotic — you’re in a different state where you no longer have responsibility for yourself,” said psychiatrist Peter Breggin with the Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology.
Avatar n tn Yes, it is clear that your mother suffers from paranoid delusions and displays a psychotic disorder. Such a condition will never reach remission without medication - the condition is a product of brain chemistry, it is a biologically-based mental disorder. If family members are in agreement, as you know, it is possible to approach the court and obtain an order for treatment. The patient has to be in state of psychosis, in which it is clear that the person is unable to manage their affairs.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have taken ecstacy in the past from 2004-2010, and it used to be more or less every weekend, to be honest went crazy with the stuff, however not touched it since middle of 2010 but in oct 2013 I went through what I would call a psychotic episode, thought people were watching me and following me and wanted to harm me, never came out of the house for 4 months and never opened my curtains, I got so bad I wouldn't go into the kitchen at my mums house as it was on the front of the house and
Avatar n tn And I only see my psychiatrist for medication refills/check-ins, it's only a 20 minute appointment and I never have anything big to talk about, but I only started seeing a psychiatrist b/c of the anxiety last year, which like I said, has gone down alot. But these paranoia attack-type things are alot different than anxiety, I get alot of adrenaline when I feel like this... and I tend to try to get somewhere where I feel safer, which is making very bad changes in my social life.
Avatar n tn My son had Seroquel added to Zyprexa and very shortly had to be hospitalized for paranoia and delusions. You might want to research Seroquel in the combination of medications your relative is taking.
Avatar m tn i did a bit of reading and ive decided to try a new experimental anti psychotic involving the GABA neuro network and NMDA network using amino acids glycine and glutamine. i think if i can reduce the anxiety then the paranoia will subside and then my cognitive functions will come back online, hopefully increasing my concentration and then the strange voice thoughts will slowly go away. thanks again!
Avatar n tn yes, that combination of drugs can definately cause paranoia and other psychotic symptoms. There are medications that can help, and if you stop soon enough, the symptoms may be able to be reversed., don't walk, to soonest Psychiatrist appointment you can find. It really is important that you get this treated now, before the symptoms get any worse.
202665 tn?1248810333 I'm not sure if this would be classified as anxiety or paranoia, but it seems I've been having more and more problems with feeling like people are following me...I can "feel" them. nights at home i "hear" doors open and footsteps and I lay perfectly still hoping no one see's me until I get the courage to get up to find all doors are locked and all is well. on the worst of this round I felt somone sit down beside me while I slept and I sat up screaming.
590640 tn?1218920752 At any rate,I find that if I see things, I start to constantly look around fearing it'll happen again and when it does, I get really scared and paranoid. My doc said it's Bipolar with psychotic features and nothing else. Hope this helps.