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Avatar f tn What state does your sister live in? Maybe that will be a hint to what the acronym stands for! That is my big dream trip...Australia & New Zealand. I really want to do the Milford Trekk! It's like a 2 week hike through the back country of New Zealand...supposed to be absolutely beautiful there!
Avatar f tn I can't handle all the good results I got last time to be finally followed by a 14 1/2 week no hope for the baby u/s. So I am keeping my faith in god and seeing how it goes! Bam...good luck on waiting!! LOL!
Avatar f tn I read both what to expect and your pregnancy week to week. I liked the latter best.
934109 tn?1272014476 ah my thoughts r with u, feel for u i do iv not been in the same situation so extreme as urs but i sort of no wot ur goin thru, i was once on holiday with a friend n we fell out so for the rest of it which was another week i had 2 go out all by myself n meet new people which rely isnt like me but i was so alone, hope u meet some new people soon but in the mean time enjoy ur bump!
334926 tn?1436815123 Today I had my appointment with my new RE (she works in same office as my regular RE).. I feel like Ive been punched in the chest! Im so tired of all this crap! It didnt go bad and I didnt learn anything new...regarding my losses, 3 things could be going on.. 1) all babies are getting stuck in my tubes (ectopic) 2) my tube is inflamed and I might have hydrosalpinx and its leaking into my uterus and killing them cause its toxic.. 3) they are reaching my uterus and im just having bad luck..
Avatar n tn I have probably had endo since I started menstruating -I had all the symptoms, but also truly terrible doctors, in both NZ and then in the UK and then Canada, where I now live. It took me 18 years since first presentation of symptoms to get a diagnosis - and I saw 5 male gynaecologists who told me my problems were stress related (or in one case, cancer!!) along the way.. idiots. I was finally diagnosed by a female radiologist and a female gp - bless them.
Avatar n tn I had my tubes tied 11 years ago. I have had symptoms of pregnancy for about a week and a half. Bloating, constipation, throwing up, tender breasts, etc. I had a blood test done two days ago that came back negative, but my period isn't due for another 5 days. My last period came two weeks early and wasn't very heavy. How often do tubes come untied? And could I be pregnant even though the blood test came back negative?
551885 tn?1300387422 I personally have no intentions of leaving here for good IF and WHEN i ever get my BFP ALSO, Nunu tried to start a TTC after m/c forum, since it is totally diff. being preg after a m/c or loss than a first time pregnancy. They responded by saying that they didn't want to start one because this one is doing so well. I also have noticed that there are alot of forums like "baby dust" that just doesn't have that many people in it, let alone a close group like this.
175688 tn?1297560247 There has been animal studies on Rats, New Zealand Rabbits and Lambs who were pregnant and given double the normal dosage and no fetal abnormalities to date have been detected. There is neonatal withdrawl if you take it up until the delivery date. If you take few and far between to manage chronic pain you should be okay. I would avoid taking it every day at multiple dosing if possible, no adequate studies have been done on humans. For women taking 30mg a day..I must say that is high dosing.
Avatar n tn This was the first positive pregnancy test she has gotten. She's retesting next week, but she just thinks she will loose this pregnancy. Isn't 65 and 75 kind of low anyways. Could the lab be wrong or is that just an indication that something is wrong with he pregnancy.
Avatar n tn a positive test doesn't mean a successful pregnancy. I have had a few positive blood tests and unfortunately they failed week 6 of gestation. I now wont consider myself pregnant til I see a heart beat on a week 8 scan...even then, until I hold that baby in my arms......
Avatar n tn The two week wait is torture, but I am back at work so that helps the time to fly by. All the best to everyone from sunny New Zealand.
Avatar n tn Hey guys, im new here, lol! But i have this white discharge for about a week or 2, and i can't remember if it could be a sign of pregnancy. I already have an 11 month old and already forgot alot of the symptoms. But if anyone could help, i'd appreciate it. By the way, im also having alot of cramps in my stomach, if anyone knows what thats about to, id like to know. Thanks guys!
1131112 tn?1321043773 Well I'm pleased to report that after a couple of months drinking the spearmint tea my testosterone levels have dropped significantly. The normal range in New Zealand measurements is 0.5 - 2.5 and mine was 3 a couple of months ago. I have just been re tested and it's dropped to 1.4 !!!!
Avatar f tn With my first pregnancy they checked me around 35-36 weeks and then every week after that.
Avatar f tn Usually its once a month until you reach 3rd trimester. Then it's every 2 weeks until week 36, then it's evey week until baby is born.
Avatar f tn ). Hope this helps :) As for mood swings i get quite emotional. Angry one min then really upset the next.
1820473 tn?1344984363 yeah apparentky this is very uncommon in new zealand dr said something like 1 in every 25,000 people and that he had never met or knew any one that had met some one have the same problem
Avatar f tn I am 7 weeks 2days today and have scan today so hopefully the can find the embryo this time. Iv had tummy pain all weekend (I'm in New Zealand and its monday morning here) but no bleeding apart from a lil bit when i wipe after going to the toilet sometimes. My arms all bruised from all the blood tests i have had and I have another today. I just want to know if everythings okay. Hopefully my hcg levels are rising. They were "concernably low" according to the doctor at my last scan.
Avatar n tn Though I believe that many doctors neglgently prescribed Tramadol, I cannot lay the blame at their feet, as I believe many of them were misled by the published medical trials. I will publish links to studies done by various doctors at Johns Hopkins and other established, preeminent facilities, so you can see if you agree with their findings about tramadol's addiction and abuse potential.
Avatar n tn I'm Sarah, I live in New Zealand, I'm 19 and this is my second baby. I have a 9 month old son called axel who's the light of my life I'm due on the 6th of march.
Avatar n tn I didnt know that the rh type of your partner had anything to do with it and never heard of getting injections during pregnancy. Im not sure what blood type my partner is. I guess in New Zealand it is done different. Anyway good luck and all the best.
Avatar f tn Here in New Zealand all maternity care is free including scans. Im 19+2 and had a dating scan at 12wks which showed bubba was only 10+5 so I went back a week and a half later for the 12wk scan to check for abnormalities. I have another special scan on the 13th to check babies heart as heart conditions run in the family and then anatomy scan on the 20th at 22wks coz the clinic was booked until then. Then also get a final scan at 34wks. So yeah you should be due for your second or third!
Avatar n tn I hope you all dont mind me asking :) but im in New Zealand and im so fasinated in some of the posts and comments. I haven't had a scan since18 weeks and I have 9 days left. We dont have any checks down below intill we are in labor. So id have no idea if im dilated or anything. We also dont get induced unless we are over due or for medical reasons. the information some of you know and have access to is really cool..
1012334 tn?1283706579 My grand daughters have uncommon names as well,Dayshana,Leilani and Melody-Ann.Also my name is Erina which is becoming popular here in New Zealand.
Avatar m tn well I've had all my births done by midwives, no doctors, the first was in a hospital based birth center, all the rest have been in hospital with midwifery based care, in australia, they are already attached to your hospitals and in new zealand either your g.p gives you a list or you look up in ph book to find one and go from there, you then deliver in hospital with them doing the birth. Not sure how it works where you are but I would start by asking your regular g.
3106038 tn?1346816769 There must be a way you can exempt taking your test till a later date. You having a baby there must be a way to take it later. In New Zealand if you can't one of the major exams at the end of the year, with a doctors certificate they will give you another one at a later date. There must be someone you can ask...