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Avatar n tn I almost went with the ASPCA pet insurance because they insure senior dogs but after reading all the bad reviews online, I changed my mind. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Your dog may have had a rough recovery while waking up from the dentistry and exacerbated a pre-existing arthritic disk in his neck, especially if he is a bit older, in middle age, or a senior citizen. You can have your vet submit your dog's back X-Rays to a radiologist for analysis. Every state has board eligible or certified veterinary radiologists that perform this service at a nominal fee. Your vet can then give you a copy of the radiologist's report.
1916673 tn?1420236870 ( Which will be next Tuesday July 22) I am in shock as I just found out bringing her in for a senior check up and had blood drawn for a dental. Now vet is telling me right now a dental would be risky. I hope I can help others and get support. I love my dog like my own child. It is breaking my heart. She is 14 vet said her heart and basic exam was excellent for her age. She is spunky and eats well but I do see her sleep more. Which could be age related.
Avatar f tn I am switching over to a new post, becuz I have a diff subject relating to this same dog, so want replies that don't have so much to do with pancreatitis, rather how we should let the other dog in our household know what is going on if we have to put her down. It's entitled, "One of two dogs dies, how to tell other one?" Chan, We pick up our dog from the week-long vet stay this afternoon. The antibiotic you asked about, she took Cephalexin when she had her dental a month ago.
Avatar f tn We found this was a big no with him developing Pancreatitis and he also became jaundice and liver counts in the 1000s on blood work. He had an ultrasound to make sure he did not have any blockage, it was negative. He was sick and would not eat which is not normal for him. He eventually started eating and we were able to feed him with vet approval boiled ground turkey and rice. He is now on Royal Canin HE GI food - 1 - 2 cups a day and last blood test about 6 weeks ago was normal.
Avatar f tn rabies vaccinations can cause pancreatitis and that prednisone can cause diabetes in dogs. Beware! It is a fact. We over-vaccinate our animals, and sometimes those vaccinations are killing them.
Avatar f tn I take phenergan myself for constant nausea, and discovered late in the game that dogs can also take phenergan. It didn't work quite as well as the reglan, but at that point we tried anything we could get our hands on. Over the counter Dramamine for motion sickness can be tried as it is metabolized in the liver - got that info from an ER vet nearby.
290018 tn?1240369468 I've dealt with 2 senior dogs who had the same problem, and it was due to pancreatitis in one and kidney failure in the other. Even some worm/ parasite infestations can cause this symptom. The inability to properly digest food in such a young dog is worthy of a vet visit, so don't put it off. You mention your dog is "spoiled". Does that include people food? If so, that's the first thing that has to go.
Avatar f tn Hello, and welcome to the Dogs Community. :-) You have a senior dog, and sadly, their organs start to malfunction. The pancreas is one organ that often gives trouble to older dogs. From what you write, your dog has chronic pancreatitis which your vet is trying to help with digestive enzyme supplements. There are only so many things you can do to aid digestion when the pancreas fails. Blood tests can verify how well (or not) the pancreas is still functioning.
Avatar f tn Senior dogs may have joint pain or the pain may be abdominal such as in dogs suffering from pancreatitis after eating a fatty meal. A female dog may pant after hours and even days after giving birth to her puppies. This occurs because the uterus tends to contract for a few weeks after giving birth. Such contractions are stimulated by lactation.
Avatar n tn Organ meats tend to have a higher fat content than muscle, and are also high in phosphorus content. Serving up any unusual food, particularly in an older dog, can result in a simple upset tummy with vomiting and diarrhea or more serious conditions. For example, if your senior dog has a kidney problem, the excess phosphorus in the organs might have just tipped him over the edge into full blown kidney failure.
436837 tn?1293796826 You rarely hear of 15 year-old dogs of any breed. BTW, I'm in my mid-50's (which is maybe 8 or so in dog years?), and believe me, I've slowed down quite a bit compared to my younger days. I agree with others who have posted, your dog is bound to start slowing down at some point, and it is a normal part of the lifespan. If he is still happy and wants to pull you along on walks, he sounds like he is doing well. I wouldn't push him.
172023 tn?1334675884 That stopped right away, but yesterday, he vomited at least 5 times. Of course, I have to bring him in today. Oddly, I made him boiled chicken and rice yesterday instead of his special urinary acidifying food, and no vomiting at all after that. I would wonder if the special food is making his stomach worse, but he started the vomiting a full year before being on this special food. But clearly, being off the food made him better yesterday. to spend more $$$ at the vet.
Avatar m tn As the days went on she ate less and less and would seem very lethargic in the morning and would perk up in the afternoon. Well when we took her to get her check up, her liver numbers were high which didn't seem to concern the doctor since they have been for the past two years and they haven' really gotten any higher. But her pancreas numbers were through the roof and she noticed that when she squeezed her abdomen she would flinch.
Avatar n tn I agree with Dr. Mathis, red spots and scabs in dogs are usually due to a bacterial skin infection (less commonly skin mites, fungal infection or autoimmune disease), and oral antibiotics for 3-4 weeks are likely needed. Your veterinarian can do skin scrapings to evaluate for the presence of infection, +/- skin cultures or biopsies if bacteria are not seen, or if the infection does not respond to appropriate antibiotics.
Avatar n tn We have some dogs in our derm clinic that have this and depending on the clinical symptoms we treat accordingly. Tumors = surgery Some that have pigmentation issues and hair loss we treat with melatonin as a conservative choice. Dogs showing classic signs of cushings with a normal range acth but a positive sex hormone we still treat with the same drugs as cushings like trilostane etc. How come no removal of the tumors? What is the age of the dog?
Avatar f tn I posted this on just answer last night and still no expert reply. She was diagnosed with degenerative nerve disease earlier this year. About 1 month ago she went in for dental work. I had picked her up earlier today and when I went to put her down, she slipped out of my grasp and hit the floor, rolling on to her back. The distance was less than a foot. It was odd that I had to pick her up since it was close to dinner time and the other 2 dogs were going nuts.
Avatar f tn get a pharmacy thru your Vet clinic to make up the medication in a liquid or gel and so you can give directly and not need to administer in the food ( a NO NO) with pancreatitis as with any disease its most important we keep these kitties eating and hydrated. feed small meals 5-6times throughout the day and yes if she can tolerate milk thats fine too...but don't allow it to replace her CANNED food... http://www.idexx.
Avatar f tn Then he had the test results and the Vet prescribed Hills G/D dry food for senior dogs, an Omega 3 capsule (600mg), Aminavast (300mg twice a day) and Benazepril (10 mg) to decrease stress on the organs and kidney. Since being on this routine, only approx 5 days, he is drinking heavily, urinating constantly and he eats very little, leaving most of the food in his bowl, hating the prescription diet food. How can I know this is the best solution?
Avatar f tn Her bloodwork had been checked 10 months before in a senior screen, where it was in the upper level of normal. The mass turned out to be benign. She had fluids before and after the surgery. Her numbers were creatinine 2.0 and BUN 50. I think her SDMA was 22. She did not fast prior to bloodwork since we just went in to evaluate the mass, when our Vet decided to remove it and wanted to do the bloodwork.
6839387 tn?1385681693 Like you, I just thought my dog was getting older, and starting to lose control over her bladder. Because of my experience with my own dog, I now recommend that all senior dogs should have annual blood testing to assess kidney and liver functions. You are doing a wonderful job, you are providing the best care you can. I would like to add, that if you are not providing distilled water for Zeus, you may want to add that to his diet. Distilled water is easier on the kidneys.
Avatar f tn of unknown cause that seems miraculously fixed with simple rest and IV fluids often happens in dogs that are later diagnosed with Addison's. Of course, I'm keeping in mind that I'm not the most objective person because she is my baby, and I could be grasping at straws.... But I had previously been thinking of all these things as seperate issues, and suddenly this health issue that could possibly explain all of them.
996946 tn?1503252712 medicine, and frankly, the animals there get better care than I've seen in many human hospitals. I'm sure there are specialist clinics in your neck of the woods, but if you have to travel, A&M and Gulf Coast are the two options I've either had personal experience with or known about from friends and family. You'll also have to consider Jake's age. As a senior dog, surgery might not be the best answer for him depending on exactly what the problem is.
Avatar f tn What finally brought her out of it was her daughter having puppies and she got in the box and helped nurse the puppies. Never having heard about false pregnancy in dogs (I had one myself) I really thought she was pregnant with a lot of puppies but it just went on too long. A dog of mine now has a swollen belly and I'd swear she's pregnant but she's spayed. That's what I'm researching now. No pain, no difference in behavior, eating fine.
1393112 tn?1294907542 I had to sleep next to him at night or he would not settle, it took about a week for him to be pain free. In very large dogs stones can be a very big problem.Nowhere near the worry with small dogs no idea why. Lets hope your little dog has passed the stone already.
Avatar m tn I would love to see what dreams she's having! Jaybay has a good point. Most dogs need challenges as well as exercise in the day. They need to problem-solve in one way or another, and the more intelligent they are, the more they need that. Walks in new territory are an interesting thing for them. Extra mental stimulus. And most healthy dogs need more exercise than humans are normally accustomed to!
82861 tn?1333457511 I will read it in full, if only to further educate me about what has happened to my wonderful BB and, maybe, prevent it happening to others by spreading the information I have obtained about kidney problems in dogs over the last few days. In truth, I have been grasping at straws, hoping to find something to help her ... but it has gradually become very clear over the last 4 days that my best friend and companion has gone beyond the helping stage. It is heart wrenching.
Avatar n tn Thankfully she was heartworm NEGATIVE in May of 2013. So in reading about lyme vaccine it should be used in healthy dogs...Because of Chloe's hx of hearworm and that treatment ...I'm not sure if she qualifies as 100% healthy...and I remeber having Chloe home the nite of her first of three shots for heartworm...she became so lethargic I could barely wake her....her heart rate was very, very fast, and she felt cold to me...I thought she was surely going into shock..
1832268 tn?1326819610 I hope you find peace in your decision. It won't happen overnight, but I truly believe dogs 'visit' in our dreams to show us they're okay wherever they are. Daisy comes to me every once in a while, when she knows I need a little push to get out of bed, take the next step, etc. The good thing about a dogs love is that it never leaves you.
Avatar m tn It is possible that they can last this long. Most people say they go away in a day or two, but in very sensitive dogs, it takes much longer. My dog was knocked flat by the loading dose and barely moved for the first couple of days. He bumped into objects, seemed blind, responded to sounds incorrectly (looked in the wrong direction), tripped, stumbled, and fell flat on his stomach a few times when trying to walk.