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Avatar n tn i took prometrium after a missed af and it took about a week for me to get mine but my dr did say that it could take up to two weeks...good luck..
287071 tn?1365196113 And thanks for all the responses! Keep um comin! And yeah - we didn't realize I was pregnant until I missed my period - SURPRISE!!! My son'll be 20 mos when this baby is born (please God).
Avatar n tn I am female and 20 yrs old. I had my last period on Oct. 27 and my cycles are usally 28-30 days. I have yet to start my period and noticed a brown discharge late yesterday and today. I also have noticed that my breasts are swollen or slightly bigger and a bit sore. What could this be?
Avatar m tn My doctor has prescribed my prometrium in the past to keep my pregnancy going but not until my missed period. That was over 7 years ago. My husband and I haven't tried since until this month. I am due to have my period next Thursday Dec. 11th. I know it's too early to take a test, but I did and it came out positive. I want to go in so that my doc can put me on prometrium but she won't until after my missed period...what can I do until then? I don't want to lose this baby.
Avatar f tn HI Just wanted to know if there was anything I could do or take to get my period? I had a missed m/c and a d&c done on sept 21th, and still no period. I would love to start getting it, so we can ttc again.
Avatar f tn I ahve had several mc and bleed throught all 4 pregnancies that eneded in birth, they also were all premature and earlier every time. I am now alomst 27 weeks and have not bleed and taking shots after I took Prometrium till 21 weeks. I have not had one problem with contractions either! I woudl not stop it until you ahve had a blood test and if it comes back with good numbers I would have your progesterone checked also!!! That is my opnion and what my RE does!
Avatar n tn I have one more question about prometrium (progesterone). Could it be possible that it can cause a missed miscarriage? Doesn't it make the uterus stronger?
Avatar n tn After the 10 days on the pill I am supposed to get my period and on day 3 of normal mentration return to the clinic for lab work to diagnose polycystic ovaries. It's been 7 days and no period yet. My breasts hurt and I'm nausous now that I'm NOT taking Prometrium. Wondering if these are normal post medication symptoms or if I might actually be pregnant. I've gotten my hopes up so many times before that I'm reluctant to take a preg. it's only been 3 weeks since my last perioud.
Avatar n tn I now cannot get around and am stuck on bed rest until my leg gets better(hopefully in a few weeks) I was given a web site by my sister in law who is a doctor it has other things you should read about medications that are the same type as prometrium - please read and be careful and if you have any symptoms that just dont seem right to you trust your instincts and tell your doctor right away. Good luck to all the other pregnant ladies out there..
Avatar m tn I took a test today the 23rd and it is neg. Is my period because I took prometrium and missed a day? or is my period early? I started my prometrium again yesterday. So confused. Thank you.
134513 tn?1212969448 I've been late every single months, sometimes no period at all and my doctor told me that I had PCOS and that may be the cause of my MC so I am taking metformin for PCOS, clomid to help me conceive (first time taking it was two months ago and nothing happened so he gave me a bigger dose) and prometrium to start my period... I still dont have my period but I am crampin... Im scared of doing a pregnancy test because it breaks my heart when it comes "not pregnant"....
Avatar f tn I recently found out I'm pregnant. On the day I missed my period, my hcg looked good but my progesterone was 11 which the nurse told me was low. I was put on 200mg of prometrium orally each day. Anyone else have experience with this? What was your dosage?
Avatar n tn im 35, and next time i get pregnant i have to let the dr know right away and hes going to put me on baby aspirin, prometrium and heparin injections and hopefully it will stick. i already have 2 boys, i had with no problem so i know it can be done. they also did lots of tests on me and all came back fine. all you can do is try again when you are ready, and stay positive. i know its hard..
1310773 tn?1317099045 I missed the first 2 days and mc! Unless you get your full blown AF all normal is the only time you can stop taking it. The spotting can be implantation or bleeding from pregnancy. I have never heard of that high of progesterone!! I would get another HCG to make sure unless it goes full force with AF. GOod luck I hope you are! Oh and it should never be that high after O that peak is the day after O and then it goes down so if it goes up you need to make for sure you are not pregnant!
Avatar n tn I am taking Prometrium twice daily and I am experiencing SEVERE dizziness and drunk feeling as well as irritability. We are TTC and our infertility doc suggested doing Prometrium for 14 days after ovulation and switching to progesterone suppositories if we conceive. So, you can do the suppositories...I chose the alternate route simply b/c I have done the suppositories before (almost a year and half) and they are messy and caused severe constipation.
Avatar f tn Often times a very delayed period or missed period can indicate that ovulation did not occur which in turn causes your hormones to be wacky for that month. Your doc can prescribe prometrium to bring on your period.
Avatar n tn I am now 24 years old and have being having trouble with my period since I was 17. At first i missed it for a whole 6 months. As i was not sexually active i wasnt worried but happy i didnt have it to deal with. when it came it went for 4 months. It was heavy, full of clots and quit painful. After going at it alone for 2 years i finially went to the doctor. They place me on the pill which controlled it. I gained 100 pounds on the pill and last year i took myself off it. Bad mistake.
Avatar f tn My menstrual period is delay for 8 days, I had already three negative pregnancy test and my doctor recommended a blood test, which was negative also. My doctor wants me to wait another 2 weeks and if I don't get my menstrual period, do another round of blood test. I thought the blood test was definetively, if it was negative is because I'm not pregnant. Does anybody have any comments?
Avatar n tn I have PMDD and my dates always change so I never know when 5 days is before my missed period. I took 2 preg. test yesterday and this morning and it came up negative. I don't want to be pregnent. The day after I had sex I had blood spots but not too bad. I thought it was normal because I was a virgin. I bled twice that day. My friends said it was normal. Then I found out it was a symptom. I also have pains in my stomach but I know it's way to early to feel something.
Avatar n tn I only had 1 period since on Jan.2 and I am definatley not pregnant either. I keep having period symptoms and pregnancy symptoms too. I did 2 HCG blood tests - both BFN. It's vicious waitng for your period to come it is awful, I know. Hang in there we will be okay.....
377493 tn?1356505749 I was very grateful that she didn't suggest a whole bunch of medications and procedures that won't change anything. She did increase my prometrium to 200mgX3 per day instead of 100X3 per day when and if I do conceive, but she stated what almost all Dr.'s do. It won't hurt anything, but it still doesn't change the egg quality. There is no solid proof that it will prevent miscarriage. Our only option if we want a more guaranteed outcome is IVF with donor eggs.
Avatar n tn My doc just gave me Prometrium to bring on a period and then going to 100 mg of Clomid. On day 2 of the Prometrium and praying that I bleed quickly so I can go on round two. My son was conceived using Clomid 50 but this period skipping thing never happened. Very weird to me too, but glad I'm not alone.
Avatar n tn She also told me off for self medicating myself and changing my dosages! I missed my period this month (not pregnant) and I'm convinced it was the Clomid. So frustrating! I have thrown out all my boxes of pills! I had a hysteroscopy yesterday and all was normal and clear. No endo and no scarring from previous surgery. My husband's sperm is also normal. So there is no reason, other than God's will as to why I lost so many babies and why I haven't been pregnant in over a year.
Avatar n tn It all started back up in February again. Every month my period gets longer and longer. I am now taking Prometrium again to stop the bleeding. I placed a call to the Gyn office and am awaiting an answer back as to whether I have to go in or not. I am going to ask him to run blood tests for everything this time especially for hormone imbalance and pcos.
Avatar n tn definately get it checked out if you have brown spotting more than a week sometimes less if you are hurting bad you could be misscarrying I went to the doc with the same problem, but they say if you've only missed one period and haveing clumps and brown spots not to worry about it your body will abord the baby itself any longer than that and you may need to have a DNC (dilation curratage) or something DNC for short.
Avatar f tn I, honestly would not be able to deal with it. I was pregnant with my 1st and had a missed miscarriage. Im 20 yrs old and I went to the doc friday, 2-5-10, for a regular checkup thinking I was 13w5d...the baby only measured to be 11w5d. I was devastated....I had a D&C done the next day and as of today the painful cramping is gone but im still slightly bleeding.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone...I missed my period and it is now a week later. I NEVER miss my period. I have taken about three home pregnancy tests but they've all come back negative. I feel exactly how I did though when I was in the very beginning of my pregnancy with my son. He is only six months though, is there a possibility that my period is just weird cause I had him not too long ago? I did not breastfeed and did not take birth control after his birth. If anyone has any advice, please let me know.
Avatar f tn I've been meaning to call my new OB to find out about going on Birth Control pills for awhile to hopefully regulate my now bad acne, weight gain, and bring back my period. I had been on the pill from age 15-19 and was at 120lbs till I was 20 and ballooned 100lbs in less then a year...but as I said above, I don't know that I'll get them with the high blood pressure. I'm not sure if I can take them and be on blood pressure meds or what...
Avatar n tn My periods always clock work and was for Jan and Feb after stopping. I missed my period in March and waited 2 weeks to take a hpt: negative.Missed my period in April but was traveling and tought i'll wait. Became sick with nausea ,went to doctor in May, found out I was 7weeks pregnant. On the 3 month scan it showed we had missed miscarried.I went in for a d&c(I didn't want, I rather have just let it happen, but due to the timings it was the safest option) All very upsetting.