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299260 tn?1304219705 A strong woman isn't afraid of anything… But a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of fear. A strong woman won't let anyone get the better of her… But a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone. A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future… A woman of strength realiizes life's mistakes can also be unexpected blessings and capitalizes on them. A strong woman wears a look of confidence on her face… But a woman of strength wears grace.
429155 tn?1205676864 I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
Avatar n tn Wow, what similar symptoms! All that's missing from me is Seizures, but some of yours give a rememberance of my symptoms of simple partial seizures in the early stages, such as vision changes, irritablity, brain fog.
Avatar n tn then a brief memory (few seconds) of driving toward home - next memory is sitting in the vehicle with police and paramedics all around in the middle of a terrible accident. Someone following behind me said I was driving erratically and drifted over into the oncoming traffic lane, hitting another car. Prior to this I have never had a traffic ticket, let alone an accident. I was transported to the hospital, briefly checked out and released.
Avatar n tn Here is the story of a 27 year old man, who thought he had everything together. Right now: I am a homeowner , have a well paying job and drive a nice car. But it wasn’t always like this. I used to be a broke 21 year old making $9/hr. I do not know if my problems stem from personal problems, drug problems or a little of both. That’s what I need help deciding. For clarification as to why I was on xanax: I was NOT diagnosed with bipolar, depression, schizophrenia or any of that stuff.
1530342 tn?1405020090 I often am traveling when there is nobody on the road. Where I live, there is not police department or sheriff's department right next door. They are south of my home by another 25 miles. I carry this particular gun because A. I shoot it really well. B.
Avatar f tn After forty minutes of beating on the door he finally came downstairs and turned himself over to the police and claimed to be having chest pains and not to have heard them. They took him to the hospital and then the jail. He originally said he hates me and my brother's to my Grandmother and that it was our fault he was there. He even told me that when she gave him my phone number to call me.
544292 tn?1268886268 If you are looking to get some help coming off Tramadol, this is a good place for you. People here are in all stages of beating this terrible drug. I know you can do it! I believe in you!
Avatar n tn Until they come up with a genetic model, this kind of talk comes from some one who has been through treatment (and sold a bill of goods), or they work in one and are trying to drum up business. hell the rage of popularity of "treatment center" has even altered and watered down the very organizations (AA & NA) they modeled themselves after. I do very much the same thing as JB. i take regular breaks away from opiates. i do this so when i go back on, they work more effectively.
Avatar f tn I'm just wondering how many of us are agoraphobic and to what extent. I know that I am and fight it all the time but make sure that I do leave my home most days. I have a very dear friend who hasn't left her home in almost 7 years. She has had all kinds of therapy and has tried SSRIs and other meds but is now VERY meds phobic and even with the CBT she finally gave up and just stays home. I'm wondering if there are others on this forum who are like her or are the majority like me.
Avatar n tn I have never been drunk before and I have never done any drugs untill I had my stomach surgery. I had 65% of it removed because of bleeding ulcers. My doctor put me on percocet then that surgery had complacations and caused much pain and I had to have another surgery. This time the doctor put me on percocets and oxycontin 10mg twice daly and because of complations of this surgery I again have pain that is killing me. It was supposed to help me and that doctor messed me up again!
Avatar n tn they know a seizure is coming on.) This is usually a feeling of lightheadedness and a drop in blood pressure. I can usually avoid the seizure by putting my head between my legs to get more blood to my brain. I have read that others have had a diagnosis of GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) related to these events. I have been diagnosed with both in the past. I am sure that this is vasovagal fainting associated with valsalva.
Avatar n tn My suggestion on how to sleep....is already known! Ok, I don't want to transform all of you in a bunch of drug addicted, but have you tried a tranquillizer just once? Just to see whether your tingling diminishes the moment you calm down? @rnneeedshelp: as my "colleague" has written, you are anxious over the symptoms, not the opposite, and the same is for all of us.
162948 tn?1205256292 This is also true of several of my friends. You can technically conceive immediately after the removal, but it may take a little longer than that. Much less time than w/the pill, though. Hang in there.