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Avatar f tn Hi! I am sorry you suffered so much. Plavix is a good drug and quite effective. It is very difficult to know whether a patient will respond to it. One can only start the drug and see. Also, clogging of arteries does not have any outward reaction like a rash. So, often it is difficult to know whether the stent is blocking again or not. Sometimes the patient suffers only angina pain and angiography is repeated and stent either re-canalized or by-pass done or another drug started.
Avatar m tn Hello , I am on Plavix too and having read the leaflet I see rash and itching is among possible side effects. Have you been back to your Doctor and mentioned this problem ? It may be worth it to put your mind at ease.
Avatar f tn old mom had been on plavix for about 2 months when she began having severe diahreea, nausea and loss of appetite. Is it possible for this to be a side effect of plavix even though she has been on the med for 2 months with no problem? She often has difficulty tolerating medications. She was diagnosed with a bacterial infection but after 2 rounds of antibiotic the symptoms return after abouit 2-3 days of feeling better. .
Avatar n tn diarrhea, itching, skin redness and rash. We are not much worry about the diarrhea as much as the other symptoms because my mother can't stop scratching herself and her body is pink to red. the doctor said she can't stop the medicine because this put her situation endanger. What can be done in such a situation? Are there any alternatives to this medicine with less number of side effects?
Avatar n tn During that time she had stomach cramping, confusion, off balance, light headed. She is allergic to sulfur. She stopped taking plavix and her symptoms went away. 6 months later she is having angina attacks and is set up for a dye test among others. Her doctor wants her to take plavix again until they decide what to do. Her sulfur allergy isn't going to just go away. I don't think the benifits of the plavix outweigh the sulfur allergy.
Avatar f tn Other causes could be autoimmune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, viral infections like measles and mononucleosis and side effects of chemotherapeutic agents. Age spots or sun spots occur in people with advancing age. They can be easily treated with cryotherapy if required.
976897 tn?1379171202 I do get those red dots under the skin which turn into blisters and my hands itch like mad and this develops into a nasty rash. Could I have an allergic reaction to Plavix? If so, can this give symtoms similar to angina? Yesterday I started to experience that nasty fluttering in my chest again, which appeared after my last procedure but disappeared after about three weeks.
Avatar f tn Today, I noticed itching where the bruise had been, and I now have small raised itchy bumps exactly where the bruise was. I put cortisone cream on the rash; however, it burned quite a bit, and the itching is pretty intense. What would cause a bruise to turn into a rash when it heals?
Avatar n tn 28 Dear Dean, Nitro patches can indeed cause skin rashes locally and Plavix can cause a generalized rash. You should check with your physician to see if your rash warrants discontinuation of either one of these medications.
Avatar n tn I was put on Plavix (anti-coagulant) and Nitro patch for one month post-angioplasty. Two weeks following the angioplasty, I noticed swelling in my fingers and reddish skin rashes on various parts of the body, particularly neck, shoulders and chest. The cardiologist thought it might be the Plavix, which I stopped. However, it has been three days since I stopped the Plavix (but not the Nitro patch) and I am still getting the skin rash.
Avatar n tn My dad has been dealing with a rash on his right side cheek and over his nose for the past 7 months. He will get a pus spot and the next day will turn into scab. It is extremely painful and his dermatologist has no idea. He has been treated with several topical antibiotics and nothing has resolved. He is on several meds and I am just wondering if one of them is causing the reaction. Sotalol, Plavix, Pravachol, Lisinopril are the drugs he is taking. Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn I was put on Plavix (anti-coagulant) and Nitro patch for one month post-angioplasty. Two weeks following the angioplasty, I noticed swelling in my fingers and reddish skin rashes on various parts of the body, particularly neck, shoulders and chest. The cardiologist thought it might be the Plavix, which I stopped. However, it has been three days since I stopped the Plavix (but not the Nitro patch) and I am still getting the skin rash.
Avatar n tn I was started on plavix (caused severe rash) and changed to Ticlid to prevent clotting at the site of the stents. I am on toporol and crestor and one baby aspirin a day. I am experiencing severe pain in my right elbow joint and in my right hip and in a bunion on my right foot. All started after I started my medications six weeks ago. I am also covered with bruises. Everywhere I bump, even lightly, swells up and turns bright purple.
338416 tn?1420049302 My doctor recommended aspirin for me, and he wanted to put me on Plavix. I resisted, because Plavix is just so dang expensive. I should pay more attention to my aspirin regimen, too - I rarely remember to take one. Now that I know, I'm going to make sure I take one every day. They were supposed to put Plavix on the generic list, but that was in February, and we're still waiting! Hubby needs it too.
1392070 tn?1280054544 Can the cause be the drugs I take? (Atenolol, Plavix, Cozaar, and Vytorin) and can I safely eliminate one at a time in order to see if one is the culprit? By the way, I am a 79-year-old male.
Avatar n tn A rash is mentioned in the possible side-effects but I have had no trouble during the winter. It may be a mixture of the Plavix and the sun! Has anyone else looked at any tablets they are taking? Are we all going mad? I don't think so!! Doctors should be made to suffer all symptoms and diseases. It may help with their diagnosis!! I don't really mean that but it does make you angry when your symptons are belittled.
Avatar f tn but he did not feel like it was coming from any neurological whatevers... in other words.... you guessed it... it is probably anxiety related... and he wants me to take 10mg of lexapro daily.... he is requesting some serum lab work... he is requesting Folate, B12, RPR, TFTS ( coded 780.93) what is that... code for whacky?? He also wants me to have my Brain MRI from Oct 2006 sent to him to review He also wants to see the scores on the psychoneurological testing i had done in may...
Avatar f tn The clinically important adverse reactions observed in trials comparing Plavix plus aspirin to placebo plus aspirin and trials comparing Plavix alone to aspirin alone are discussed below. Bleeding CURE In CURE, Plavix use with aspirin was associated with an increase in major bleeding (primarily gastrointestinal and at puncture sites) compared to placebo with aspirin. The incidence of intracranial hemorrhage (0.1%) and fatal bleeding (0.2%) were the same in both groups.
Avatar n tn I would become nauseous each time I took it at bedtime and often this would continue the following morning. Within two weeks, I had joint paint, nausea, fatigue, nosebleeds, bruising, and petechial rash. I took 165mg 80% silymarin for 14 days and this helped. 5 days after stopping silymarin, my symptoms returned in full. I then had a midnight attack of acute RUQ pain with nausea/vomiting that landed me in the ER.
Avatar n tn If I do any physical activity my hands and feet will turn very red and be very hot and I can feel the heat radiating off my hands and feet. If I am outside and the weather is hot and I am wearing flipflops my feet will get beat red and so will my hands. I dont feel any pain but it is uncomfortable because i can feel something happening in my feet and even my legs. If i take a hot shower my feet and legs become beat red and my legs get blue even and I dont know why.
Avatar f tn I don't take the Plavix for personal reasons, and I always forget my aspirin. I did some goggling and found this bit in an article. It suggests that Plavix is an alternative. Not sure if that is correct or not. "If you’ve already had a heart attack or stroke or are resistant to the beneficial effects of aspirin, your doctor may suggest supplementary aspirin therapy with another clot-preventing drug, such as clopidogrel (Plavix).
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Avatar f tn Of particular importance for the clinician is the hypersensitivity reaction to the commonly prescribed thienopyridine antiplatelet agent clopidogrel (plavix), which occurs in 5% of patients. The most common presentation is rash; more serious hypersensitivity reactions requiring treatment with corticosteroids are rare. Hope this information helps. Take cae and thanks for sharing.
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar n tn I started the Plavix and aspirin treatment but after 2 weeks on the Plavix I developed a bad rash(uticaria) and had to stop the Plavix. I went back to the VA clinic to see my PC provider and was informed that he had retired. I was seen by a Physician Assistant and he told me to stop the Plavix and start taking a 325 mg. aspirin daily. I tried taking the 325 mg. of aspirin daily but continued to have the episodes of vertigo and weakness. I have increased the aspirin dosage to 975 mg.
Avatar n tn I was also taking Plavix for a recent heart cath which gave me nausea, joint pain, flu-likes symptoms, fatigue and petechial rash. PCP thinks I had drug-induced hepatitis rather than GB issue. I had been taking Plavix for 6 wks and would get nauseous each time I took it, but never had extreme acute pain, although my enzymes dropped to ALT 124/AST 21 within 72 hrs after stopping. I am off Plavix for good, but am concerned about the GB/liver issue.
Avatar n tn I have been taking some natural detox for the blood in pills form, I was feeling ok but last nite and this morning my hands started up again but not terrible that i want to rip them off, it's more of a burning irritating itch that is under the skin, no rash no dry skin and it tends to be activated when I do things like opening a soda bottle top or holding the retractable lead for the dogs...
1542723 tn?1294451038 I had a heart attack about ten months ago( one stent inserted ) and I am on Plavix, Aspirin, Bisoprolol, Ramipril, Ormocor oil and 80mg Atrovostatin. Anybody like to give me a insight into this? Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn The headaches and rash are very likely side effects of Plavix. I assume you are not taking them now, and only took a high dosage before the procedure. The effects should wear off very soon.