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Avatar f tn Also be mindful what you eat, don't eat lots of junk, candy, fries cake etc, eat wholesome calories. Eat, fruit, veggies, protein, etc. now all that being said-it depends Ur still early in the pregnancy hopefully "morning sickness" doesn't start (in quotes bcuz w my 1st pregnancy I wasn't sick at all, 2nd sick fr 3pm-9pm, 3rd I was sick 24/7). If u get morning sickness eat whatever u can keep down/feeling good is what U should eat. Also some food aversions might kick in.
Avatar f tn I know this ia random but it it bad to eat vinegar type foods while pregnant?
Avatar f tn I love hot foods is it OK to eat them still while I'm pregnant ...
Avatar f tn I have read some good some bad info abt hummus!!! Is it ok to eat or not??
Avatar f tn Avoid alcohol and limit your caffeine intake. Here's a link to the FDA's pregnancy foods guidelines. It goes more into detail
Avatar f tn What kind of foods were you able to eat before you got pregnant but you just cant stand to eat or the smell... mine is cooked chicken, i would make chicken all the time before i got pregnant but now i cant even.get myself to cook it or eat it. It makes me sick. But i can eat chicken if its from a restaurant.... weird.
Avatar f tn so, why do people say pregnant women aren't suppose to eat hot foods again?? they're really starting to irritate me!!
Avatar f tn Hey ummm i ate some boiled eggs today in that a badd food to eat while pregnant???
Avatar f tn It's only to minimise your chances of food poisoning. All these foods you're recommended not to eat have a higher chance of bacteria, mould and lysteria. It's Russian roulette really. You may not get it but you may. Google the effects of food poisoning in pregnancy and you may think twice. There's no harm to mums-to-be asking questions, especially on a public forum. I'm happy to answer questions like that.
Avatar f tn It's fine. Eat as much as you want. I eat spicy foods all the time.
Avatar f tn Its weird cause i jus had the same thing for lunch on monday n it did the same thing different company n diff brand.. could it b the alfredo sauce making me sick its so hard nt to eat it cause its so
Avatar f tn but another thing to think about is what you arent supposed to eat. try not to eat greasy or fatty foods. I recently went to the hospital because greasy and fattiness made my gull bladder all out of whack and I had TERRIBLE pains in my right side. so that's a word of caution for you.
Avatar f tn i didn't heat mine up do you think that will do anything? i don't usually eat cold cuts but i didn't know what to eat this week. I guess eating chicken breast or other types of meat for lunch is better than cold cuts. Reading stuff is not a good idea because the more you read the more i worry.
Avatar f tn Her dr is WAY more willing to let her do/eat things that mine said no to. Actually her dr said she could eat lunch meat as long as its boars head. Makes no sense to can go bad in case just as easy as the other brands.
Avatar f tn I did avoid it but I also found some where that as long as it was pasturized it was ok for you to eat. You may want to ask your Dr though.
Avatar m tn No it's not but it may cause heartburn.
Avatar n tn Remember there are reasons why we are told not to eat certain foods. Some people risk eating them anyway and I would highly advise against that.
Avatar f tn This will keep you healthy and baby will grow for both pregnancy and breastfeeding. The foods you eat should come from all the food groups including multi grains, meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables.
118074 tn?1228332603 I have been baking dessert about once every 2 weeks. I don't eat much of it just wanted a taste but I just feel like I have to indulge myself since this maybe my last pregnancy. I have gained 26 lbs and I am only 30 weeks. I did start out at 108. At my last appt, I gained 10 lbs in 8 weeks. I don;t think I will do the same again but the weight gain is freaking me out. Ionly gained 30 at my last.
1007532 tn?1332771526 You just have to watch how much of it you eat. It's the mercury they want us to avoid. With my first pregnancy, I just ate whatever I wanted (Mind U I gained 55lbs...) I was 23 and didn't know any Anyway, I know now that as long as you are eating as healthy as possible, you'll be fine. Tuna is one big no, no, I've heard to stay away from. But once in a great while I don't think would hurt.
Avatar f tn What should I eat during my pregnancy. I used to eat sandwiches but I don't like them anymore. I'm 8wks..And get hungry and don't really have big ideas on what to be eating. I've been eating snacks and fruits and eating out. Any ideas.