Painful menstrual cramps while on the pill

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2055843 tn?1332431515 Due to Celiac's, I had my period rather late (16), and since then, I've experienced a lot of pain that naturally comes with menstruation. However, upon talking with friends, I've yet to find anyone who has pain on the level I do. While my period lasts seven to eight days, theirs is much less.
Avatar f tn I have the same kind of symptoms -- headaches, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea and yes -- pain, pain, pain for quite a few days, the first and second days are the hardest. I am 24 and after years of suffering, I was on the pill as well and pain killers? pssh, they don't do a thing. I finally went to my doctor about it and he sent me to get a pelvic ultra sound and they found a fibroid. They told me that is why I had so much pain and other issues.
Avatar n tn Ive always had my period on the days expected except this time. For the past two days ive been having painful cramps and they are usually at night but no period. I already took two pregnancy test and they were negative. Is it too soon to test? Im really confused, what does this mean? Am i pregnant?
Avatar n tn I took one of those PLUS 2 advil, and it had absolutely NO effect on the cramps. So, I took 2 aleve on top of that, and they seemed to subside. Thank the Lord b/c I felt like I was dying! The nurse told me to stay on top of the pain by taking advil or aleve every 4 hours. So, that is what I've been doing. I won't be able to pick up my prescription until tonight after work. I have a dr appt tomorrow morning. I'll let you all know what she says. Once again, thank you ladies so much!
Avatar f tn It sounds like you do have endo, and i would switch doctors and find one that will do a lap to varify if you do. I too had painful ovulation and the pill helped with having no pains because i dont get periods anymore but i am still ovulating on the pill (which i heard can happen) and I am still having the same pains.
337111 tn?1266950223 For those of you who have experienced painful ovulation with Clomid, what are your thoughts on exercising while there is this pain? Is it dangerous to do, say, an aerobics class while you have a few eggs set to release? I know this may sound dumb, but I really dont know.
Avatar n tn a bacterial infection, douched with colloidal silver (a natural antibiotic) for a while, and on the third day of TERRIBLE, revolting smell, called the Dr. in desperation. Turns out, there was a tampon that I left in--sounds dumb, especially since I've had 4 kids and usually even the largest tampons fall out when I sneeze, but the Dr. said it happens all the time. They get lodged behind the cervix and kinked up, the string wiggles inside and you never know it's there...can stay for weeks.
Avatar n tn It's been a year since then and I've had to switch my method of birth control due to adenomyosis (endo of the uterus muscle) from the pill to the shot, and the shot has brought me much more relief (though not for everyone). Bottom line- if you have endometriosis, it's better to get it treated sooner than later. The surgery isn't that bad. It's outpatient (in and out) and I was only down for 3-4 days. To me it was worth it to live pain free. Good luck and hope you feel better.
Avatar n tn I was off everything for the year after depo and never really had a normal peroid. THen I went back on the pill and even that didnt really regulate it. It regulated the start date a little but some months would be heavy, others light, sometimes it would last one day and others it could last a week. There were even months where I got 2 in one month! this went on for another 2 years!
Avatar n tn i havent had a period in 3 month for 8 month prior to this i was regular as clock work i am on the pill but have missed a few during the last 3 month 2 of which i was with a partner i have had alot of symtoms that point towards pregnancy so had a test 2 week ago which was negative but since then i have had alot of stomach cramps and back pain then this morning i got a period but it is almost black an is thick an mucusy an quiet heavy....does any1 have any ideas what mite b going on..???
Avatar n tn Well, I came off on 7/20, then start a 3 day cycle on 7/23 (very light, lighter then being on the pill). I have been all over the place and since last night, i have had this mild cramp on my left side. It freaked me out, but then a friend told me she could feel when she ovulated, so I am thinking that I am ovulating.
Avatar n tn I was on 5 day course of antibiotics which ended on the 20th dec. I am on the pill. I had unprotected sex on the 26 and 28 of dec. I am aware that antibiotics affect the pill and that extra protection must be made for 7 days after stoping antibiotics but i had sex 6 days afterwards and i wasnt protected my a condom.
Avatar n tn I know ive only had my IUD for 2 days but the cramping is SOO bad I dont think it purforated my uterus because i can still move but the pain feels like a bad BAD period and I get very bad periods while on the patch. I know i shouldnt give up on it after a week but does the cramping get less ever? Ive been so medicated since i had it put in i thought i was getting better but after not taking anything for 8 hrs the pain so soo bad....
Avatar n tn i started my period 13 days later, and it was brownish reddish blotchy the first day, and now its the 13th and im still on it, and it is now like my normal period....what does thatmean? can anyone tell me? email me at ricky_ticky84***@**** i am 17 and need to know.
Avatar f tn Hey.... I had a friend who went through IVF and I heard that she had horrible cramping..... she also spotted, but now she has triplets!!!! So, this cramping is probably a normal thing....I have also been through 7 IUI cycles and trying for 2 years... this next cycle we are trying IVF... it's crazy how much it costs!!! It should be free b/c everyone should have a chance to have children... I guess life is not fair.....
Avatar n tn I found this post looking to see why it feels like I'm having contractions, but am not pregnant. Looks like from the posts on here, the cyst on my ovary may have ruptured. I don't trust doctors so I guess I'll sit here in pain, and wait to see what happens.
12446964 tn?1425527425 I'm wondering if it's your birth control causing the horrible periods? There are a lot of choices as far as the pill. You could start on a different one when your next period is over. See your gynecologist and discuss this with him/her. Not all women do well on the same birth control pill. I really think it would be worth a try to switch to a different one. If you have the same problem then you have other choices like the shot, implant and others.
Avatar f tn Well now, a month later while I'm on my period, I am having so much trouble breathing again and it's scary! The doctor's don't believe me and they think I'm crazy! If you know anything or find out anything else please post a comment.
1218873 tn?1300094816 There is also the possibility of taking the pill, but skipping the "placebo" pills in the pack and just continuing on with the next pack at that point. I've heard that some dr's will prescribe them for this purpose and some won't. Skipping periods (no matter how it is caused) puts one at an increased risk for developing osteoporosis, so that's something you would want to discuss with your dr. It sounds, though, that this risk might be an acceptable one for you.
Avatar n tn Hi, Amy I am getting ready to start a third ivf transfer, this time I am doing a FET maybe you can answer some of my questions. Did you do birth control and lupron? Did you bleed while on Lupron? I bleed for two weeks I started to bleed (lightly) the day before I started my Lupron shots. Today I went to the RE for an ultrasound and blood work. They said everything was fine and he lowered my lupron from 10 to 5. I now am taking estrace (pill) and I go back on Wed. Is this familiar to you?
Avatar n tn So you are still on the pill. Good. The chances of getting pregnant on the pill, assuming you are taking them daily and at the same time, are almost nil. The sugar pills are only there in the package to remind you to take your pill. They do not contain any hormone in them, so when you take those pills, it brings on your period. If your BC pills are working correctly, you should not be ovulating while on them, whether you are taking the hormonal pills or the sugar pills.
893889 tn?1294280577 and I just wasnt ready then, but he was. Then in jan.. we had a little slip up on new years eve!! so i took the plan b pill... low and behold, i made myself believe i was preg ( our mind plays tricks on us) and i thought "well maybe it wouldnt be that bad"so i convinced myself that i was, and the af showed.. and i tuened out that i was disapointed. then last month we didnt "try" persay but he didnt try not too!! and af showed. :( and i was upset..
451537 tn?1205689675 First of all, since you are 14 you are old enough to be put on the birth control pill (if you aren't already). this will help you with your periods - it should make them a bit lighter and regulate you. As for general menstrual cramps - everyone gets them. I find that Pamprin helps me the most (as it is designed for menstrual cramps). Oh and occasional constipation is part of life - everyone will have it once and a while.
Avatar f tn I have been on the pill since I was 12 for bad menstrual cramps. I am now 25. I have had extreme anxiety issues for as long as I can remember and have been told many times to just get on lexapro. When I confronted my gynecologist about my concerns, she also ignored them and told me its not the pill thats causing my problems, and I need to stay on it if i dont want to get prego.
Avatar n tn I AM JUST WONDERING IF ANY OTHER WOMEN OUT THERE HAS HAD HEAVY/PAINFUL PERIODS AND IF THEY HAD THIS PROCEDURE DONE TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM. I have tried the nuvaring, and the pill to combat this problem, to no avail. Any thoughts or advice on this issue would greatly be appreciated! GOD BLESS!
Avatar n tn Hello I've been pregnant twice...the first one abortion & the second a miscarriage...I had a regular period in May but didn't have one in June...I started spotting like June 27th up to July 4 & started my period today July 5 being 9 days late...along with prego symptoms I took a hpt yesterday & it was positive & also took one today thats still period is pretty heavy w/ blood clotts & bad cramps as usual on the first day...
Avatar m tn // for more details about these or any other prescribed drugs eg Zoloft. IMO it seems you have been prescribed 3 different antidepressant type drugs, plus you irregularly take klonopin for panic attacks as well. There is enough of the most common side affects to be asking questions, certainly enough to warrent a review of the prescription combination your taking.
Avatar n tn I took the pills for 5 days and last night was the last day taking the pill. Based on info I have read via the internet I should expect my cycle within the next 3-14 days. I was wondering if i would be able to get pregnant or would i need to be rx another medication.
Avatar n tn I bloat so badly that I cannot even wear clothes because the pressure of the weight of any fabric on my belly is too much to bear. I am in pain, and in bed, for an entire day and NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, works to relieve the viscous pain except a hot-water bottle, but ONLY as long as the bottle is resting on my poor, enlarged and hugely bloated belly. The 'egg-burping' is a vile, nonstop violation to my system and my sanity; the rotten egg taste of sulfur is beyond nauseating.
Avatar n tn 5- Breakout on my face. 6- Cramps before, during and after the following 2 periods after stopping the pill. 7- Blood spots after sex, in the second month (after my first period and before my 2nd ). 8- Tiredness and procrastination. 9- Weight gain (2-3 kilos). 10- Some hair loss (until now), not critical. In general, I'm ok, but what really concerns me is the weight gain that is on the increase, although I've been monitoring what I eat, and have been on diet.