Neck and shoulder pain on the left

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Avatar f tn Pain in left shoulder and left side of neck. Severe stiffness on waking up and find it difficult to move.
Avatar m tn Hi Dr Kaul I have a severe that is been there for more than 3 years ,it is in my left outer shoulder blade and to my back neck especially the left side and straight to the back of my head,at times there will like there is things crawling from my neck to the back of my head,my top shoulders are also painfull now and the middle part of my back below the blade next to the sine when i press the i feel the pain at the left back of my left ear,please assist i can't sleep at night i will turn the whol
Avatar m tn I am unsure if anybody can help me with this. For around 25 years I have had the most horrendous left shoulder blade/neck pain. I have had physiotherapy, seen a chiropractor, had endless x rays, had aromatherapy, had acupuncture, taken endless painkillers…the list is endless. Also, 21 years ago my physiotherapist said that I was …. "born with a flat spine"!? Every treatment I have had has brought zero results, freedom from pain or respite.
Avatar f tn Several days ago I noticed aching in my neck while sitting at my desk at work and now 2 days later I'm having constant aching , burning , numbing, sensations on the left side of my neck, radiating down my shoulder, arm and hand > I'm afraid I may have developed another bad disc .(I've already had two cevical disc surgery's in 2004) and the symtoms seems to be the same .
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing pain on the left side from my ear to my neck all the way down to my shoulder and upper back. All of this is on my left side and it is very painful. I have not been to the doctor because I do not have insurance. If anyone has been through this please let me know because I am at my wits end.
Avatar f tn Globular appearance of the C6-7 herniation. The pain in my neck is nausating, it is mostly on the left side going all the way down my left arm and shoulder. I have severe headaches, blacking out (just recently started) and severe shaking of the hands which also just recently started.
Avatar f tn 2011 In the past few months I have developed a constant pain in my left and sometimes my right shoulder blade. It becomes worse and moves to my outer area of my left spine and causes a burning sensation. Anything I do seems to make it inflamed. e.g. carrying a bag on my shoulder, learning over the counter at work. cutting sewing etc. any suggestions please.
Avatar f tn I am having a very sharp pain in my shoulder and neck when I move my left arm up and inward at the same time. It started about 4 days ago after riding wave runners at the lake. Sometimes the pain goes to my elbow. I am not sure what is going on, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 33 y old female.
Avatar m tn But now when I sleep on my side, the opposite arm goes to sleep and then it feels like someone is stepping on my hand.
Avatar f tn My Pain is mostly at the base of my neck and burning of the shoulders. I am over 65 yrs old with degenerative Disk Disease .. had Polio at the age of 3 .. had a foot rebuilt at age 13 yrs. Have Scoliosis in the lower back at 28 % 4 yrs ago . Have a pain in my right leg which I think is coming from the L4 area ..
Avatar f tn Thanks for writing. While it's impossible for someone to diagnose you with spondylitis over the Internet, based on the symptoms you're describing, it's unlikely you're suffering from this disease. Spondylitis only affects about 0.2% of the adult population in America. The most common early signs of spondylitis are constant pain and stiffness in the low back, buttocks and hips that continue for more than three months.
Avatar m tn Hi..  I have neck/shoulder pain on my left side.. The pain becomes more when I push my chin on to my neck.. I have had several tests done, including several tests check if he heart is causing th pain - with doctors ruling out that being the cause..   Inhale also had CT and MRI scans done, with no cashed found by specialist doctors..  I am still left with no answers..  I have now had the pain for over 2 years.. The pain still continues..
Avatar m tn I have had a painful shoulder for the last week where it started for no reason but has built to a very painful shoulder and neck and ear (left side). It feels as though I have slept wrong on my neck but times buy about 5. I went to a doctor who gave me a shot of cortisone to my shoulder. This reduced the pain in the shoulder muscles significantly for 48 hours but now my neck is back to the business of pain and stiffness again with a fuzzy feeling in my ear.
Avatar f tn About 16 months ago i begain to have pain in my right shoulder assicated with a small knot as time went on the knot got bigger and now i suffer from from pain that starts with my right shoulder but then it goes up my neck and all the way down my right arm the major pain is in my shoulder and the top part of my arm and the rest of my arm has this tigglling num feeling that is painful and as of few months ago i have a samll knot on the left sife of my shoulder with the same begaining pain that st
Avatar n tn Hello- I've been having a nagging pain in my neck and shoulder blade( mostly on the left shoulder blade) for several months now. I have always thought it is either my mattress or pillow that's causing it and have changed several to no sucess. I went to a orthopedician last year and he made me do a bunch of hand/leg movements and also took xrays, which were all normal. He suggested I get an MRI (which I didnt get, since I wasnt very happy with the doctor).
1534233 tn?1308025645 The top of my left shoulder is quite painful to the touch. I've tried ibuprofen tablets and gel, also paracetamol and codeine tablets. I've previously had some worries about chest pain being angina although all tests for this are negative. The pain goes into my neck a bit when I press my shoulder, I'm fairly happy this pain is not heart related. But wonder what I can do to treat it.
Avatar m tn But in left shoulder i m feeling pain much more. this pain is start my backside of left shoulder and and neck of left side also. i have eat many type of medicines like brofen, panadol, disprine, paracetamol, etc......but i hav no relief. Please tell me reasons of this pain and treatment also.
778037 tn?1377989800 On 26 Aug 2008, I had a total parotidectomy due to a 5 cm deep lobe tumor. After the surgery pain subsided, I was free from the head/neck/shoulder pain for about a month. Since then, the pain has gotten worse, however two additional locations have started to hurt. It is now on the side of my head (between my eye and ear) and deep in my neck. It has accelerated to a boiling point, much like it did right before I was referred to the ENT who performed my surgery.
Avatar f tn White the pain injections, chiropractor and acupuncture helps and all only helps temporary. I am wondering if bearing the pain and doing exercises to strengthen my neck and shoulders would be a better solutions on helping my pain long term.
Avatar n tn After few months i had this excruciating pain in my left shoulder,neck and doctor gave me the pain killer but its ma second day after the pain occurred and i can still feel the pain when i do any moment in ma left hand.
1690048 tn?1307558827 Also burning, tinlgling type pain in shoulder with off and on pain of left arm. This arm feels heavy all the time. Is this a problem with C5-6 cervical level. I have stenosis shown in an MRI. Does this mean surgery? I have tried everything else.
3843618 tn?1348402765 I have had chronic Left Shoulder/neck pain for almost 3yrs now. My symptoms have been; Prominent Left Sterno-clavicular joint with inflammation surrounding, prominent Left Acrimio-clavicular joint, flat Left Scapular with inflammation along the vertebral border, inflammation of left pectoralis major muscle, chronic pain from bottom of scapular right up to the base of scull, extending out to rotator cuff.
Avatar f tn Now the pain has mirrored itself on the right side of my body, hurting in the same ways in the same spots as on the left side. I'm also having a lot of tenderness on my middle and upper back, especially around the shoulder blades. Nothing seems to be swollen, I haven't had any fever or illnesses in the past couple months. My orthopedics doctor couldn't figure it out, has anyone had any similar experiences?
Avatar m tn On 2/18 I fell at work very hard on my left arm, and woke up the next day with my shoulder up by my ear and severe pain. I had an MRI, and they found "Mild disk bulge at C5-C6 with mild neural foramina narrowing on the left" and a mild disk bulge at C6-C7 without the neural foramina narrowing. I have done EVERYTHING, months of chiro, physical therapy, a cervical epidural, and medications and now weekly osteopathic manipulations.
Avatar m tn While it is possible that you sustained a muscle strain due to your golfing, it is likely that you may have some degenerative disc disease in your cervical spine. DDD is a normal process of the wear and tear on our spine as we age and increases with additional stressors such as repetitive movements. The symptoms you describe could be related to abnormalities in your cervical spine.
Avatar n tn I also have problems with my legs being tingly at times and the toes on my left foot go numb. The dull achy pain that does not go away is on the right side of my neck. The pain runs up my neck, into my head and behind my ear. I have achy pain/pressure around my ear and toward/including my eye that do not go away. It is driving me crazy at this point.
Avatar n tn The headaches stem from the base of my neck on the right side up and pain goes down the shoulder to my bisep and under the armpit. I am not sure what the next step is as far as the company doctors go, but I have got to get some answers to help me feel better.