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Avatar m tn My eye doctor wants me to try Pataday for eye allergies, however he has me on Restasis for dry eye. Would those two drugs together counteract? I heard Pataday will dry your eyes out. Does anyone have any knowledge regarding this matter?
Avatar m tn I have not been able to wear a contact in my left eye because it gets irritated and painful. It feels like somethings in my eye. My eye doesn't water, and wetting eyedrops don't seem to help. My eye doctor had me switch contacts and solutions and that didn't help. He seemed to think it was allergies, so I got put on Pataday allergy eyedrops and it worked great for about a month, and now it doesn't work anymore.
Avatar n tn I was suspecting that it might not be allergies at all and may be severe dry eyes since a couple years ago I moved to a very dry location and last week when I visited a very humid location, I had no eye problems at all – I didn’t even have to use my drops. Is there any way to tell the difference between eye allergies and dry eyes? Is there an OTC ointment I can use that is safe for long term use since using artificial tears and a humidifier hasn’t been able to help me?
Avatar f tn Probably need to give up the idea of wearing contacts. 2. Use the search feature and read about dry eye treatment. 3. Dry eye and ocular rosacea are CHRONIC conditions. That means they don't go away and your CONTROL them not CURE them. Be sure you've also seen a good dermatologist.
Avatar f tn I had temporary (week long) eye plugs put in my eyes due to dry eyes along with Pataday once a day eye drop for eye allergies. My eyes plugs were put in on Wednesday afternoon. How long does it take for the plugs to work, I mean my eyes aren't burning like before, but they're still somewhat red. I don't know if it's cleared a little, but I don't see a big difference. How long before my eye plugs clear up my dry eyes.
Avatar n tn It started last fall when school began, about every 4 weeks I would have some type of eye infection and really severe dry eye. I felt like I worried my eye doctor to death. We would do drops it would be better and then reoccur. I was great this summer. No problems at all. Now we have been back at school 3 weeks and my eyes are at it again. I have a white discharge sometimes and they are dry as can be and burn. Should I go back to the eye doc and start the drop process again.
Avatar n tn Zaditor is a pretty good product - but could truly have a tendancy to aggrevate dry eye symptoms due to some mild anti-cholinergic effect. There is really no other effective over the counter allergy drops other than opcon A or Naphcon A but they have even worse drying effect. Cromolyn drops were popular many years ago but dosing is 4 times a day and should not really do anything that Zaditor can't do. Your best bet is to consider Patenol or Pataday or Elestat one drop a day.
Avatar f tn I had temporary (week long) eye plugs put in my eyes due to dry eyes along with Pataday once a day eye drop for eye allergies. My eyes plugs were put in on Wednesday afternoon. How long does it take for the plugs to work, I mean my eyes aren't burning like before, but they're still somewhat red. I don't know if it's cleared a little, but I don't see a big difference. How long before my eye plugs clear up my dry eyes.
Avatar f tn If lid margin disease present, a lid cleaner like ocusoft or sterilid may help. There is probably an underlying dry eye problem or lid margin problem or allergies that is the main culprit. Identify it, try to eliminate the contact lens problem and maybe you will do better in the future.
Avatar n tn To answer your second question, Inderal LA can cause dry or irritated eyes, though this is a rare reaction. If you have been using Pataday as the doctor prescribed for the past 2 months, then you should go to the doctor and be re-evaluated.
Avatar m tn He perscribed more Pataday and some eye drops and told me in about a week i could resume with contacts that were dailys . A week after has passed and my eyes are getting red. Please help because i hate wearing my glasses and want to return to my contacts and this is not working .
Avatar n tn This time it happened much quicker, starting on the right lower eye, then moved to the left. The right under eye is very red, sore and dry. It feels so rough to touch. I have not worn make up today and have only applied vaseline and aqeous cream. I haven't changed any toileteries or make up in the last 2 months. I am not sure what it could be? I don't think it is eczema, but believe it could be an allergic reaction to something. I can't seem to work out what it could be?
Avatar n tn I spoke with one of the doctors here the other day about a dry eye problem. I went to my eye doc and vision was 20/25 in both eyes with glasses of course and that is even with my wet, now dry AMD. GOOD I thought He said my eyes were very dry and it looked like the redness, itchy, fuzzy vision, and dryness was from allergies. He gave me 2 different drops and said we could try these to see if it helped or if the symptoms returned after I stopped using them, there were Pataday and Xibrom.
Avatar f tn I had one plug taken out and my eye immediately worsened with dry eye so I had it reinserted. I am taking all measures to aggressively treat dry eyes and don't feel that that is the issue. I just don't know how to find out a proper diagnosis and treatment. I want to make sure my eyes are healthy and it's difficult to deal with constant pain and discomfort.
Avatar m tn I do have allergic reactions to dustmites etc but the specialist said its not caused by allergies because steroids dont work. I have been tested for dry eye but its not that. It gets worse every year, Im writing this with burning eyes and severe sensitivity, I also wake up with yellow crust around my eyes and huge swollen bags under them.I have been put on antibiotics before and when I return to specialists he comments there is still puss in my tear ducts. Any ideas what to do?
Avatar n tn I went to see a cornea specialist and the doctor said there was no infection. The doctor prescribed ointment and eye drops for dry eyes to help ease the gritty sensation. Several allergen drops were tried out like Elastat and Pataday and none of those worked to ease the itch. I am still working on trying to minimize this itch in my right eye.
Avatar f tn And she referred me to a opthomologist and neurologist. She assumed it was allergies to begin with and prescibed him pataday eye drops in the mean time. I noticed his blinking stopped completely a couple of days after using the drops. I still however took him to neurologist and opthmologist. Both said he was fine. Thk goodness.
Avatar m tn Hello Everyone, For about a year I've had chronic dry eye (self-diagnosis). One day I used Walgreen's Lubricant Eye Drops because my eyes were unsually dry and the next day my left eyelid began to get puffy and the day after so did my right.
Avatar n tn my vision is perfect and there are no other problems other than losing the bottom eye lashes due to extensive rubbing of both eyes. Thanks for your opinions.
Avatar f tn My daily regimen consists of pataday (allergy eye drops) and restasis in the morning and night and alot of over the counter ointments and drops. I don't think I've heard of anyone with a similar condition as me... I've been in so I'm currently going to an eye specialist who said my eyes don't produce the natural oils that they're supposed to be.. instead of oil the consistency of olive oil, mine is like toothpaste.
Avatar n tn You should tell the Eye MD about the dry eye and dry mouth. Request a schirmer tear test and an evaluation of your tear break up time (BUT). I believe it highly likely you will be found to have marked to severe dry eyes. If you are a female over 40 and on hormonal replacement therapy that is a classic problem but it does occur in younger females and some males. If you have trouble finding one go to www.aao.
Avatar f tn About a month ago, I got bathroom cleaning wipes (ones similar to the Clorox ones, but they're actually Great Value). My eyes burned immediately and I went to the bathroom to rinse them out. I did this by squeezing water from a soaked Kleenex into my eye. I also contacted my mother (she wasn't home at the time) and she told me to rinse them out again. After I'd rinsed them out, they felt a little bit swollen.
Avatar f tn Have you have been evaluated to see if you have something called 'Dry Eye'? It's very common as we get older, and leaky, teary eyes are, paradoxically, one of the most troublesome signs (you can google 'dry eye' and see if you recognize yourself there). The rezoom lens almost certainly has nothing to do with your symptoms, but it sounds as though it's time for you to have another visit with your eye doctor about the excessive tearing.
Avatar n tn About 75% of RA patients have dry eyes, sometimes dry enough to cause serious eye damage. Other auto-immune diseases can affect the eye. When you see the rheumatologist ask if he/she thinks you need to see a second ophthalmologist for another opinion. If you have a dry mouth ask the rheumatologist to rule out Sjorgren's Syndrome. If you do see another Eye MD have the MD look at your eyes before any of the staff put in ANY eye drops.
Avatar f tn I thought it was an eye infection so I went to my optometrist. She said it was allergies and gave me Pataday and Lotemax (for the inflammation). These didn't help the burning at all. She then diagnosed me with blepharitis. I did eyelid scrubs and warm compresses twice a day. Still no change. I was then told I have severely dry eyes and had temporary punctal plugs put in, again no change. It has been two months, both of my eyes consistently burn and are red.
Avatar f tn Recetly (about 2 weeks ago) I started having some dry stuff dusted on the side of my right eye in morning. After 4 to 5 days my eyes started turning red and there would be dry stuff around them in mornings after waking up so I started putting Similasan for Pink Eye but it didn't get better. When I went to see my doctor she recommended not to wear conacts for a while and prescribed Pataday eye drops.
Avatar m tn I suffer from the exact same thing with the inside corner of my eye driving me crazy at times it itches so bad. What has helped me is Rx eye drops called Pataday. It is for itchy allergy eyes, and sometimes I put a drop or two on the end of a q-tip and dab it in that corner of my eye and sometimes I put the drop directly into the eye. Works wonders. Whether it is allergy or irritation of some sort, the drops take the itch away for me. I hope this works for you.
Avatar m tn 2 weeks ago I woke up with blood in mucus both blowing nose (one side left with blurred vision) And blurred vision left eye. Went to eye doc and was told all looked like chronic allergies Just started pataday drops 3 days ago and now still blurry but some better But now I feel thirsty all the time dry mouth Can't see ENT doc till 8/30 Any suggestions what this might be?