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Avatar m tn Hello all, (i posted this question a second time here) I'm sixteen, turned it august 4, and I'm actually skinny for my age. Well, I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia sometime last month, July. I can't remember the date sorry. And everything was going well until one night i woke up dizzy and had a very bad case of the chills so i went to the ER and they gave me IV and took another X-Ray and they told me that the pnemonia was gone from the look of those those X-Rays.
Avatar m tn Well, I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia sometime last month, July. I can't remember the date sorry. And everything was going well until one night i woke up dizzy and had a very bad case of the chills so i went to the ER and they gave me IV and took another X-Ray and they told me that the pnemonia was gone from the look of those those X-Rays.
Avatar n tn Othewise you can be victimized by this awful stuff. I am in my fifth day of recovery from pneumonia. I am walking around the block and am very proud of myself. When I get back I get dizzy and weak but I don't count those symptoms. It ruins my walk. Lots of Hope here. I guarantee it.
186606 tn?1263513790 Having had pneumonia twice, maybe 3 times in my life, once w/ pleurisy as well (remember that one well), I know it's no picnic, God's speed to getting rid of it soon, and feeling much, much better!
Avatar m tn So about a week and a half ago I was diagnosed with bronchitis/ walking pneumonia. He said that it was bronchitis but then he found a specific spot and said it was pneumonia in its beginning stages. He gave me the blue inhaler, azithromycin (I'm allergic to penicillin), and told me to take tylenol four times a day. My symptoms leading up to this were dry cough, wheezing, and coughing fits so violent it set off my gag reflex and it has hard to breath.
Avatar n tn My mother just had a triple bypass last Monday(1 week ago) I thought she would be walking by now. Three days ago when they moved her to the CCU unit, they walked her around the nurses station once and she has not walked since. Everyone who has had this surgery that I know tells me that have you up and walking by the second or third day.
250084 tn?1303311035 However, DURING TX I got a killer blend of a cold that turned bacterial - and then roosted in my lungs and gave me walking pneumonia. I - too --- hanging head ---- smoke. So when I went down for the count - I had to practically sleep in the bathroom to get the moist air - so that I could breathe. I also had to take PROMETH --- and a couple of mucous aides. Still - I believe that the SHOTS worked better on me - the antibiotic ones - and I went every 3 days to get another shot...
Avatar n tn Thanks for your comments on your experience with pneumonia. It does help to know it just takes time to get over this illness. Mentally I feel like doing activities, but physically my body tells me NO! So, I listen to my body and rest even in the middle of the day. Sorry to hear of your problems with the parapneumonic effusion and chest drains...that sounds just awful. I pray that you will soon be well. God bless.
Avatar f tn reading all the comments here I feel its quite normal and am still on the path of recovery.. I got back to active life and hitting the gym and walking now after almost 6 months of resting..
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed just over a week ago with a pulmonary embolus and pneumonia. I am now home and feeling much better and pain is subsiding, just feeling easily fatigued which I understand is quite normal at this stage. I am a 26 year old female who was in the final stages of marathon training when this all happened, so it's all being quite a shock! The only risk factor the doctor thinks would make me susceptible is the birth control pill Yasmin.
Avatar n tn I had mycoplasma pneumonia at the end of october 2001. I was hospitalised for nearly a week. Because I have an intolerance to erythromycin I was given other antibiotics that didn't work then eventually clarythromycin which did. I have felt exhausted and achy ever since. I have had lots of blood tests (including thyroid) which have all come back normal. The situation seems to have been complicated by being prescribed Paxil which caused insomnia.
467579 tn?1289406569 Debbie, I'm not sure you could quantify this. I am certainly no expert, however, I haven't had the flu because I get a shot every year because I am at high risk because of Diabetes. Why didn't you have a shot because it's obvious you are at high risk as well? Given that I would say that it could take a long time to fully recover from the flu. Maybe even 3 months or more would be my guess. I have had pneumonia in the past and that took a long, long time befor I full recovered.
Avatar n tn Showering has been really difficult as a result. I haven't really tried walking for a long period of time yet, but my posture is starting to be back to what it was, which I'm relieved about. Could anyone tell me if this extreme shortness of breath is normal? what is it a result of?
Avatar f tn Doesn't really help much, though. Walking, walking, walking is what moves the gas out.....but you won't have your strength back to walk that much yet. Walking will get you out of the hospital faster, because they need to know you can pass out the gas. Anesthesia paralyzes the digestive system and they have to know it is working again. 4. Absolutely DO NOT eat or drink anything after whatever hour they tell you prior to surgery.
Avatar n tn I can only speak from my own experience, as I am not a medico or therapist. I had my stroke nearly 12 months ago, a bad one, my entire left side of losing movement (but not sensation). My leg & foot are more advanced than my arm, so I was able to walk (with walking stick) after a few weeks. After a few months I could walk without stick. It's still a work in progress, trying to maintain & improve the function that I have. My arm was/is more stubborn.
1041487 tn?1256331319 This is the only recovery therapy that she has received. The Director of Physical Therapy says that nothing else can be done for her, because she is unresponsive. Is this normal procedure? I would think that a Speech Therapist would come in and try some sort of exercises with her. I'd appreciate any information. Thanks.
Avatar n tn My husband continues to do well with his walking. Do you recall that I had commented on his walking short distances w/out cane? Well...he is now walking LONGER distances. I believe that with him it was a "confidence thing" that impeded him from walking longer distances earlier on.
Avatar m tn My husband has been ill with severe/fulminant micoplasma pneumonia for over 3 months now. He also suffered the complication of a pneumothorax which resulted in 2 aspirations and finally a CT guided drain was inserted. He had numerous courses of antibiotics but it took such a long time to clear. Although he has been very poorly I now feel he is delaying his recovery through obsessive deep breathing, negativity and anxiety.
Avatar n tn What does this mean? I am having a difficult time dealiing with this unknown and unpredictable recovery process. The doctors keep giving me the worse case scenario but I see things happening which they don't really explain to me. Has anyone had this sort of experience?
Avatar n tn It was a big 4 lb benign mucinous (filled with junk) mass. The surgery was done via C-section and my recovery time was probably a week before I felt up to going to college classes and what not. I have to admit that for a year I didn't feel the same. The tumor had pushed my organs all out of whack and the doctor said it would take time for them to come back into place and it did. Like you I have a history with my sister Brittany having ovarian cancer and passing away from it.
Avatar n tn BTW, I am also very active--tennis, golf, walking, biking. This is getting in the way BIG TIME.
Avatar f tn I'm a 47 year old male that had sepsis and multi-organ failure. I'm a trainer and am having a hard time with this slow recovery...I was in the ER Dec. 12 and out Dec 24, 2009. When I entered the ER, my bp was 60/40, hr 184 and a fever of 104.5. They thought that I wouldn't make it. So glad that I did! It is now Feb 16, 2010. Any idea what kind of recovery time I should expect? I feel that that I am 50 plus % of my old self right now...please advise. Thank you!
239164 tn?1207266607 I was given both the Flu and Pneumonia vaccines on the day I was released (so right at about 48 hours ago) and I'm wondering if that could be causing me to feel feverish/sickly. I was and still am very, very weak. My quads are so weak that walking up/down the stairs is a battle. I'm trying to stay "up" instead of in bed, but not sure what balance to try to have there, either.
Avatar f tn they were trying to move me to the bed, and I felt so cold that I shivered. One nurse said, she was cold and we needed to add more quilts. Then they called me my name; I opened my eyes. I felt good at that time. No sick, no dizzy, no big pain. After lying there for one or two hours, a nurse put a pillow under my head and moved up the upper side of the bed. She said changing lying position was good for me, to avoid blood clot.
Avatar n tn PUMPS, TISSUES, FAMILY, well they all help, but if I am actually going to SURVIVE ALL OF THIS, it will be through pure determination, and a higher power keeping me walking, swimming and doing. Barring that, it is time to go, for I am not meant ot cough in a bed for my last years. I already did that BEFORE the BYPASS. I was dead for 5 hours on a heart lung machine. Most of us were.