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Avatar m tn After a month of different type of antibiotics for pnuemonia, I finally got the right one (Levaquin) which cleared my lungs and got permission to begin exercising (slowly) last Monday. Has anyone experienced recovery from pneumonia and what I can expect during the recovery period? I have an anxiety problem and I can't tell if my current symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, weakness are normal recovery symptoms or are they a product of my anxiety?
Avatar m tn “Walking pneumonia” is a clinical diagnosis that usually means a viral infection in the lungs. It could have a positive finding on an x-ray, coughing, lack of energy and possibly pain that is felt in the back. It does not usually respond to antibiotics because it is a viral infection and may take 1-3 weeks to completely resolve. Pleurisy is an inflammation of the lining of the lungs that can accompany pneumonia. It does cause pain and naproxen is fine for this.
Avatar n tn I hope you can get on top of your pneumonia soon. It certainly is a battle to recovery some strength and energy.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with pneumonia Feb. 7th. (later to be diagnosed as mycoplasma pneumonia) I was put on a series of antibiotics (in total 5 courses in 1 month). My symptoms (coughing/ breatning problems) cleared up after about 1 week but I was extremely tired. Then 1 week after I finished the last antibiotic course I developed unbearable stomach pains and it was believed that all the antibiotics killed my digestive bacteria.
Avatar m tn Optimum recovery will require complete clearing of your pneumonia by symptoms and X-ray, but that alone should not be construed as full recovery. You might wish to ask your Infectious Disease Physician Specialist for his/her opinion on whether your pneumonia was Hospital Acquired or Community Acquired and, in either instance, did true Influenza predispose you to it.
Avatar n tn recovery from pneumonia causing airway inflammation may take long time. it depends haw bad the peumonia, you underlying health especially the lungs, and if the airways have been involved in the inflammation process, studies have showen complete recovery to normal lung volumes may take up to 3 months. chest X-ray follow up indicated if you are not getting better or getting worse.usualy not sooner than 6 weeks from time of pneumonia unless indicated otherwise .
Avatar n tn Anyone, of any age, can get pneumonia. It may take a long time for the pneumonia to go away completely, but there should be ongoing improvement, even if it is slow. If the pneumonia does not completely go away or the pneumonia comes back you may have some other lung problem or an immune problem. As long as you do not have a lung or an immune problem, then you should have no more trouble with pneumonia. Also you would not need to take any special precautions.
Avatar n tn Could this have been walking pneumonia? Almost everything I come across regarding pneumonia discusses high fever, cold/flu like symptoms, and being able to hear it with a stethoscope. In my case, I had fatigue, presumably pleuritic chest pain, and shortness of breath. That seems to be about it. I am not sure if any of the other symptoms (i.e., GI issues, dehydration, and misdiagnosed hernia) are related--which is why I went into so much detail.
7738976 tn?1393796132 I was misdiagnosed as having Pneumonia for six weeks with two hospital admissions. I was never any better so I went to Mayo Clinic for a second opinion and was diagnosed as having CHF. Within weeks of getting on a diuretic and heart meds my chest cleared and and I began to feel better. My EF was 19%. My question is is it possible to get back to 50% and if so how long.
Avatar n tn Additional treatment for pneumonia may include rest, fluids, oxygen, and inhaled medicine depending on the nature and severity of your symptoms. Recovery from pneumonia varies based on the germ, your overall health, and how soon effective treatment is started.
Avatar n tn We had an xray done and they saw cloudy-ness all throughout his lungs, which led them to believe it was a bacterial pneumonia and not aspiration pneumonia. He is on two different antibiotics, zenequin and clavamox and has been for the last week and a half. We've also been inducing a cough 3-4 times a day to assist him in clearing his lungs. We are seeing slight improvement in his cough, which isn't as frequent and not as productive, but he is still very fatigued.
Avatar m tn i know you cant get from french kissing but worried about Pneumocystis jiroveci Pneumonia. i went to the doctor last week and they said i had pneumonia they put in the hospital for 4 days on antibotics. i got out and two later i went back and they gave me different antibotics and still feeling a little bad. i got worried and start to read that hiv person get pneumocystic jiroveci pneumonia and if this could be want wrong with me.i just have chest pain back pain and breathing problem. no fever.
Avatar m tn Hi, it could just be the recovery phase post pneumonia. Tuberculosis usually presents with loss of appetite and loss of weight with evening rise of temperatures. This is correlated with other clinical symptoms like cough, chest pain and blood tests, which will show a raised ESR and increased lymphocyte count, if it is an active infection. Your treating doctor will be able to identify a tuberculous clinical picture. So, don't worry and Take care. Regards.
455126 tn?1212435798 I had all the same symptoms as all of you.I am a professional singer and haven't lost any of my vocal capabilities. I did do vocal therapy with a trained vocal teacher immediately after surgery and had my voice back to normal strength after about a month and a half. It gets better and better every day so hang in there and be patient. everything will be ok. If you're not sure, your ENT is always there to answer any questions you might have. It's there job.
476834 tn?1228402309 today this morning I looked at the bottom of the page and it says 1234 etc,,,,, HELLO,, Yea i know i'm a little slow lol anyway what I meant is if you get pneumonia does it make your signs and symptoms worse?? because mine are threw the roof. I'm so weak and the numbness and tingling is back FULL FORSE. also I have pneumonia twice last year and now here I am again. anyway that's what I meant.
Avatar m tn If that is correct, the course of your illness is consistent with what is called, Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP -- pneumonia acquired when not hospitalized). There are many causes of pneumonia (bacteria, fungi, viruses, chemical or organic irritants) and, even with extensive bacteriologic testing the specific cause is often not determined. The information you have provided, including the imaging studies (X-ray and CT) provides no clues as to the cause of your pneumonia.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with pneumonia two weeks ago, and I have entered what I am terming a 'throat-clearing' phase of my pneumonia recovery (left lobe was affected), which I'll say began when I started a 10-day antibiotic course two weeks ago today.
Avatar n tn I'm sure stopping smoking will help your recovery, that and a strong positive belief in yourself and your doctor(s) will help a lot. My reason for visiting this form is I suffer from sinus congestion, really a simple thing but still one that causes me to lose sleep and get panic feelings...
Avatar m tn So, if he has had pneumonia and but continues to improve, the pneumonia is no longer a threat, but he should take the full course of the antibiotic.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia in the right lower lobe about four weeks ago. I had antibiotic treatment and an inhaler for ten days. I had another chest x-ray after the antibiotic treatment and my doctor said that my lung was looking much improved. The coughing has ended, but I still have not returned to my normal energy level. Also, when I wake in the morning, I usually have a feeling of discomfort in the right upper quadrant of my body.....just a vague aching.
Avatar n tn After 10 days of feeling almost symptom free, I woke up in the middle of the night with what was diagnosed a week later (after a trip to ER and a chest x-ray) as Pneumonia. The ER doctor prescribed anti-biotics, and I again began to feel much better. About two weeks later, I woke up feeling extremely congested and ill. A week went by (now mid-September) before I visited my GP, who suspected sinusitis.
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Avatar f tn Hi there. I was previously a health 30 year old female, and contracted pneumonia last year and developed a pleural effusion on my right lung. I was in hospital for two weeks as I had an infection (hot/cold/sweats) and it took them a few days to find what the cause was and whether or not I should have the fluid drained. Eventually they inserted a chest tube and drained over 1.5lt of fluid over 24 hours.
Avatar f tn After the initial phase of myocarditis, some patients can experience complete recovery, others may develop chronic heart failure due to injured heart muscle. Recovery will depend as well on medical therapy to reduce heart size, reduce the heart's afterload by vessel dilatation, increase contractility, etc. Patients who have had myocarditis are at some risk for sudden unexpected, potentially fatal, heart rhythm abnormalities.
Avatar m tn org/posts/Senior-Health/recovery-time-from-pneumonia-and-sepsis/show/1196599 What is your kidney function like now? What kind of GFR do you have? Have you tried the natural medicine route at all? Have you tried a licensed, experienced Chinese acupuncturist/herbalist?