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Avatar f tn ve injured my neck at work, and had disk promblems in many levels in my neck. (levels c3-c7} I went to see a pain specialist and she wanted me to give me a series of three shots to manage the pain. The first cortisone shot didn't seem to hel. On my neck visit, the doctor gave me the second shot. It was given to me on my back near the shoulder blade are. I immediately screamed, I receive a shooting pain into my left upper part of my head. Ive never felt this kind of pain before.
Avatar n tn But for quite a while now I get these extremely sharp pains usually on one side of the head often when making a sudden movement such as turning my head to fast or something of that nature. The pain usually only lasts 5-10 seconds, but is enough to make me worry. Because it happens so infrequently I haven't worried about it to much but it does cause some underlying concern. To put it in simple terms it feels as if my brain is being slightly torn when it happens.
Avatar n tn Hello Dear, The cervical osteophytes indicate degenerative cervical disease. It includes neck and shoulder pain, suboccipital pain and headache, radicular symptoms, and cervical spondylotic myelopathy. As disk degeneration occurs, mechanical stresses result in osteophytic bars. Treatment is usually conservative, the most commonly used treatment is with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs .
Avatar n tn Is feels like an ordinary stiff neck. I find it painful to turn my head up. Today, the pain has reduced and just felt numb when moving to the "wrong" direction. I will observe for a few days before i consult a doctor.
Avatar f tn Lately she has been complaining of pain that runs down the arm to the tip of fingers and even up to back of neck and head. Pain sometimes goes to the other arm too. Should I take a to a neurologist and what x-ray do you suggest?
Avatar n tn Basically, anytime I walk, or bend down, there is a shooting pain that starts from my neck and goes to my head. The pain spasm lasts roughly 5 seconds, and it keeps repeating, depending on my motion (walking or bending down to pick something up). I must also mention that I have a chronic problem of cracking my neck, and lately, due to a stressful job, I've been doing it more frequently.
Avatar f tn t out pressure on my left hand to push myself up from a sitting position without pain shooting up to the neck. The base of my neck hurt and the left side was swollen to the touch. Here a few weeks later, I am able to turn my head but not all the way like normal like if I was to look behind me I'd have to turn my body as well. I get random pains in my neck and a shooting stabbing pain going from my neck is through my skull, seems to be when I am very stressed .
Avatar n tn Whilst out running I fell down a steep slope tumbling head over heels and hitting my neck & lower back on rocks and knocking myself out for approximately 30 seconds, I went to doctors who told me its just bruised and there's nothing wrong. they did not look at my back or neck. I have shooting pains and feelings of water being poured down my legs, any pressure on the back of my neck gives me horrendous headache and my vision goes blurry. I am worried as this has been a week and half now.
Avatar n tn ve been having very similar symptoms as you where I have shooting pain behind my head and neck on the left side as well as my temple. Its a 24/7 constant pain and I have to take 800 mg ibuprofen just for some relief! I am in desperate need of an answer!
Avatar f tn 2 days ago I started having stabbing shooting pain from my left skull base up my head about half way It happens randomly and makes my shoulders jerk a bit. I have had neck problems most of my life and see a chiropractor a few times a year for headachs. Did not help this time. Ibuprofen helps a little but not for long. I also have pain in ear and behind left eye. Please help if you can. I have no insurance and cant see a Doc. for something that is more than likely nothing.
Avatar n tn Hi, Your symptoms are suggestive of nerve entrapment or nerve compression which is causing shooting pain your head. I would suggest you to take your neck X rays and consult a physician about it. Meanwhile you can try neck exercises and see if they help.
Avatar n tn The shooting pain about 1in. above my right ear so bad that some times I have to hold my head where the pain is and close my eyes. The pain last about a min. or so but lately I get these about 6-8 times a day. What do you call this and is there anything I can do for it???? This discussion is related to <a href=''>sharp shooting scalp/head pain</a>.
1801719 tn?1320669957 theyve now put me back on gabapentin 300mg in morning then b4 bedtime,but now im having really sharp shooting n stabbing pain in top of neck n where the metal plate is.
Avatar f tn sharp shooting pain about a inch and 1/2 above my right ear, comes and go's like lighting . head kind of sore when I touch where it hurts. sometimes when I swallow I can feel it and then second time I swallow nothing.--sometimes I turn my head and it hurts and then it don't. could it be something to do with my ears.
1454254 tn?1285212726 for about a year now i have been having sharppains shoot through the right side of my head to the point it makes me jerk sometimes n i grab my head it usually happens for about 10 minutes @ a time 2- 3 times a day i havent seen a neurologist but i did have an mri done but it was without the dye n nothing was found please help its very painful n scary
Avatar f tn Well I was trying to massage my head to try to relieve the pain and I noticed a lump. When I pressed it it shot pain thru my head. I have neurology Tuesday. Should I wait till then to address it or go back? The ct I had about a month ago was clear.
Avatar n tn Tension headaches usually cause low to medium intensity headaches and there may be a band like feeling on the head. There is also pain in neck muscles and pain on sides of head. Rare but serious cause of any headache are arteriovenous malformations, brain tumors .I will advise you to take adequate rest and sleep well. If symptoms still persist seek the opinion of a neurologist. A clinical examination will help. Best wishes!
Avatar m tn I am a competitive tennis player. I have had issues with shooting pain (like a shock of pain) that radiates from the back of my neck to my head. I can only describe it as "little explosions" of pain. Sometimes, this pain causes me to go to the ground (almost like I have lost function for a split second). Also, I always feel confused afterwards and my head and neck tingles. It takes me a while to get my focus back and continue to play tennis.
Avatar n tn Finally, as I was getting massaged today, I think I figured it out.... As my shoulder was being massaged, I got a shooting pain to my head... I felt it at the top of my head; at the same place where I usually have the head spasms... My massage therapist worked my shoulder for some time. Apparently, I had major knots on my shoulder. After he loosened it, I no longer had the head pain...
Avatar m tn Hello. It is difficult to categorize your symptoms. The "back of the head" pain can be due to any stretching of the neck, where the nerves are stretched and injured. But pain in the other areas is not explained. This could be a vitamin deficiency. Please consult your physician and get your routine blood work done. Also look for vitamin deficiencies.