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Avatar n tn For the past 2 - 3 weeks I get pain in the left part of my head. Suddenly it will pain then nothing. This is just above my left ear. When I touch the skull I feel nothing. I feel pain inside. Befor this I had neck pain also for a long time. I feel sometimes irritated and cant do any work.
Avatar f tn Hi For about 3 months my neck hurts, especially when i try to tilt my head back or down to the left. The pain radiates to my ear and up the left side of my head. I cant sleep on my right side , the pain is so intense. Should i see someone for this?
Avatar f tn for the past several weeks i've had a weird sensation on the left side of my head. the sensation is dull but painful and starts at my forehead right above my left eyebrow and make a 'C' shape which ends at my neck close to the artery. the pain can be described as a streaking mild electric shock and then slight soft pulses. i have had migraines in the past but they normally go away within the day.
Avatar f tn For the last few weeks, I've had short, stabbing pains on the left side of head near the temple, above it and sometimes feel it in the back of my neck. I get this several times a day. My Neurologist thinks it's a form of migraine and suggest taking melatonin for 4 weeks. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I been felling pain in the left side of my neck for 10 days, it also goes to my left ear like a palpitation that hurt. and when I move my head to the righ I feel like my head is goig to fall of my neck. sometimes I feel that my heart beat rapidily for a minute or so and then come back to normal. Can someone help me because I really want to know. my family has history of heart problems, but It could also means just stress. thanks.!
Avatar f tn Hi, Thank you for your question. Generally pain in the back portion of the head and neck pain originate from the neck problems due to irritation in the cervical (neck) spine since the nerves that supply the back of the head start in the upper cervical spine. Mostly, this kind of head pain aggravates after turning head and typically occurs in patients with previous neck injuries and in patients with marked arthritis of the upper cervical spine.
Avatar n tn Woke up this morning with severe neck pain and cannot turn my head left or look up. There is swelling at the base of my neck. My left side is week and there is pain in my shoulder, elbow and hand on pinky side. Nsaids and Muscle relaxant no help, and one percocet no help. I have used heat all day and it has not improved. Could it be just tortocollis or is there a chance something is messed up below my fusion? I am so uncomfortable and scared that this could mean something is wrong.
666921 tn?1254990618 I currently refer to my neck as "popcorn neck." It crackles when I move it, and while that could be Father Time marching on, the correlation between the loudness of my neck and illness makes me think it's more likely Lyme related. After I started treatment, I did notice a worsening in neck pain (which is now gone, it's more just stiff/loud now).
Avatar m tn Hello, I recently got pain in the left hand side of my head around my eye, a few minutes ago i had sharp pain in the left side of my neck, my eye sight is a little blurred in the left eye. Could anyone tell me what it could possibly be? can explain in more detail if needed.
Avatar f tn I have head pain on my left side. It comes and goes and it happens just about everyday for the last two weeks. I'm starting to worry that something is seriously wrong. Is this a common anxiety symptom. I also have neck pain and I go to the gym. Could I have pulled a muscle in my neck that's causing the pain. Please help!
Avatar m tn hi...
Avatar m tn It has been a week since I had the left shoulder blade pain that shoots up to left side of the head. Whenever I move my left arm in certain motion it gives me pain on my head on the left top. If I sit still, I feel no pain. I am suspecting t this is the result carrying my sleeping baby on my left shoulder which caused my neck to stretch.
Avatar f tn Am also on specific, gentle neck/shoulder exercise program. Forward head posture will always tug at this place in the spine. You need to relieve your hand pressure at the source. PS it will take time to learn exactly what to do.
Avatar f tn I am 22 yr old male. I am experiencing mild pain in my left ear and left tip of my head and it is really freaking me out....
Avatar m tn Hi.. I have neck/shoulder pain on my left side.. The pain becomes more when I push my chin on to my neck.. I have had several tests done, including several tests check if he heart is causing th pain - with doctors ruling out that being the cause.. Inhale also had CT and MRI scans done, with no cashed found by specialist doctors.. I am still left with no answers.. I have now had the pain for over 2 years.. The pain still continues..
Avatar f tn A few months ago I twisted my neck and felt a pop. I had severe pain and had very little range of motion. The pain begins at the base of my skull on the left and right side. I thought the pain would resolve on its own but it hasn't. I have been to a chiropractor, but ended up gettting severe muscle spasms in my neck. I have been to a massage therapist many times, which helps temporarilly, but I cannot afford to go weekly to keep those going. Is there anything else I can do for my neck?
Avatar f tn can not lift up my head only down intense spasm pain, can not turn left or right, aches when swallowing.
1318351 tn?1313381421 After 5 days of this pain I noticed my left side of head and face even the side of my neck began to swell. I am now having pain on the lower right side of my neck in the back and the side. I am a 29 year old female if that helps. There is no time of day when the pain is worse its just there. It started 7 night ago suddenly and has stuck around ever since. I am sure the advil and pain meds work some but do not take it all the way away.
Avatar f tn After doing so a few days later I noticed I had knots on the back bottom part of my head going to the neck on the left side. It is very painful when I touch it or brush my hair. What could this be? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/744194'>Lump behind ear</a>.
Avatar f tn Did you have an FNA recently, Tricia? The reason I ask is because two weeks after my FNA I had neck pain on the whole left side that felt like I had whiplash and I also had a cold/sore throat. The neck pain lasted about a week and the sore throat lasted maybe 3 days. No one else seemed to think it was related to the FNA, but I couldn't figure out anything else it could be.
Avatar f tn I too have head and neck pain feeling as though I have a cap on my head (left side). I first put it down to a draft where I work, it comes and goes. I was recently diagnosed with lichen planus and wondered if it could be related to this. I believe it could be stress related too. Have you had bloods done? Seen a dentist?
Avatar f tn After my surgery he saw me once a month for 4 months, The brace he had me in but me in a forward head position. I started having pain inbetween my shoulders a week after surgery. He said it was normal. I was very pushy about the brace. I use to manage a gym for ladys only, had lost 120 lbs and WAS very fit. So i feel i know good form and new how the body need to be inorder to funcion.
Avatar f tn i got pain on the left side of the head from the front of the head to the back of my left side of the neck what should i take or do
Avatar m tn I know my TMJ disorder causes problems with migraines, ear problems, as well as neck pain. This is also central to the left side of my head. I know my jaw is slightly uneven and my left side hangs a bit lower than the right, this probably causes strain and pain. I would see a dentist to check it out for you.
Avatar n tn started with severe neck pain that radiated to back of head on left side. Had therapy and made worse. Neck and back of head now hurts when I turn it right or left or up or down. Back of head hurts at base of scull all the way accross back of head with slightest movement. sometimes when pain is worse, the lower part of head(at base of scull) seems swolen all accross the back of head. The swollen area hurts slightly when pressed on. Has been going on several months.
539750 tn?1226521677 I have Chiari Malformation type 1. When diagnosed my DR told me it was nothing to worry about and I have been taking his advice until now. I have been having all sorts of syptoms I belive to be related (or it's possible they are). Today I have been having neck pain, it starts in the back just under my head on the right side and radiates to behind my eye if I look to the left. Do you think this is Chiari related? or maybe a starin? Thanks!!!
Avatar m tn Everything went 100% Now a few years later I went to my chiropractor about neck pain and after examining my head and neck x rays discovered a circular patch with small holes in my head about where the tumor was. What is this thing?