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Avatar m tn I'm so sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy. Since most people on here are still trying to get pregnant, you might get more responses if you repost this on the Pregnancy 35+ forum. I know there are some ladies there that has gotten pregnant in their 40s...although I'm not sure if they were all natural pregnancies. Here's the link to the forum: Best of luck with everything!
159063 tn?1247276417 In other words, I think you have think about what is the rate of pregnancy for your age, how many IVF's have you done, and are you going to wish you had put in three if the others don't make it to freeze. I know it is a hard decision to make. We are praying that just one takes. I am not even thinking about if all four take. Good luck to you. Oh, and about the lining. I am not sure that it continues to increase. I think it is just suppose to stay thick so the embies can embed in it.
Avatar f tn The off-balance thing I've only had these two periods.. back in my early 20's.. now again in my mid 40's. I haven't done the ENT thing because I hate vomiting more than anything else, I've learned there's a phobia for it lol and I probably fit.. so I dont' want to deliberately subject myself to something that is likely going to create that issue. Anyway, what's happened recently comes and goes. Since May I would say it happened maybe 75% of days, every day for a month or two.
Avatar n tn After 35 it starts to become more difficult to naturally get pregnant, and in your mid to late 40's it's especially more difficult. There are those few women out there who can naturally get pregnant, but this is few and far between. Are you in perimenopause at all? If so, this too will make conception more difficult, but not impossible. Your doctor would do best to determine your own particular chances, but I would say they're not that high.
Avatar f tn 's are very negative about pregnancy in our 40's while others are very supportive. Are you pregnant, or are you considering a pregnancy? Whichever the case, all the best to you.
Avatar f tn The final thing would be your age. Many women have fallen pregnant in their early to mid 40's, but the majority require medical intervention for it to happen and even then it's not always successful. If it is suspected, you need to see a doctor for blood testing. Pregnancy after a ligation is risky because you have a higher risk of Ectopic, and with an ablation it can turn life threatening. They can also do blood testing to check your hormone levels.
Avatar n tn If you have no fertility issues, you should be fine however I must also say that there are a few more obstacles to overcome when getting pregnant in the 40's - fertility drops fairly significantly at age 40 and then at 42 largely because of egg quality. So the sooner you can get pregnant, the better!
Avatar n tn Your eggs in your 40s become of poor quality. Poor quality eggs turn in to miscarriages. Many times it's difficult to even get pregnant in your 40s. And many times IF you do get pregnant you end up miscarrying. I think the miscarriage rate increases with age and i think that it's about 50% or higher. Unfortunately you are fighting against mother nature when you try to conceive in your 40s.
Avatar n tn I would start charting my basal body temp and start prenatal vitamins, also have your boyfriend start taking vitamins, and then in a couple months, after you have charts in hand, the dr can maybe help. I know that if you go see a fertility dr and you are not charting, that is the first thing they will tell you you need to do, so it would be a good idea to do it before you go. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Some women have problems when they have children when in their 40's and some do very well as older moms. This is a risk that you need to be aware of, and it is a personal decision that you would have to make while aware that your age may pose a risk. This would have little to do with being diabetic, for healthy normal women have the same slightly greater risks of problems in pregnancy as they approach their middle years of life.
Avatar f tn Usually this happens in your late 30's, early 40's. It can also cause a whole variety of symptoms including hot flashes, breast tenderness, weight gain, fatigue, decreased sex drive, mood swings, and of course irregular period. Did your doctor check your FSH levels, as well as your estradiol levels. You can request a history of all your testing to see if these were done. If not, you can request they do them. If you have had it done, your levels will be indicative of what might be going on.
Avatar m tn Sorry I got off on waht someone said, this was not about the posteer again! I have known men in their 40's ask the same question as him so we just do not know the situation but I hope he makes the right decision in th end! Poster- the decision about the baby is really up to her and I think it would be a good idea no matter what is decided for you to take resonsibility and help her emotionally through this!!! I would not ask about abortion to her unless she says something about it!
Avatar n tn I know this must be agonizing (my sister has had 2 m/c and is now in her 40's). I'm so sorry that you are left with very difficult questions, many of us experience losses that leave us with many unanswered questions, I pray you are comferted and you find the strength to endure whatever lies ahead...Good luck to you!
Avatar f tn Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy!! There are many of us here in our late 30's and early to mid 40's who are either pregnant or have delivered perfectly healthy babies. (I am just a few weeks shy of 41 and pregnant with a healthy baby boy. My co-cl PamelaBee has two healthy beautiful babies, delivered at 41 and 44...or close to that anyway...Pamela??) As for the health concerns you have around your pregnancy, the best thing to do is take it step by step and day by day.
1182418 tn?1292440601 Ok so i came across a post on the teen pregnancy forum which bothered me. A girl saying shes angry about people speaking down on teen moms and how they need to shut the blah blah up. I am a very upfront and forward person and i personally think teen pregnancy has gotten out of control! Dont you girls use BIRTH CONTROL? or CONDOMS? Did you think you were invincible? Is it your ultimate life goal to get pregnant before youre out of high school?
Avatar n tn If I would have waited one day to take a test, I never would have known. It is pretty common. I don't know the answer about conceiving in your mid-40's. I would suggest talking to a doctor about it and weighing your options and risks.
Avatar f tn It is not uncommon for our cycles to change as we get into our 40's. However, it can certainly make if more difficult to conceive. There are many reasons this can happen and in all honesty, it would be next to impossible for any of us to do any better then guess. I recommend seeing your Dr. He or she may be able to do something to help regulate them. Good luck.
Avatar n tn If you are usually on daily suppressive therapy you can stay on it until you confirm your pregnancy and then you should stop it and switch to episodic therapy until the last month of pregnancy. With today's home pregnancy tests - you can detect your pregnancy before you are sharing a blood supply with the baby so that there's no risk of the medication even getting to baby.
Avatar f tn There are several ladies on here in their late 40's pregnant right now. And some as old as 50 still trying. And many ladies 40 and over have just started or,added to, their families. I honestly believe you shouldn't give up on your dream. You don't know why ladies are this old and still trying. But if that is the path they choose, so be it. Also, if you are using donor eggs or embryos, you chance of miscarriage is as low as if you were in your 20's and 30's.
1861698 tn?1319939382 While it is true that there is an increased risk of problems in our 40's, there are lots of us who have had healthy babies and normal pregnancies in our 40's. I had a few losses, then had a healthy beautiful baby boy at almost 41. At 42, we are attempting to get pregnant again. There are so many women like me out there who have had similar experiences. Dr.
Avatar f tn Started trying at 37 and am finally pregnant at 40 with what so far seems to be a sucessful pregnancy. It's been a long road for me and for several of the other ladies here in there late 30's early 40's. For others it was fairly easy. Getting pregnant after an ablation doesn't seem to be recommended. I am certainly no expert, but I have read and heard from some of the other ladies here that it can be dangerous.
Avatar f tn While it is true that fertility begins to decline at 35, there are lots of women in their 40's conceiving naturally and having babies into their 40's now. If after a few months of trying you have not yet been successful, it's not a bad idea to see an RE. I agree with many of the other comments..yes there are a few more risks, but it's well worth it, at least in my opinion. Good luck to you and I hope to be reading about your BFP soon!
Avatar n tn Hi SHF, according to the articles on the following webpages: the chances of a women who is in her early 40's having a child with a "genetic defect" such as Downs Syndrome is "less" than 10%, and not 80-90%. It is much harder for a woman in her 40's to concieve but leading the healthy lifestyle that you are is going to improve your odds.
Avatar n tn I'm worried-my girlfiend and I are using condoms but I'm in my 40's and unable so far to come with them, she's due to start the mini pill her next cycle. She's 33 and we both have kids. We're trying to be responsible. Last night we had anal sex and I came in her, no unprotected vaginal insertion, insertion with a condom earlier that evening. I didn't detect any come outside her anus, withdrew quickly, she immediately rolled over and washed herself, with soap, squatting in the tub.
Avatar f tn I have several friends in their 40's who have all had good pregnancies and beautiful healthy babies! Congrats to you!