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Avatar m tn I went to my Doc today and because I am still getting anxiety attacks and DONT want to continue with more Xanax (as the worry over the addiction is adding to the anxiety itself) she has suggested that I take 1 x 20mg per day of Paroxetine to assist with my anxiety and as a replacement for Xanax. She was very suprised that my Company Doc had even prescribed Xanax plus Trazadone (for sleep) - as she said they were "old" drugs rarely used here in the UK.
Avatar n tn I understand these meds can cause dizzyness and light headedness. However, my Doctors have ruled out that as base of the problem. My wife thinks my light headedness condition stems from poor sleep as I only get a few hours of simi-sleep/rest at night with and without a ResMed sleep unit with humidifier and wake up tired daily. Doctors have ruled out Vetigo. I feel exhausted a good part of the day possibly from a lack of proper rest and my weight has increased about 25 lbs.
Avatar n tn Reading your post was like reading my own thoughts. I have been on 20mg of Lexapro for over 7 yearsrs now. One of the biggest things I have been struggling with is this memory issue and general "flat" brain feeling. It has affected my work and life because I struggle so much trying to recall events. I too considered weening off but I was scared I wood be worse off mood wise. The anxiety and depression was pretty bad. I had in fact cut my dose in half with the supervision of my Dr.
Avatar n tn I am currently weaning off Paroxetine (Paxil) and the withdrawal symtoms are taking over my entire day and I can't function properly. I am having "hot flashes" on my neck and earlobs (It's not a menopause thing, I'm 35 years old), I am having vision problems (focusing), racing heart beats, electric shock sensations, vertigo and mind flashes. This is like being tortured!!!! I am going off the medication so I can try Effexor.
Avatar n tn I just got the Nolvadex today. I'm planning on taking a 20mg tab once daily. How long until you think I should see results (if I do see results)? Thanks.