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7650348 tn?1393010231 25 leading to no drugs at all. Have you heard of anxiety patients having such a hard time with Pristiq and drugs like it?
744415 tn?1243956976 I didn't like the Effexor, but the Pristiq is working great! I'm not anxious all the time, my mood swings are way better and I can focus and remember things more now. My dr. also said that the Pristiq has the least amount of sexual side affects than any other anxiety med out there, but that is the ONE thing I'm having the worst side affects with. Is there anyone else who takes this and how do you feel about the med?
Avatar n tn who cares if you have to take a pill everyday if its safe, doctor perscribed, NON ADDICTIVE, and helps with your moods and possibly with your addiction!! If it wasn't for zoloft I would never want to stop using oxycotin but that is no way to live... I'm sure you have lost money and friends as have I!! I have SERIOUS anxiety which the zoloft helps me with but honestly its the therapy that will help us all the most!! And Xanax for an addict is a death trap....
Avatar f tn I initially started with 25mg and did not get any migraines. For about 10 years, I was on Zoloft and had about 8-12 migraine days a month. I got off it last year and my migraines went down to 1-3 a month. I had no idea the Zoloft was the cause until I discontinued it. Unfortunately my panic started coming back and I really need the antidepressant. I tried Pristiq this time since it's an SNRI but appears it's still causing the migraines.
1314992 tn?1273979518 I've been on Pristiq for a little over 2 months and have had minimal success with it. Went to my GP today for a follow-up and insisted I be put back on Zoloft. Zoloft and I have had a good relationship in the past - brought back my motivation, no more of those "racing thoughts". Pristiq, on the other hand, has provided me the exact opposite... All I ever want to do is sleep, yet, can't (get all jiterry/jumpy).
Avatar f tn My doctor put me on pristiq and I am afraid to take it. I took Zoloft while pregnant and stopped about a month after my daughter was born. I felt good then. Then my gp put me on Lexapro and that zonked me out. Back to Zoloft again. I feel just like the depression commercials describe. I hate it. I just would like to know if anyone has been taking it and how you feel on it.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone I went to my doctor and she took me off the zoloft and put me on pristiq to help with my panic and anxiety. Has it helped anyone? Also she told me to not taper off the zoloft and it's safe to just start the pristiq.
Avatar f tn I am just curious to hear about any personal experiences you may have had with Pristiq and/or Effexor. My doctor has been favoring Pristiq but with no real valid reasons why and when I researched the two, based on clinical findings, I'm not sure that Pristiq is really better than Effexor. Thoughts?
Avatar m tn I went to see my MD and she recommended Pristiq as when I was on Zoloft I had side effects. Well day three I haven't slept more than four hours I do have a decreased appetite and feel quite mellow. Does the sleeplessness stop??? I'm kinda nervous after reading about some of the side effects. I feel maybe I can go without the drugs but if they make me a better person why not???
Avatar m tn This was in the hope that maybe I could reduce or get off Wellbutrin (memory problems) if the Pristiq did not cause sexual side effects. I have been on Pristiq for a month and a half now. The transition was seamless. Within two weeks, I was no longer clenching my jaw and stopped using the mouth guard. I am also seeing a lessening of the sexual side effects. I did not have any of the sweating or dry mouth, but that may be because I have been on an SNRI for awhile and my body was used to it.
7650348 tn?1393010231 25 leading to no drugs at all. Have you heard of anxiety patients having such a hard time with Pristiq and drugs like it?
Avatar f tn i take clonazepam which is the only thing that works, but every couple of years i hit a wall and need to up the antidepressant. been on zoloft, paxil, celexa,effexor, lyrica, cipralex(lexapro), maoi's, etc..wondering if pristiq works, or maybe cymbalta? only snri i was on was effexor, which didn't do much but also had a brutal psych. any info would be helpful. thank you.
Avatar m tn Have considered the older SSRI's (Prozac, Zoloft, etc.), but they seem a little out of date and have worse side effects. So that leaves me with Pristiq or Cymbalta (Remeron is another choice, but I haven't heard much about it). I've read the side effects and dangers for both, but am uncertain which one to go with. Pristiq seems like it's very similar to Effexor, so would it have the same sexual side effects?
Avatar n tn When Norephinepherine depletion in the brain is a key contributor to your severe depression, Effexor and Pristiq can work wonders to getting you productive and back in remission. There is a reason Effexor XR makes 3.5 Billion a year in sales per year.... Because it flat out WORKS many times for people that fail on SSRI's. Sorry, but I must defend Effexor XR. Yes it can be a heavy hitter, but when the depression gets real bad it can often be just the ticket to remission.
Avatar m tn I have been on Zoloft 100mg since 1998 and then from in2005 doctor increased my dose to 150 mg. First when my doctor put me on Zoloft 100mg, I was very satisfied but after 4/5 years I was start feeling same as was 1998 very depressed and I was always very sad, feeling crying even die. But Zoloft gave me my life back. But after even increased dose, not much help me. But now I am depressed even more was before 1998. My doctor not even taking serious and said, 'You just think too much".
Avatar f tn I was on 20mgs twice a day. I researched Pristiq and felt as though it would work very well for my prolonged depression. My Doctor prescribed me 50mgs to start. I just took my first dose two hours ago. I am going to keep this online journal up to date so others and myself can see my progress on how the Pristiq is working. Side effects and all.
Avatar m tn I just had abilify added to my Pristiq and Remeron.. I used to be on Zoloft 150mg but it just didn't seem to be working after 5 years of being on it. I was getting to the top dose of 200mg and that is why he added the Remeron. That was a magical combination however, anxiety was still bad and i couldn't cope with everyday activities still. So we switched to Pristiq-Remeron and I have had severe lows and break through in the moods with the Pristiq.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks ago to Pristiq 50mg. The first week I took 30mg Cymbalta then 2nd week and since, no Cymbalta and only Pristiq (still taking buspar & Xanax prn) I feel I'm noticing small improvements in the past cpl weeks but not back to normal. Today is a rough day with anxiety/adrenaline/agitation. I so want outta this hole and praying it works for me. Anyone else have success switching to Pristiq? Would like to hear how long it took for ppl to notice a difference.
1489588 tn?1304001895 When I take Savella and Pristiq together, it works wonders. When both my pain dr and my psychiatrist got together and said I couldn't take them together, I became very depressed after getting off of Savella. I didn't want to kill myself, but I sure didn't want to live. Lyrica put me to sleep in horrible ways, Cymbalta doesn't work for me and anything like Prozac or Lexapro or Zoloft is candy to me. I also take Norco. But I WANT to take Savella and Pristiq together because FOR ME it works.
719694 tn?1235179675 Anyway, we talked about it, and he wants me to start taking Pristiq. He said it's a newer drug and may help. If any of you out there have had experience with it, please let me know what I'm getting myself into. I remember when I first started taking Zoloft, it's main side effect was loss of appetite and nausea. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn with meds it's always trial& error i take zoloft 50mg/day for anxiety and depression i took prozac in '94 and it was not for me people respond differently to meds what might work for me might not work for you.
Avatar f tn That is how I found out about Pristiq and this site. Read all of the reviews so you know how it works and doesn't, or diagnosis and side effects. If you find one you really think might work, take the information to your doctor and ask him/her to look into it and the possibility of trying the medication. Be clear and concise about the reasons WHY you want to try it; works for anxiety, depression, what you learned about side effects, etc. I AM NOT ADVOCATING SELF MEDICATION.
Avatar f tn 50mg zoloft, 200mg wellbutrin, 1mg klonopin 4x a day, 50mg PRISTIQ. after 10 days i stop zoloft and wellbutrin and start 100mg PRISTIQ WITH THE KLONOPIN . SHOULD THIS WORK?
Avatar m tn Hi I'm a medical student and I'm 25. Don't worry about this at all, this usually happens with zoloft. I'm on zoloft too btw 100 mg/day, this happened to me too when i was on 75 mg, so i increased it to 100 and everything is alright now i think ur dr has to increase it to 150 mg or 175 mg max, and u'll refeel very good in a matter of week..........
Avatar m tn i take zoloft and it makes me real drowsy-yeah lots of water take it with meal- follow docs order and switch immediatley-drifter0213
Avatar n tn There are several other medications you can talk to his or your doctor about including Wellbutrin, Effexor, Pristiq for the depression and Xanax or Ativan for the anxiety. All AD meds are hit and miss for everyone. What might work for one person may not work for the next. You just have to try them and see what sticks. I took Effexor, but didn't like the sexual side-effects, so I switched to Wellbutrin which gave me all kinds of bad side-effects, so I ended up going back to the Effexor.
Avatar m tn I have been on 200 mg Zoloft, 200 mg lamictal, wellbutrin and 3 mg Xanax daily for 3 years. before welbutrin I was on abilify and it worked very well but it was unaffordable so doc changed it to welbutrin , which I never thought worked. I started feeling down and anxious and asked the dr to change me back to abilify since I had new ins that will cover it . Instead she weaned me off the Zoloft in only 9 days with instructions to start pristiq 50 mg daily after the nine days.