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Avatar f tn the other night my long term bf and i were having sex and it was very uncomfortable. It felt as though he was hitting my cervix. I was told by my gyno in the past that certain positions can allow the cervix to be hit hard and cause pain. we switched positions and it still hurt but not as bad. I'm not sure what would cause this. I did a home yeast infections test ( pH test) and it came back normal and i have no signs of a yeast infection...
Avatar f tn I'm not sure why it would hurt, but I have a similar issue... Sex can get pretty uncomfortable and soemtimes makes me feel like I need to pee. Some positions hurt more and some don't hurt at all. I know that every woman is different so that sometimes sex is just uncomfortable for some of us.
Avatar f tn I have the same pain whenever i'm on top. (sorry if to much tmi) but it was because his penis kept hitting my cervix. Your cervix is probably still recovering from your miscarriage (sorry to hear about that) but your body still might need some time to recoprate from the ordeal. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn i think you should see a doc, you are describing what could be Endometriosis, which results in painful sex and can also have a constant white discharge, my wife suffers from this disorder.
Avatar n tn My problem is, the last couple of months, not every time we have sex, but sometimes, it is painful. Not a burning dry sensation upon entry, that is fine. It is when he is thrusting deep. We tend to umm, embarassing to say here, like it rough a lot. But lately, this hasn't been feeling too good. I notice it hurts in doggy style, not so much in missionary, if it did then very slight. It goes away immediately, only hurts when he is thrusting and prodding in.
Avatar n tn I used to get cuts and redness on the posterior fourchette (the bottom area of my vaginal opening where the skin tags are located) I seriously do not understand why Im experiencing painful sex. Its nothing unbearable - it sore, it stings when I urinate (the stinging while urinating goes away) it burns at times - they are mild and nothing unbearable. Ill describe the whole thing as GENITAL DISCOMFORT. Dryness - I do not think is the issue. Im in my early 20s and far from menopause.
Avatar f tn I'm 29 weeks pregnant and ever since I've been pregnant sex hurts really bad to the point I almost can't do it. I feel so bad for my boyfriend because he feels like it's his fault. Is there anyway to help make it feel better?
Avatar f tn I love to have sex and use to like doing it 2 times a day but now its so painful to even have sex. It feels like he is hitting something on in the pelvic area or right on top of my vagina. I was wondering why it started to be so painful? Has any of you ladies ever have this problem? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Sexuality--Relationships/why-does-doggy-style-hurt/show/741390">why does doggy style hurt?</a>.
Avatar n tn I had my Mirena taken out because the Dr. said it was rubbing against my glands on my cervix during sex and causing bleeding.. I had it removed in hopes that it would stop. We had sex a week later and it looked like the boston masacre... very frustrating to have to get up and shower and change sheets after sex! My dr wants me to do the silver nitrate treatments, but after reading and researching... not sure if it's worth it!
Avatar n tn My problem is, the last couple of months, not every time we have sex, but sometimes, it is painful. Not a burning dry sensation upon entry, that is fine. It is when he is thrusting deep. We tend to umm, embarassing to say here, like it rough a lot. But lately, this hasn't been feeling too good. I notice it hurts in doggy style, not so much in missionary, if it did then very slight. It goes away immediately, only hurts when he is thrusting and prodding in.
630135 tn?1241047558 Hi! He probably IS hitting something. Likely it is your uterus or cervix. If you had a normal exam 6 months ago, the only NEW thing they would be likely to find would be an infection, and you would usually have other signs like discharge/fever/constant pain, etc with that. Did they double check for chlamydia, etc? One thing to try is the "female dominant" (lady on top) position--because that way you control how deep and where the thrust goes. Another suggestion is LOTS of foreplay.
Avatar n tn im wondering.... with alot of work having been done in there if that can cause painful sex?.. im kinda having problems too.. just had a miscarriage on labor day, i was actually 3 days shy of my 12 weeks, but i find out i have been carrying for 2 weeks a non heartbeat fetus, at 7 1/2 weeks it was fine, anyway, ...i have different things hurting while im getting "excited" and while having sex?
Avatar f tn It sounds to me like he was smacking your 'back wall' (where your cervix is located). This can be painful. Truth is this: the vagina will naturally make room for him, given enough time. Next time you have sex, have him go shallow and slow for a bit, then increase the pace as long as it doesn't hurt.
Avatar f tn The other possibility is that your partner’s penis is hitting your cervix (the entrance to your uterus). When you’re sufficiently aroused, the cervix pulls up and out of the way so it doesn’t get bumped during deep penetration. When you’re unaroused, it can be quite uncomfortable and even painful to have your cervix bumped. So, again, the solution is don’t have p-v sex without being sufficiently turned on and wet. Dr.
Avatar f tn Every now and theni will be having sex withmy husband and it feels like he is hitting some thing inside me. It is worse in certain postions. Could having a cyst on my ovary and fibroids be causing this? If there is anyone who has the same problem or just someone that knows what it could be,please help.
Avatar f tn Your cervix gets lower closer to the end and depending on the position you may feel him hitting it and it can be painful. Try a different position. I've noticed doggy style can be extremely painful bc the can go deeper. Missionary obviously is uncomfortable bc your belly is so big and ask that weight is laying in your bladder. Try laying on your side and him behind you. If that doesn't help idk what to tell you.
505857 tn?1329685117 I have been on fertility med's since July of last year and for every cycle I had terrible pain that prevented me to have sex. I was the most painful thing. I finally got pregnant and I am 6 weeks along. Do you get this pain any other time or just during ovulation?
Avatar n tn It feels like he is hitting my cervix as if my cervix is lower or my vagina has shrunk in lenght. We haven't enjoyed sex in a year due to this. Going slow, bending me over nothing helps. I also has mild dysplasia when I was pregnant I had it checked a two weeks ago believing that was the culprit but the doctor hasn't called with any bad news. I don't want to spend my honey moon baring pain.
Avatar n tn But with my son my first pregnancy from having sex, I bled for a few hours, I went to my doctor I didn't know what was wrong, they then asked about sex if I had sex, so they suggested not having sex, it was weird to be told that, but we did lay off the sex for a while. But in your condition, your fine.
Avatar f tn Ok this Tmi but I'm so confused on what this feeling was. Me and bf had sex last night and we were in the doggy position because that's the only position I am comfortable in anymore. Well while we were having sex everytime he would push in it felt like I had a balloon full of water inside me getting ready to burst. It didn't feel like he was hitting my bladder because it wasn't giving me the feeling that I had to pee.
1840402 tn?1355436165 If it's very painful then I would hold off for a bit on hitting the big O. The position itself could have aggrevated your cervix just a bit though- that position is deeper so it is more likely to hit on it.
Avatar f tn this only happens when he is on top pushing in and out or when im in a bending position. waht can it be ?
Avatar m tn At some points there was a really uncomfortable pressure because he was going in really hard and hitting my cervix. I was kind of dry for a bit, and I felt a bit of stinging around the entrance of my vagina for a minute, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. Now it's almost 3 days later and my vagina is a swollen. Yesterday it was extremely swollen and when I inserted my finger a bit, there was very very light blood, it just looked like a very light pink.
Avatar f tn I stayed at my boyfriends last night, we have quite recently been having unprotected sex. last night when we went to have sex, it was realy painful!! like a burning kinda feeling especially when im on top. i stuck it out, we then went to do it again a few hours later the pain was too much i asked him to stop! we then tried again this morning, was not too bad then changed round for me to go on top and it was unbearable, so stopped, any ideas?-i would be very greatful.
Avatar f tn I agree it sounds like your boyfriend is hitting your cervix when he is thrusting and that can be painful...I have to tell my fiance that he can't be go so deep because he does the same thing and it hurts so bad that I can't sit down after we have sex..just talk to your boyfriend and tell him that he is hurting you..I'm sure he will understand...I would even talk about different positions because some positions make it hurt worse...
5543093 tn?1370197923 I just started into my 15th week today. My fiance and I have been having sex quite often and I have noticed during the past couple of weeks that something is kind of uncomfortable that wasn't before. It's only when we do it missionary style, but it feels like he's hitting something up there, and it kinda hurts a little. I don't mind it, but I'm worried that it may be something that could hurt the baby or endanger it.
Avatar f tn I am 31. My boyfriend has a large penis. Recently having sex, I began to feel strong cramping and we had to stop. The pain was so bad I had to rush to the bathroom to throw up. We were being quite vigorous (as we have many times before), so I'm guessing the cramping was from him hitting my cervix hard. I was talking with a friend who also has a "well endowed" boyfriend. She told me this happens to her all the time.
Avatar n tn I have to hold my hands on my abdomen because it's uncomfortable, not painful. I haven't had sex in a few years and only remember this happening once a few years ago with lost in the boyfriend. I and him have both been tested for all STDs its negative, no bladder infection or yeast infection. All my periods are regular regular mild discomfort for periods-nothing unusual. Could it be more tender right before my period? I'm very worried!
Avatar n tn Wearing tampons is painful and having sex is impossible. I've tried many times, but it always burns and makes me have to pee. Doctors have suggested a number of different reasons for this: (1) The "burning sensation" is actually a good feeling, and that I'm about to orgasm. They are WRONG - it is PAINFUL and I know what an orgasm feels like. (2) It is psychological.
Avatar n tn No we bd again that same night.... the spotting will usually subside after a little while. It is just irritation from hitting the cervix. I know I went in for an exam and I was bleeding and I left there at around 5:30pm and I was still bleeding a good amount from the exam and about 4 hours later I went and wiped and there was no more blood so we bd that night. The first time there was no blood the second time there was more spotting but I don't worry too much about it.