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82861 tn?1333457511 My own Public Service Announcement to anyone else reading this post - giving your dog "people food" and a diet with too much fat just might result in pancreatitis and kill your dog. I thought I was being generous allowing my dog to have a couple of half-gnawed pork ribs. Yeah, "generous" - I killed my dog. <stepping off soap box!
Avatar n tn We have wonderful success with the canine Pancreatitis patients in our veterinary clinic using a few natural therapies with a home made natural diet. Take the burden off your dogs pancreas with full spectrum digestive enzymes. Re-balance your dogs digestive system with probiotics. Consider a bland home made diet such as chicken, rice and peas. If you would like to follow up on this in detail with me, that would be fine.
Avatar f tn This is an acceptable route to take, unless he starts to show bad signs - then off you go! He is correct, it will reoccur more frequently in dogs with previous pancreatitis. Good luck.
Avatar n tn The normal range is in the 20's - 200's....Diseases will appear with a problem in the 1800-2000 range.....Is your Vet treating for any disease? My first two thought from your description of dog is: Cushings Disease or clearly, Liver Disease......Does your Westie by chance take Steriods? Hopefully, your Vet is on top of this problem.....I personally would think 6000 would be past the fatal limit......Again, are you sure? Please let us know what happens......I'll be watching this post......
793908 tn?1294708709 If she's eating the Hills I/D (that's the prescription diet the vet recommended after her pancreatitis attack?) without any problems, then that's good. Stick to it. Don't worry about giving her different tastes and flavours at the moment. She is getting all she needs from the food. Dogs aren't quite like us about their food. What seems boring to us, they are happy with.
Avatar f tn My dog was perfectly fine with SLIGHT high BUN (35-38). I put her on the NF diet in an effort to keep the kidney disease at bay, and suddenly her pancreatitis went crazy! She got very ill and didn't want to eat. I tried to put her back on her old food to get her back to normal, but it was too late. She's been hospitalized for four days. Her BUN/Creat "stabilized" at 116/6.7.
1300834 tn?1273126954 I had recently heard too that grain was bad for dogs so I couldn't believe it when I saw it in her prescription food that was supposed to be for digestion. I'm glad to know that I'm on the right track. She really likes her new food too. this is the first time I've seen her eat her whole serving at once. She used to just pick at her food.
Avatar f tn 9% NaCl (sodium chloride) We do not recommend Lactated Ringers solution as it contains calcium and phosphorus, both of which are generally already elevated in dogs with failing kidneys. A home made diet is quite helpful. Many vets prescribe Hills K/D Diet. Hills K/D Diets are fine, however they not very palatable or tasty and many dogs will not eat K/D. We have had much better results with home-made diets.
Avatar n tn My dog has a potential disc injury in her back. Last Saturday, she was in a lot of pain. Gave her a Rimadyl and it didn't help. Took her to the emergency vet and they prescribed Tramadol and Robaxin (pain and muscle relaxer). Took her to our normal vet on Monday and he said to continue those meds and also gave her a steroid shot. She did well throughout the week... still stiff but seemed to improve. Last night, Thursday, she seemed to be in pain again.
Avatar m tn I received my min-pin in 2004 when she was only 3 years old, her previous owner kept her in a walk in closet 24/7 so when I adopted her she was very thin. I felt sorry for her and she wouldn't eat dog food so I just gave her "people" food. I nearly killed her unknowingly of course.
254215 tn?1195096984 Pancreatitis pretty much does what it wants to do, for however long it wants to do it. This disease is a real heartbreaker, because you never know when, or if, your dog will respond to treatment. As you probably already know, the only treatment is supportive: withhold food, support fluids and nutrients via IV, and treat with strong pain medication until the episode passes.
Avatar f tn My 9 month old puppy was diagnosed with pancreatitis today, they kept him at the vet all day giving him IV fluids. They let us take him home tonight so he was only admitted for about 12 hours.
10821430 tn?1439584483 I only ask because of my role as Administrator for the Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs user group here on MedHelp. Intestinal inflammation could certainly be one cause, but there are many others including Leptospirosis, a very high protein diet, Cushings, congestive heart failure, Addison's disease and bladder stone ... as well as pancreatitis.
Avatar n tn You should be able to give her a small amount of food every 2-3 hours since she is starving. Pancreatitis can affect other organs in the body including the liver. This episode of pancreatitis had an acute onset and being acute may not have the lasting effects that a chronic insult could have. The liver has remarkable regenerating power, and should regenerate (though slowly) through this episode.
1945970 tn?1324215554 It's a totally different Raw formation, but oh so good.....It's made in New Zealand where stricter pet food regulations are in place....This is a packaged raw, but served like kibble.......Hard to find and very pricey.....I have all small dogs, so am able to do it......Actually, they just had it for lunch with fresh green beans....Ziwi Peak also makes a canned "Green Tripe" that's to die for...Well, that's what my dog's told me, anyway! ;) OK, thought I'd pipe in here......Take care.
1916673 tn?1420236870 If neither of these are relevant, then your vet needs to discount hypothyroidism by having a T4 blood test undertaken. In the meantime, a reduction in fat content in the diet is crucial - and this may even correct the pancreatitis over a couple of weeks. The muscle spasms you mentioned earlier could be partly due to pancreatitis, although I suspect the slightly increased potassium level may also be contributory.
Avatar f tn We found this was a big no with him developing Pancreatitis and he also became jaundice and liver counts in the 1000s on blood work. He had an ultrasound to make sure he did not have any blockage, it was negative. He was sick and would not eat which is not normal for him. He eventually started eating and we were able to feed him with vet approval boiled ground turkey and rice. He is now on Royal Canin HE GI food - 1 - 2 cups a day and last blood test about 6 weeks ago was normal.
793908 tn?1294708709 My dogs eat Turkey on a regular basis (Included in canned, homecooked in stews, dehydrated or broiled patties with other ingredients included)...... Also, My Vet suggests Dark meat Chicken OR Turkey (Higher Fat content) FOR dogs with Kidney Issues..... Also, Small amounts of RAW Liver (Organic) for anemia that usually goes along with Kidney Problems.....
82861 tn?1333457511 Please restrain yourself and your guests from feeding your dogs bones and meat not normally in their diet. It really can kill. OK, end of public service lecture. Have a great day! WOOF!
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Avatar f tn Hofmeister, Cumming, and Dhein (2001) wrote that this behavior in dogs has not been well-researched, and they are currently preparing a study. In a preliminary paper, they write that there are various hypotheses for this behavior in canines, although none have been proven: 1. To obtain attention from their caretakers. 2. From anxiety, stress, or upon being punished for bad behaviors. 3.
129961 tn?1189759434 I give my Poodle cooked Yams daily. She takes her pills with mashed yams & has no idea it's pills. lol Don't overdo giving your dog Pumpkin. I would suggest cooking it though. You never know what parasite gets in Pumpkins or in any raw vegetables. Also, cooked sweet potato is a great treat for dogs, & healthy too. In moderate amounts.
793908 tn?1294708709 You sound as if you have worked out a good diet for Julie, I'm sure it is much harder with smaller dogs digestion. In addition to Cushings her liver has begain to show signs of damage and has started her on Denamarin, a nutritional supplement. My first Vet also had no idea Trilostane existed (I found out about it and made the suggestion. I am from the UK and I believe that it is still used their for human treatment over their). Our new vet was quite familiar with the drug.
Avatar f tn But it can take the pancreas time to heal after an acute bout of pancreatitis. Some regimes recommend fasting with only water, in order for the healing to take place. However, yes 10 days is quite a long time for a little dog to go with no nutrients at all. Is she getting any fluids? Are the fluids staying down? If not -then that is an emergency by now. Serious dehydration could set in. I am sure the vet has provided a diet food....and that is probably kibble. Am I right? Or is it a soft food?
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Avatar f tn Ideal would be a diet that you choose the protein source and how much fat is in it....Also, a probiotic & digestive enzyme is helpful for digestive issues....I'm thinking about all of you, including the guy at home that misses his sister....Please, let us know how she is as you get updates....
1916673 tn?1420236870 I have now added a useful Vegetable Nutrition Data file to my own website which should help owners work out which are the best vegetables to add to a home cooked diet regime for their kd dogs. You can access this document under the Blog section of my website at This is a PDF file, so you can also download it or print it to read or reference at your convenience.
Avatar f tn Most of what peekawho had listed is correct. Fatty foods should not be given in excess because they can cause pancreatitis. Onions cause Heinz body anemia, Yeast dough can expand in the stomach and cause a kind of bloat. Xylitol, Macadamia Nuts, Coffee, Chocolate, Raisins grapes can be deadly. Salt, garlic and alcohol are only bad in excess.
Avatar f tn Pizza was taken off her list of approved treats. (it is still on mine, however). I guess dogs are like people-------- everything in moderation.