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4075673 tn?1349571215 Recenly i was switched tp percocet 10 and that was the 28th of sept and i was somewhat sober. The doctor gave me 120 tabs and today or after todayb I will be out and Im very worried about the withdrawals,if I will have a big one or somewhat small since i was only on them since the 28th of september until now only difference that worries me is i was taking the Norco from the 24th and they didnt last but 2 to 4 days and i saved 2-3 for my doctor visit at a pain clinic.
Avatar m tn Cocaine withdrawal is merely psychological, where as, Opiate withdrawal is physical. Instead of reverting to smoking pot or taking another substance like Lyrica, I would suggest looking into vitamin, herbal and over the counter remedies to help you get by the first few days. Magnesium and Potassium both aid in neuromuscular communication, which will help your body alleviate your pain symptoms. Also, get yourself sone icy hot patches and take hot baths.
Avatar n tn hey people there has been a question/problem i'ld like some input on. can oxycodone cause loss of shortr term memory? i seem to be having problems remembering things in the recent (several months) that have happened to me or have been said to me. anyone else notice this?
Avatar m tn Hi there and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry it took so long for someone to reply. It can be slow around here on weekends. Hang in there as I'm sure others will also weigh in. You have been on a fairly high dose of Percs for a long time. You managed to do a very quick taper. I would say that you are still going to experience a few days at least of withdrawal symptoms. The "worst" may not be over. Have you ever gone through this before?
2110255 tn?1334192149 Some additional medication may be prescribed to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Percocet also causes tolerance meaning that over time the same dose may not work as well for your pain and you may need to ask your doctor for new prescribing instructions to take a slightly larger amount to yield the same amount of pain relief you experienced in the beginning.
Avatar n tn It has buprenephrine a combination of that and something else, a small amount of narcotic pain med that will help you safely withdrawal without any symptoms of withdrawal. Suboxone has its own website, google it if you want to learn more about it. It may also help ensure the baby detoxes safely. The other thing it will do is offer you an alternative way to help your migraines.
Avatar m tn It all started with 10 mg percocet and has gradually escalated to about 120-180 mg of oxycodone per day. I have quit taking percocet at will in the past, cold turkey multiple times in the past. My fiance left me in February of this year (probably the right decision on her part). But when she left i had been about a week sober from all drugs thanks to her support. Ever since then Ive been in a downward spiral trying to numb my pain with pain killers.
Avatar n tn also a hot bath can do wonders for withdrawal symptoms all together....this may be all you notice but experience tells me your going to get hit with a bit more than this ...try not to get discouraged this is the beginning to getting free of the pills..go into it with a win win attitude and for the next few days your just going to have to be ok without being ok for a wile keep posting with your progress and will try to help you thew this ...there is lots of support here on this site...
Avatar f tn You will find lots of advice and support here! First, everyone and every detox is a bit different. Typically, the withdrawal symptoms last about a week! For me, the worst days were 3 through 5, and then I started feeling better! Please check out the Thomas Recipe, the link is at the bottom right side of this page! There are vitamins and natural supplements that you can take which will help ease the symptoms!
Avatar f tn I was wondering if me taking maybe one or two Vicodin a day would help me beat the nasty withdrawal symptoms or if the symptoms would just arise when I stop taking the Vicodin? I only bought 8 Vicodin 5/500 for the next four days cause I know those will be the hardest days of wd. Is this okay? Or is it just stupid of me?
Avatar m tn The Fentenyl, BTW, was Rx'd to replace Oxycontin which was being stolen by a family member, and Oxycodone IR has no Percocet. I can't take Aspirin or NSAIDS due to my Crohn' s. The Oxy is supposed to be for breakthrough pain, but I take it on a schedule to it stay ahead of the pain. Sort of. I also take Cymbalta and Celebrex to help with the pain. All prescribed. I've tried hard not to abuse them, but sometimes I TAKE a little extra extra o shorten the interval. So. That's it.
Avatar m tn I have endured the typical withdrawal symptoms - shivers, sweating, anxiety, tingling, and depression - as reported by many others. But I could not find good comments for other oxycodone withdrawal questions with this typical profile since many of the commenters have admitted to extensive oxycodone use in the past. My question: what's ahead for me? Am I over the bad part, or is there a lot more bad stuff to come? How long does the withdrawal effects last? Physically? Mentally?
1794671 tn?1338798991 Do the babies stay in the NICU until the withdrawal symptoms go away? Or do mothers take them home... I also heard that SIDS is more likely to happen to those born with NAS? How likely is this? Any opinions? Thanks for the post though I appreciate the opinion.. and if I seem hostile in any way I apologize I am pregnant and withdrawing....
Avatar n tn Is it possible to be allergic to oxycodone (percocet) If I am not allergic to Morphine or Vicoden?
1448748 tn?1312959808 if I change to morphine for my immediate surgery pain, will I still experience percocet withdrawal pain while on the morphine? Also since I will only be on the morphine for 6-10 days the morphine would not cause withdrawals when I stopped if I were to go this route would it? Normally I know I'm strong enough to handle it, but after surgery I don't even want to try.
Avatar m tn 5 (4 and then 3 a day) to come off of 10 mg methadone per day (3 yrs). My question is, if i use this percocet will i then withdrawal from it? Heres the details: day one thru 12 took 4 perc's a day to maintain. still symptoms but was able to go to work and sleep. mostly very fatigued and my thinking is erratic. emotional at times, feeling of insecurity, anger, etc. But nothing is as bad as what I had become taking methadone- isolated, aggitated.
Avatar n tn I know it's really hard, but force yourself NOT to obsess over your physical symptoms. Oxycodone is a strong drug you and your body obviously habituated to the regular daily intake of it. You stopped it and now your physiology is rebounding from that: Headaches, body aches, upset stomach, diarrhea, lack of sleep, severe anxiety, lethargy, all of it. Hang in there, honey. All of this will be MUCH different in a week; I can almost guarantee it.
Avatar n tn Hello: Sounds like withdrawal to me. I have been there and done that. Percocet, actually it's the asprin in the percs that hurts your stomach. Tylenol 4 can be hard on the stomach too. I'm no doctor, as for what you will go through if you stop. It will be uncomfortable for a couple of days. Then you should be fine. I have major back problems myself so i've been through taking opiates(that's what percocet is) and it's hard stopping them.
Avatar f tn I I have such a serious problem with them and no body knows. I probably take up to 35-40 a day... Should I taper off or go cold turkey? The withdraw symptoms that are the most unbearable are the restless legs and the hot/cold. I don't even know what else I can expect??? I have quite a few Valiums, should I try to taper off and use those? I feel so alone and so desperate to get off these things!
Avatar n tn But if you have a massive addiction to Opiates to begin with and you are snorting one Opiate to replace the other, (because you stated that you didn't notice the percocet withdrawal~due to snorting the Vicodin) would it matter that you were not actually taking the Vicodin long enough to be addicted to them? Aren't they all in the same family Opiates? Isn't one just replacing the other, and if you did that kind of taper in 3 days would you not still feel withdrawal symptoms?
Avatar n tn what you are describing are withdrawal symptoms. Long term opiate use can lower your pain threshold in the pain center of your brain so you might be more sensitive to pain than you used to. What are you taking now for the pain? xoxo- D.
Avatar n tn Opiate withdrawal symptoms usually start 12-24 hours after your last dose. But, the timing of withdrawal symptoms depends upon the drug taken, length of time you’ve been taking it, and how you react to medications. The physical withdrawals usually last 3-7 days, with days 3 and 4 being the worst. Once again, this is all dependent on the person. You can expect these symptoms.
Avatar n tn Because saying Percocet is the only safe drug for your fetus makes no sense to me at all Percocet is still an opiate and is infact the exact same as the 30mg oxycodone you have been taking. The only difference is that the Percocet is a lower dose of oxycodone and it contains Tylenol but its the same narcotic in both meds and is no different except I would think Percocet would be worse because of the Tylenol which can be DEVESTATING to the liver.
Avatar m tn Also I feel like my withdrawal symptoms are kinda delayed, I feel like the symptoms I am having most people have in the first few day.
Avatar n tn I am 25. My doctor put me on percocet and oxycodone a year ago for a back disease I have. He currently gives me 100 percocets 10mgs a month as well as 60 oxycodone's 40 mgs. I get the percocet for two weeks (which I finish within 14 days) then the oxyocodone for two weeks and replay every month. I take anywhere from 12-15 percocet a day or 120 mgs of the oxycodone. I want to stop completely asap!
Avatar m tn I would seriously doubt you'd get withdrawals going from Vicodin to Percocet. However, Percocet also has Tylenol in it. Oxycodone does not. I switched from Percocet to Oxycodone and then Oxycontin because I didn't want the Tylenol. What kind of doctor do you see for your conditions? I was seeing an orthopedic for arthritis along with some other conditions and they had me on Vicodin initially. Then I went to a hand specialist.
Avatar f tn I have a bad headache and am so tired, I assume these are withdrawal symptoms, how long will they last? I am scared they are the new normal!! I had 2 doses of suboxone initially, and will be seeing an addictionologist soon, would more doses of suboxone help curb my symptoms? Thanks!