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Avatar m tn OR half a 40, whichever i could find. At times I would snort oxy conton(two 40mg per day, if that was what I bought, or ingest half an orange suboxone(with the 9 on it) I never thought I was an addict, just liked the buzz pills gave me. It hit me hard when I realized having my hidden stash with me was more important than anything else. I have essentially, turned myself into an addict am ashmed and embarassed I allowed that to happen.
Avatar f tn I feel good for just a few minutes and then my eyes and nose are affected and I start feeling foggy and come down and get really tired. I have a new psych who put me on Provigil and it helps me and I promised I wouldnt abuse it or snort it and I havent. She wanted me to stop the Wellbutrin but I continued to use them and I've got two pills left so I planned on just using them and then stopping it. I'm grieving the loss of my old therapist, who moved on to another residency.
Avatar n tn 00.That's with every thing I hit and damage,giggle....giggle....snort...oops.... I all ways snort if I laugh to much.How have you been feeling?I've felt tierd,I have headaches every day.I take Topamax but it doesn't seem to help.But I still take them,like a good girl.What types of medicine of do you take for your MS?I all so take Zoloft for depression, the doctor thinks I'm the head giggle...giggle.I'm so glad we get to talk every day,all though we are probably miles a part.
Avatar n tn i can not point you to a specific study. in general everything you put in your body goes through the liver and that is what i meant by my comment. there are pleanty of people on these forums that have had rough treatments with terrible fatigue, etc and i have never heard of one being prescribed ritalin or amphetamines. this includes many that have seen top hepatologists in the USA if not the world!
Avatar n tn Well, please allow me to expand these dangers with my own discaceful tale. I love to snort oxycontins. I love it so much that i've started- and stopped- and started again 7 times now in the past 2 1/2 years. I can vouch that when you snort, you've taken 2 monkeys onto your back instead of one. The abuse itself, and the ritual that was used to facilitate that abuse. My dance with these vile, wretched things lasted only about 6 weeks this go around. But it's enough.
Avatar f tn I know you develop a tolerance and that opiates have no dosing caps for that reason but geez, how did I get here? I take 150 - 225mg of Lyrica, 20mg Prozac, 200-400mg provigil (as I can get my hands on it) plus the pain pills daily. I don't even feel good anymore! I'm so tired my eyes go goofy when I try to focus, I get more nausea than buzz or pain relief from the pills, and I'm moody as hell (understatement). I feel miserable.
Avatar m tn i was heavily addicted for over two years to snorting oxycontin and/or heroin, along with xanax, any other benzo, or sleeping pills. basically any pill i could find a way to snort i would take it. i got help, detoxed, and went to treatment. iw as on a suboxone treatment plan for 8 months, but then i severely broke and separated my wrist which ended up leaving me in the vicious cycle of addiction all over again.
182493 tn?1348056515 $7000 may seem like alot of money, but considering all we've paid for Percs over the years, it's worth it to get ourselves out of this mess. The Subutex and other Rx's you get at the clinic (ativan, Provigil, Clonidine, Phenergan, Ambien) were all covered by our medical insurance. We were both taking eight to ten, 10/325 Percs per day. I am a medical professional and have lots of Dr. & pharmacist friends and access to lots of Rx pads, so it was not hard for us to stay fully stocked up.
Avatar m tn I don't know what the difference between Provigil and Vyvanse is. I do have a sample box of Provigil so know that I was on that and can't remember why we went with Vyv??? I do know that with Vyvanse I don't have any crash at all. I am very lucky, maybe. I do know that stress spikes the fatigue and even with the Vyvanse I get messed up and need to rest and am able to nap when I need to. It isn't like speed or amphetamine for me.