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Avatar f tn I was once told by a PA that benign watery ear canal cyst is a sign of walking pneumonia. I have searched on line for information to confirm this theory. Do you know anything about this?
Avatar f tn My son was diagnosed with walking pneumonia on 11/10/09. His doctor put him on a C-pact. However, after he finshed the medicine five days later, he still has had mild coughing during the day but very bad coughing at night. The coughing is so bad that he will cough up mucus or food that he has eaten. His doctor on 11/18/09 started him on pennicillin for ten days and loratadine which is a antihistamaine.
1100598 tn?1413131026 Ever since then, I have had chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting spells, weakness, back pain, a worseneing cough, low grade fever, chills, rash on my belly or chest, and nausea. The swollen lymph nodes have also returned. My doctor says I have bronchitis/walking pneumonia and put me on doxycycline on tuesday, but I am not feeling any better. I only have one day of antibiotics left.
Avatar f tn Yes it could be pneumonia and if you are still experiencing the symptoms you describe, when you get this message, you should definitely seek medical attention.
Avatar f tn Well, my husband had the same symptoms as well, but when he woke up today, it was harder for him to breathe so he went to the hospital and found out he had walking pneumonia but was given nothing to treat it because they said he has to get over it himself. Now I'm worried that it might also be what I have, but they found out by X-ray, and I know I shouldn't get an X-ray while 20 weeks preganant. And even if that was it, would they even treat me for it?
Avatar f tn Good morning I'm being treated for pneumonia just started antibiotics last nite feeling a lol worse off but my question is walking pneumonia's funny but ct images showed fluid on right lung and I have side pain ouchee! But now more symptoms are appearing.
7900821 tn?1395195704 me as a patient so my insurance would not pay the $1000 medications. Now 3 months ago they told me I had walking pneumonia, diagnosed with a blood test. Then I get a call that tells me that I have pneumonia in my left lobe. They put me on cipro. I had a bad fall 2 nights ago. The ambulance had to come and get me. Guess what! I have pneumonia in both lungs. How can I keep getting pneumonia?
Avatar m tn Well, I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia sometime last month, July. I can't remember the date sorry. And everything was going well until one night i woke up dizzy and had a very bad case of the chills so i went to the ER and they gave me IV and took another X-Ray and they told me that the pnemonia was gone from the look of those those X-Rays.
Avatar m tn Hello all, (i posted this question a second time here) I'm sixteen, turned it august 4, and I'm actually skinny for my age. Well, I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia sometime last month, July. I can't remember the date sorry. And everything was going well until one night i woke up dizzy and had a very bad case of the chills so i went to the ER and they gave me IV and took another X-Ray and they told me that the pnemonia was gone from the look of those those X-Rays.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia about 2 months ago, but the symptoms showed up a month or two prior to seeing a doctor. I went on a month of antibiotics, but never really improved. I have a cough, but the largest struggle has been my headaches. I have taken good care of myself avoiding alcohol and getting plenty of rest, but the problems persist. I currently have a headache that is tender to touch right at the top of my head.
Avatar m tn 7 , and sweeted at least half a gallon of sweet , but then the next day I stated getting a dull pain on the right side of the lower back , then it progressed to middle of spine and left side of lower back which lasted a couple of days I believe it was a kidney infection , at the same time I developed Acute bronchitis symptoms a very labord breathing , and a wierd rattling type noise , I gets much better after taking a very Hot shower , i think from all the dry unproductive coughing , which only
Avatar m tnWalking pneumonia” is a clinical diagnosis that usually means a viral infection in the lungs. It could have a positive finding on an x-ray, coughing, lack of energy and possibly pain that is felt in the back. It does not usually respond to antibiotics because it is a viral infection and may take 1-3 weeks to completely resolve. Pleurisy is an inflammation of the lining of the lungs that can accompany pneumonia. It does cause pain and naproxen is fine for this.
Avatar m tn My symptoms never fully went away so I went back to the doctor today and I tested positive for walking pneumonia. Doc prescribed me cough syrup and Levofloxacin. My question is, Should i really take the Levofloxacin, is it impereitive? I've read up about it and it seems like some heavy duty stuff, I also hate taking antibiotics anyway and I was JUST on azithromycin that had me in constant diarrhea. I'd rather let my immune system run its course.
Avatar m tn My 4 yr. old son was diagnosed with walking pneumonia after getting hives on his face 2 days in a row. At first we thought it was an allergy we couldn't put our finger on because he has an allergy to dairy and sesame. But he hadn't come in contact with either one. Once our pediatrician examined him she said the hives were from walking pneumonia. He is on the third day of antibiotics but hives are still appearing on his face. They go away within the hour without any treatment.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia two weeks ago. I was given Z Pack. I took it. It seemed to work for a couple of days then the symptoms returned. Doctor gave me another Z Pack. Same thing. It worked for a couple of days and then the mychoplasma returned. Question 1: Why did Z pack not get rid of it? Question 2: I'm on Doxycycline now. Will that get rid of it? I'm terrified to even get out of bed for fear that I will relapse again. I want my life back. Please help.
1609219 tn?1298108535 I am very sensitive to smoke, and that can trigure a sinus infection-but can that really turn into walking pneumonia? Is it possible It has never totally left my system? Any help would do. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I had walking pneumonia four months ago. Now I have it again. I don't know why I have it again. Last time I had it I threw all of my cosmetics, tooth brushes, toiletries away because I was afraid I was re-infecting myself. I bought all new make up when I got better, should I throw it all away again to avoid reinfection?
Avatar f tn my mom has walking pneumonia and she is 86. they are giving her steroids, but she is still having trouble breathing. what is the likleyhood at her age that she will pull through? also i am helping her out at home- will flowers, detergents, etc. make it worse? any advise you have would help.
Avatar n tn Currently I still get shortness of breath in the cold, after walking up stairs, or upon any exertion. How much longer will this last? I mean its been five weeks?
Avatar n tn I feel for you, as my symptoms are quite similar. I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia 10 days ago (positive x-ray) that I'd probably had for several weeks. Doc put me on doxycycline and an albuterol inhaler --- and like an idiot, thought I'd be back at work the next day. The symptoms have increased and not decreased, to include back, neck and joint pain --- and pure exhaustion. I'm still coughing and sleeping alot. This week's xray was clear and numerous stat blood tests were normal.
Avatar n tn Now on to my question. In November of last year I developed walking pneumonia. Then in December I developed pneumonia and was hospitalized for 2 days. While in the hospital I was given breathing treatments every 6 hours with albuteral and something else. Then in February I developed walking pneumonia again. Then in April I was hospitalized at John Peter Smith Hospital for an automobile accident and while in the hospital they were worried I was trying to get pneumonia again.
Avatar n tn I recovered from varicella pneumonia back in June, after being intubated for a week 1/2. I had CHF, and pulmonary effusions. From what I gather I am lucky to be here. My question is , I feel like a walking medical journal. I am constantly getting pleurisy, and have developed asthma. It seems I am constantly coughing, and my lungs seem to always feel heavy,( Mucousy). Is this just a long term problem that I will be facing? The doctors tell me that my lungs seem to be clearing up...
Avatar n tn After running a few tests (Regular Xray, a special lung xray, and by the next day a CT scan) they said I had a very severe pneumonia. Thankfully it was only in my right lung but they set the blockage was so severe that they thought I had a PE (the CT ruled it out...PHEW!). But wound up having to spend about a week in the hospital where they put me on two different IV antibiotics and lots of fluids (I was so dehydrated they joked I urinated dust when I first came in).
175861 tn?1428186013 Actually My Fiance experienced the same thing after He had what I believe to be walking pneumonia, and it turned out that he had some kind of stomach flu as well. What he did was eat as regulary as he could, took Tums, then tried Gasex, and after that he had a nasty bout of diahrea. Then he had to go on the CRAM (Cereal, Rice, and Milk)diet for a while (which turns out to supposedly be better than the BRAT-Banana, Rice, Applesause, and Toast)diet, but either one will help you).
186606 tn?1263513790 Yuckers!!!! Pneumonia? Please take care of yourself and feel better soon. We are all wishing you a speedy recovery! Take It Easy!
Avatar f tn Sorry for taking so long with this. I'm sure you heard about the mid-Tennessee flooding so my mind has busy praying for lots of people and trying to do what I can for people around that were affected, we were very fortunate. I went to ER and they found nothing. Even did blood work to find nothing unusual. So, off to neuro I went who ordered IV steroid. It's been approx. 3 weeks since then and will be going tomorrow.