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Avatar f tn No diagnosis from nhs at all and no treatment from them. Even been to infectious disease in liverpool. Admitted to hospital twice, 2 brain scans. Scans and bloods normal. 23 gp appointments so i give up with them. I paid to have my blood sent to armin labs in germany.
1100598 tn?1413131026 Until recently my asthma attacks only consisted of coughing and a some S.O.B. Last fall I had Walking Pneumonia after an upper resp. infection. Last month I had a cold that ended up turning into pneumonia, which was treated with Levaquin. I started having Asthma attacks with this, which I thought was from being allergic to the Levaquin, but it has been over two weeks since I have been off the antibiotic and I am still having the Asthma attacks.
518117 tn?1429279873 i even took him for another breathing treatment at the ER before the one on dec. 18. there is mrsa pneumonia. did he catch it at the hospital? so many questions. but these professionals messed up from the get go. i will never trust another doctor, hospital and i will never ever go to any damn shrink for certain. pill pushers is what they all are. QUESTION YOUR DOCTORS, HOSPITALS, THE MEDS THEY WANT TO PLACE YOU ON!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! Many drugs like psychiatric drugs are being off labeled.
Avatar m tn 4 weeks ago i went to my Dr and was diagnosed with mild pneumonia, 4 weeks have passed i have had 5 courses of antibiotics, although i am coughing less (mostly becuase it is now so painful), and the mucous is lighter (but it does now have brown flecks and streaks in it) I am still very breathless - even when doing the simplest of tasks, and in a tremendous amount of pain - both muscular and inside the left side of my chest it feels like someone has grabbed hold of my lung and is squeezing it co
Avatar f tn I know in America it is all about money and insurance. In England we have the world famous National Health Service (NHS), where medical treatment is free to all, no exceptions. God bless you all in your individual struggles. malcyboy.
Avatar f tn Without treatment, the immune system clears gonorrhea in a few weeks (men) to a few months (women). Persistent infection for a year or more is extremely rare, if it occurs at all. Now having read the question itself: First, your symptoms are not typical gonorrhea. Second, there is no accurate home self test for gonorrhea, and none approved or recommended in the US by public health agencies or the Food and Drug Adminstration. So you cannot trust your test result.
Avatar f tn Hi - having going through multiple symptoms for the last 3 months and getting no diagnosis through the NHS , I know how it feels. Seriously - get yourself tested for lymes disease and other tickbourne infections. I sent my blood to a lab called Armin Labs in germany and they tested. Mine is mycoplasma pneumonia and possibly lymes - read my post ive just put up. Lymes is known to cause every symptom possible and it can cause lesions on the brain. It could well possibly be that.
Avatar f tn I had trouble to pass urine and suffered an infection. After this I had to undergo treatment for Haemorroids. Things went wrong again after a couple of years and due to NHS and PCT they refused to allow me back to the hospital. I suffered pain every night which was relieved by spending a penny. I eventually divorced in 2009, but I can only say that I wish I had never married or had children, not only for the health problems caused, but for how I have been treated.
215234 tn?1305146561 Hi, I'm hoping for some help with the following problem, as having just finished a course of antibiotics ( Azithromycin 500) for a suspected "lymph node infection" which apparently is pressing on the Trigeminal nerve. I am still finding the pain unbearable, & feel its only subsided slightly.
Avatar f tn Lizzy is from the UK, if her (?) profile is correct. But I guess she (?) can still get tested by IGenex. However, Igenex probably can't test for most European strains. Igenex performs a free PCR test on all Western Blot tests. C. pneumoniae ----- as mkh9 said. And you'd have a twofer. :) You're positive for two diseases that can be treated with the same drug-------if the test can be trusted then treatment should proceed, in my opinion. That's how I'd go.
Avatar n tn 9 i suddenly need to cough for no real reason but NHS has gone to s**t the med staff arent the problem i think it is the governments lack of funds. i guess this is a new day nad ages of having seek medical advice off the net because docs just dnt seem to have the time or resources to cope with their work load. i have been put on penecillin and amoclan but my doc seemed to think its was laryngitous ad then toncilitous but nearly 10 weeks of that doesnt sound right.
242516 tn?1368227505 Since essentially all flu currently circulating is still pandemic H1N1, lab testing is not helpful at this time. If you get pneumonia after an ILI (Influenza-like-illness) or those with risk factors you may ask your doctor to test you and treat you with Tamiflu. Testing options for include the rapid influenza test (only 40-70% able to rule it out) or the H1N1 PCR test (more accurate in ruling it in).
Avatar m tn If I'm not mistaken, BC would be under Canada's National Health Care System. It's possible that NHS guidelines prohibit labs from running FT3 and FT4 and/or antibodies, unless TSH is abnormal, even with a doctor's orders. This is because of the belief that anyone who is hypothyroid will have a high TSH. We see this with patients in U.K, but I've never run across it in Canada.
Avatar n tn Actually, after I demanded to see a gastro. here (I only got an appointment because of the disaster with my pneumonia treatment) he didn't give me any advice on what to do- I called a doctor I knew in the states to ask his advice... which worked (probiotics).
Avatar f tn sent me to a colorectal surgeon, and he said surgery would be last resort (seton placed in the fistula), after we try Remicade, which will likely be my next course of treatment (the surgeon said Remicade heals fistula's 80% of the time). I go back in 4 weeks to re-***** the situation. So I can relate to the fistula. Have you found any relief so far since the placement?
Avatar n tn 's don't understand lyme very well and alot of times won't give you proper treatment that you need. to find a llmd(lyme literate medical doctor) go to and go to flas discussion, then seeking a doctor. Sign up on lymenet .org it is a very good site with alot of people with good info. I hope you feel better and get some of the answers you are seeking God Bless!
Avatar f tn Honestly, if you have been told your sx's are caused by a psychological condition or diagnosed with something like conversion disorder, then it is in your absolute best interest, to get your mental health fully and appropriately assessed by a psychologist or psychiatrist, so you can start treatment or get that dx totally off your list! We have a couple of health pages specifically on this topic that you might find helpful to read through, below is part 1..... http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn uk/touching_lives/2006/03/infections_children It explains what treatment we can expect hopefully in the not-too-distant future and what serious illnesses we can expect as adults with low MBL... I will definitely follow-up with Prof Klein who also happens to be our son's doctor in our follow-up visit at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Will revert if I learn of any new developments. I hope your children are all doing better now.
Avatar f tn I continued with chest pains, stomach pains, chronic migraines, chronic fatigue. I had root canal treatment in May 2006. I was diagnosed with DVT and emboli in th elung in June 2006 and put on warfarin for 1 year or so. I then got flu in mid 2006, and lost my sense of taste completely (my taste never came back) and developed tinnitus. My migraines got worse and I became extremely tired and ill and could not move. I was diagnosed as having chronic fatigue.
Avatar n tn Your liver is reacting to the poison your own body has produced. The fluid in your lungs was pneumonia and it is amazing you survived that alone but to be left with this "rare" condition makes me very suspicious since it sounds to me that you post op issues were caused by impompetance of the Doctors who performed the surgery and the failure of medical community after that to take responsibility for their initial surgical mistake.
Avatar f tn It's not even from a list provided by my health care company. I can go to any hospital, seek treatment at any clinic, so on and so forth. You get the idea..the only person who is involved is my Dr. I just like to make sure everyone knows how our system works when I see posts like this...I think it's important to know all the facts.
Avatar m tn I hope that your boyfriend has had good luck finding treatment and that it is working for him. I will keep him and all that are experiencing this rare condition in my prayers.
Avatar m tn I live in the UK and 45 y/o male. Presented to GP with diarrhoea before the summer. Got Dx'ed with H Pylori and accepted the treatment as an act of faith - notwithstanding the fact that sudden onset of diahorrea is not a typical symptom of H Pylori. But you have to play along with these things so I did. As I predicted my problems did not go away and so the doc gave me the expected IBS bullsh*t. They tell you IBS so you'll go away until such time as you develop more serious symptoms.
686769 tn?1236275731 One forum has horrible side effects starting after about 1 yr of treatment, from cancer to pneumonia and death. Now I am wondering if I should stay on it. I am also on Liadal, and iron pills. My bm's have improved, however there are still days where I cant leave my house, or come home to "change" my outfit. I feel like going off all the drugs and following a strict diet- but my drs tell me there are no certain foods to stay away from.
940391 tn?1255758976 It took months to heal, finally did my chemo and just finished 2mos ago. It sucked, but I digress. Towards the end of my treatment I suffered from shortness of breath and a pressure in my chest. Oncologist kept saying it was a side effect but when I spiked a little fever they did a CT w/contrast and I was told I had pneumonia.
400099 tn?1282958464 Last year my PCP highly recommended that I get the regular flu shot and a shot for pneumonia, but she was highly against the H1N1 shot due for several sound reasons, mostly in how the vaccine was produced (one issue surrounded a preservative and I can't recall the other). If I understand it correctly, this year's flu shot does contain antibodies to protect H1N1. Please ask your neuro why its not recommended for you and the possible risks of getting the vaccine against getting the flu.
Avatar f tn I didn't leave alone...but with very low blood pressure, pneumonia, E-Coli, yeast infection and constant pain in my left flank. I have lots of headaches, am despressed, weepy and can't sleep despite being very exhausted. My limbs flucuate from feeling like dead weights to feeling as weak as a kitten. Every litlte exertion causes panting and a feeling of panic. I've been home from hospital for nearly two weeks. I feel as weak as a baby. I'm scared it could come back.
Avatar m tn have you been checked out for copd? have you had time in hospital treatment and had your blood gases done at all?